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Monday, May 23, 2011 @ 05:27pm EDT

The greatest hype man in the history of CZW, Robbie Mireno, proclaimed at Proving Grounds that the hottest label, BLK OUT, is back!  On Saturday June 11th, Mireno and Chrissy Rivera lead the new BLK OUT into Prelude to Violence against The Runaways.

The team of Alex Colon and Ruckus have a huge task ahead of them in their debut as the new BLK OUT.  Both men are established stars in the Combat Zone.  Ruckus has won practically every title offered in CZW.  Meanwhile, Alex Colon has proven to be a future champion after almost qualifying for Best of the Best X.  However, how will these two do as a tag team?

The Runaway, on the other hand, have established themselves as one of the top Tag Teams in CZW.  The Runaways are coming off a suspension as well as an impromptu Ultraviolent Rules Tag Team Match.  If there is one thing that The Runaways are known for is the anger, and unfortunately for BLK OUT they will have to face and angry Joe Gacy and Ryan Slater!

The tag team division spices up on June 11th at the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia.  Don’t miss out on seeing the in-ring return of BLK OUT!  Tickets are now available at the CZW Pro Shop.  Tickets are also available for June 25th’s Tournament of Death X from the Ultraviolent Underground in Townsend, Delaware!  Don’t miss out on CZW’s Summer of Ultraviolence!

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