CZW Locker Room

Current Champions

CZW Tag-Team Champions - CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos)

CZW Tag-Team Champions

CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos)
CZW Wired Champ - 'Bad Boy' Joey Janela

CZW Wired Champion

'Bad Boy' Joey Janela
CZW World Champion - Shane Strickland

CZW Heavyweight Champion

Shane Strickland

The Locker Room

Mr. Claxton

6'0", 225 lbs from Centralia, PA
Joe Gacy has been fired from CZW

Joe Gacy

6'0", 250 lbs. from Batsto, New Jersey
AR Fox

AR Fox

6', 185 lbs. from Ansonia, Connecticut
Lucky 13 (Bliz Photography)

Lucky 13

5'8", 170 lbs. from Oaklyn, New Jersey
Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan

5'10", 207 lbs. from Bellefontaine, Ohio
Dan O'Hare CZW Unedited Headshot (Bliz Photography) copy

Dan O'Hare

6'0", 260 lbs. from Mount Ephraim, New Jersey
Dave Crist (Bliz Photography)

Dave Crist

5'8", 198 lbs. from Dayton, Ohio
Angel Ortiz (Bliz Photography)

Angel Ortiz

5'8", 192 lbs. from New York, NY
Danny Havoc CZW Unedited Headshot (Bliz Photography) copy

Danny Havoc

6'1", 210 lbs. from The Unacknowledged Capital of Hardcore, Cylinder, Iowa
Dave McCall (Bliz Photography)

Dave McCall

6'2", 215 lbs. from Philadelphia, PA
Shane Strickland

Shane Strickland

5'9", 170 lbs. from Tacoma, WA
Jonathan Gresham (Bliz Photography)

Jonathan Gresham

5'6", 165 lbs. from Atlanta, GA
Devon Moore

Devon Moore

5'10", 180 lbs. from Philadelphia, PA
Greg Excellent (Bliz Photography)

Greg Excellent

6'1", 265 lbs. from Roscoes Chicken ‘n Waffles
Shalk CZW Unedited Headshot (Bliz Photography) copy


5'8", 235 lbs. from Atlantic City, New Jersey
Rickey Shane Page (Bliz Photography)

Rickey Shane Page

6'4", 280 lbs. from Sandusky, OH
Lio Rush (Bliz Photography)

'Blackheart' Lio Rush

5'6", 160 lbs from Washington, DC
Drew Blood CZW Unedited Headshot (Bliz Photography) copy

Drew Blood

5'7", 185lbs. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Matt Tremont (Bliz Photography)

Matthew Tremont

5'8", 250 lbs from Atlantic City, NJ
Alexander James (Bliz Photography)

Alexander James

6'1", 205 lbs. from Hereford, Maryland
Joey Janela (Bliz Photography)

'Bad Boy' Joey Janela

5'8", 182 lbs. from Asbury Park, NJ
Zachary Wentz (Bliz Photography)

Zachary Wentz

5'10", 187lbs. from Baywood, OH
Nate Carter (Bliz Photography)

Nate Carter

5'10", 257 lbs. from Philadelphia, PA
Tim Donst (Bliz Photography)

Tim Donst

5'10", 235 lbs. from Stroudsburg, PA
Dezmond Xavier (Bliz Photography)

Dezmond Xavier

5'9", 183 lbs. from Dayton, Ohio
MJF CZW Unedited Headshot (Bliz Photography) copy


5'10", 215 lbs. from New York, NY
Mike Draztik (Bliz Photography)

Mike Draztik

5'10", 197lbs. from New York, NY
Jeff Cannonball CZW Unedited Headshot (Bliz Photography) copy

Jeff Cannonball

5'10", 300 lbs. from Highland Park, NJ
Masada (Bliz Photography)


6'1", 234 lbs. from Waco, Texas
DJ Hyde

'The Lariat' DJ Hyde

6'4", 290 lbs. from Omaha, NE
Stockade CZW Unedited Headshot (Bliz Photography) copy


5'9", 290 lbs. from Sturgis, South Dakota

Tag Teams

Storm of Entrails CZW Unedited Headshot (Bliz Photography) copy

Storm of Entrails

Combined weight of 495 lbs. from Philadelphia, PA
Dub Boys (Bliz Photography)

The Rep

Combined weight of 432 lbs. from Philadelphia, PA
Scarlet & Graves (Bliz Photography)

Scarlet & Graves

Combined weight of 390 lbs.
Da Hit Squad (Bliz Photography)

Da Hit Squad

Combined weight of 525 lbs from Brooklyn, NY
EYFBO (Bliz Photography)


Combined Weight of 389 lbs. from NYC

Women of CZW

Chrissy Rivera (Bliz Photography)

Chrissy Rivera

4'10", 110 lbs. from Staten Island, NY
Brittany Blake (Bliz Photography)

Brittany Blake

5'2", 100lbs. from Blackwood, NJ


JT Davidson (Bliz Photography)

JT Davidson

6'0", 221 lbs. from Dayton, OH


Nick Papagiorgio (Bliz Photography)

Nick Papagiorgio

5'9", 205 lbs. from Philadelphia, PA
Trooper Audubon (Bliz Photography)

Trooper Audubon

5'8", 205 lbs. from Philadelphia, PA

Staff Members