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"Blood. Sometimes, it sets my teeth on edge. Other times, it helps me control the chaos."  - Dexter Morgan
As we approach "Tournament of Death Thirteen" this weekend, I've been thinking about the bloodshed of years gone by. Over the course of 12 years, this show has become a CZW staple and has produced some of the bloodiest matches to ever take place in the squared circle. Tournament of Death has become more than a show. It's become a must see spectacle. Unless you actually attend what's come to be dubbed the Woodstock of Ultraviolence, you won't fully appreciate it. Some of you are attending your first TOD this weekend. For some, it may even be your first CZW event & the first time you see a deathmatch live. It is with that in mind I've decided to put together a list of some of my all time favorite matches featuring the men in the tournament you should take time out to watch before making the pilgrimage to Townsend, DE this weekend.

1. "Ragnarok'N'Roll Deathmatch" - Danny Havoc vs. Jun Kasai, "Best of the Best X" 2011- This is the deathmatch I like to get new fans started on when they visit the CZW table at our convention appearances. Panes of glass, chairs, & carpet strips were among the instruments of destruction used in this contest for the Ultraviolent Underground Championship at what many consider to be one of the best CZW events ever.

2"Light Tubes, Glass & Christmas Ball Pit Celebration" - Danny Havoc vs. Jaki Numazawa, "Tournament of Death X" 2011- This was my 1st Tournament of Death where I worked as a part of the CZW staff. Christmas came early for the CZW faithful in this 1st round matchup pitting CZW against BJW.

3"Barbedwire Boards & Thumbtack Kickpads" - Scotty Vortekz vs. Masashi Takeda, "Tournament of Death X" 2011- Another 1st round match pitting CZW against BJW. It rained thumbtacks in Delaware!

4. "Gusset Plate Deathmatch" - Danny Havoc vs. MASADA, "New Heights" 2011- Everything about this match was gruesome. If you don't know what a Gusset Plate is, it's what's used to connect beams in houses. Of course, this is CZW & we'll find new uses for anything! Contested for the Ultraviolent Underground Championship, this match featured one of the bloodiest "HOLY SHIT" moments ever in the Combat Zone. Once seen, it will never be forgotten.

5. "Kamikaze Deathmatch" - MASADA vs. Ryuji Ito "Down With the Sickness" 2011- No rope barbed wire TLC match for the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship & the BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Wrestling Championship between 2 bitter international rivals!

6. "Swinging for the Fences Deathmatch" - Matt Tremont vs. Brain Damage, "Cerebral" 2011  - "The Bulldozer" debuted in CZW in 2011 & shocked fans by defeating the Necro Butcher in his second match and taking Masada to his limit. Many feel this may have been Tremont's toughest challenge in 2011. These two men bled buckets all over the former ECW Arena. Sadly, it would also be the last time we would see Brain Damage compete in a CZW ring.

7. "Drunken Scaffold Match" - Lucky Thurteen vs. Devon Moore vs. Danny Havoc, "Tournament of Death XI" 2012- What has become a fan favorite match in Europe made its way to CZW 2 years ago. And who better to compete in such a match than all 3 members of the Nation of Intoxication?

8. "Gusset Plate Deathmatch" - MASADA vs. Jun Kasai, "WrestleCon" 2013- In the shadow of New York City during the biggest wrestling weekend of the year, the CZW World Championship was defended in a gusset plate deathmatch once again pitting CZW against BJW. This was an absolute bloodbath & definitely NOT for the faint of heart.

9. "Cage of Death" - Nation of Intoxication vs. The Forgotten Ones, "Cage of Death XV" 2013- You can't compile a list like this without including a match set in the Construction of Destruction...the Innovation in Devastation...the CAGE OF DEATH! Participants in this year's TOD tore into each other during the Cage of Death last year & an Ultraviolent Original made a shocking return to CZW. MUST SEE.

10. "International Deathmatch" - Danny Havoc vs. Aero Boy, "Answering the Challenge" 2014- Ultraviolent lucha libre came to the Combat Zone when Aero Boy made his CZW debut facing Danny Havoc!
There has been a lot of talk around the water cooler that this may in fact be the last Tournament of Death. As my colleague Dan Cowhey said in his recently published piece, regardless of whether or not this is indeed the final curtain call for Tournament of Death...this is going to be a MUST SEE event! All remaining tickets for TOD will be sold on Saturday & the show will go on rain or shine. If you're a wrestling fan, especially one who has never been to this ultraviolent spectacle, I implore you to make the trip down to the Ultraviolent Underground & experience a wrestling show that is truly like nothing else.

Written for by CJ Becker

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