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More Stars Confirmed for THIS SATURDAY'S TOD 13
Thursday, June 12, 2014 @ 03:45pm EDT

As has been tradition, the Tournament of Death Thirteen event will feature additional matches that are not a part of the tournament brackets.  Now CZW Officials have not confirmed additional matches as of press time, they have been able to confirm some appearances.  Scheduled to appear THIS SATURDAY in the Ultraviolent Underground is Ron Mathis, Sozio, Joe Gacy, DJ Hyde, Alexander James, and, of course, the Nation of Intoxication's Devon Moore.  Stay logged onto for any last minute additions to Tournament of Death Thirteen.  Please note; all pre-sale tickets have been sold out.  Remaining tickets will be made available at the front gate, so be sure to arrive early to not be left out of the action.  To discuss all things CZW and Tournament of Death Thirteen"Like" CZW on Facebook or follow CZW on Twitter (@combatzone) #CZW #TOD13.  Make sure you're there as the 2014 Summer of Ultraviolence continues in Townsend, DE!
As of last night, all pre-sale tickets for Tournament of Death Thirteen have been SOLD OUT!  Tickets still remain, but will only be made available at the front gate of the Ultraviolent Underground in Townsend, DE prior to showtime.  Prepare to arrive early to get tickets at the front gate, as traffic tends to get worse as belltime gets closer.  Also note, this will be a DELAYED, meaning that the only way to watch the action live is IN-PERSON.  It will be an afternoon you will not want to miss! When else will you be able see the stars of CZW battle the stars of BJW on American soil?  To discuss all things CZW and Tournament of Death Thirteen"Like" CZW on Facebook or follow CZW on Twitter (@combatzone) #CZW #TOD13.  Make sure you're there as the 2014 Summer of Ultraviolence continues in Townsend, DE!  
"Blood. Sometimes, it sets my teeth on edge. Other times, it helps me control the chaos."  - Dexter Morgan
As we approach "Tournament of Death Thirteen" this weekend, I've been thinking about the bloodshed of years gone by. Over the course of 12 years, this show has become a CZW staple and has produced some of the bloodiest matches to ever take place in the squared circle. Tournament of Death has become more than a show. It's become a must see spectacle. Unless you actually attend what's come to be dubbed the Woodstock of Ultraviolence, you won't fully appreciate it. Some of you are attending your first TOD this weekend. For some, it may even be your first CZW event & the first time you see a deathmatch live. It is with that in mind I've decided to put together a list of some of my all time favorite matches featuring the men in the tournament you should take time out to watch before making the pilgrimage to Townsend, DE this weekend.
The MUST-SEE Tournament of Death
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 @ 08:50pm EDT

For 15 years, CZW has been promoting its unique brand of wrestling that has been described as "like nothing else."  Once a year, Combat Zone Wrestling lives up to its name and truly becomes a Combat Zone.  Each year, the world's top Ultraviolent Athletes converge to present one of CZW's calling card events...  THE Tournament of Death!  This here is my take on the bloodiest afternoon in professional wrestling [more]
How to Prepare for Tournament of Death
Monday, June 9, 2014 @ 09:19pm EDT

After being asked this on the CZW Tournament of Death Thirteen Facebook event site, I thought to write out - how do you prepare for a Tournament of Death (Saturday, June 14 at 179 Ebenezer Church Road in Townsend, DE at 2:30 PM)? [more]

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