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CZW 2012 Year End Award Results
Friday, January 11, 2013 @ 09:56pm EST

As we begin 2013 tomorrow night with Ascension from the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhee, NJ, we look back at the year that was 2012.  It was a very different year for the Combat Zone.  January 14, 2012 marked the end of an era for all of professional wrestling; it was the day that CZW and wrestling lost its historic Arena in South Philadelphia.  As CZW bided farewell to its home to venture into the great unknown, it expanded its reach with more overseas tours, more national tours, and went back to its roots in New Jersey.  Needless to say from a business standpoint, 2012 was a busy year.  From a competitive standpoint, it was even busier.  The year saw MASADA reign supreme as its un-pinned World Heavyweight Champion.  Matt Tremont saw a roller coaster year, which ultimately ended with him achieving his dream by winning inside the Cage of Death.  Anarchy reigned for much of the second half of the year, thanks to the formation of OI4KAlex Colon left the most famous label in all of wrestling to form his own group known as 4Loco.  As Joker retired from in-ring competition, BLK Jeez, Ruckus, and Robbie Mireno resurrected the original BLK OUTDrake Younger rejuvenated his career and returned to success as he won the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship.  AR Fox proved to be super-human as he unified the CZW Junior Heavyweight and Wired TV Championships.  Drew Gulak’s Campaign for a Better Combat Zone suffered some set backs, but ultimately left its mark as the campaign has grown leaps and bounds.  Meanwhile, the Nation of Intoxication proved that they have more than just beer muscles by closing the year out as Tag Team Champions.  All this and so much more happened throughout the year, but who truly left their mark?

A few weeks ago, we opened up polls here on and asked you to decide who’s efforts should be awarded.  So without any further a due, is proud to present the first annual Year End Awards!

Event of the Year:  Cage of Death 14 (58.8% of the vote)
Is it any surprise?  Shortly after Cage of Death 14 concluded, it was quickly heralded as not only the best CZW iPPV Production but one of the best CZW events of ALL TIME!  From top to bottom, the card was stacked with five star matches.  Beginning with the Ultraviolent Insanity Match right through to the Shattered Dream Cage of Death Match, it was a night that surely won’t be forgotten anytime soon.  The best part is, you can still relive all the action at!

Most Ultraviolent Moment of the Year:  Matt Tremont sending DJ Hyde through FIVE Panes of Glass from the top of the Cage of Death (38.7% of the vote)
In its near 14 years of existence, CZW has been home to some of the craziest and most ultraviolent moments in the history of the sport.  Seemingly after every event the question has to be asked…  “How much crazier can it get?”  The Bulldozer showed just how crazier he can be compared to his ultraviolent predecessors by using the relatively “basic” Death Valley Driver.  We’ve seen dives from the highest of highs, and we’ve seen flames set men ablaze…  But when Tremont lifted DJ Hyde on his shoulders high atop the Flyers Skate Zone, we witnessed the most insane moment in all of CZW history!

Surprise of the Year:  MASADA winning Back-to-Back-to-Back Tournament of Death trophies (24.8% of the vote)
In the closet of all the votes, MASADA takes home yet another accolade.  This award dates back to MASADA’s Tournament of Death X victory back in 2011.  It was at the Tournament that MASADA began his dominance.  He was heralded throughout the year as being unpinned.  However, it seemed almost certain that MASADA’s days as being unpinned were up at Tournament of Death 11.  The odds were stacked against the World Champion as he was injured in the Semi-Finals, and the EMTs on hand recommended that he be taken to a hospital immediately.  However, MASADA proved that it takes a special breed to not only compete in a Deathmatch Tournament…  But to do so INJURED and WIN!  But the Tournament of Death victories didn’t stop there!  The Ultraviolent Beast would win a special edition of the tournament in Europe in the fall!

Match of the Year:  Cage of Death: DJ Hyde vs. Matt Tremont at Cage of Death 14 (23.1% of the vote)
In yet another close category, the Cage of Death Main Event just edged out the Ironman Match that pit Drake Younger and Sami Callihan at New Heights.  The war between Matt Tremont and DJ Hyde truly meant a lot of the Combat Zone.  It was only two years ago that Tremont was simply a fan buying tickets to CZW events.  The Bulldozer was simply a man with a dream that was being stopped by Hyde.  Out of all the battles in 2012, this was truly the most personal.  So it is no surprise that the battle that ended the war is the Match of the Year.

Breakout Star of the Year:  Matt Tremont (60.5% of the vote)

As stated earlier, it was only two years ago that Tremont was simply a fan buying tickets to CZW events.  The Bulldozer showed throughout 2012 with heart and determination ANYTHING can be possible!  Tremont went through every obstacle Hyde put in front of him to achieve his dream of Main Eventing the legendary Cage of Death event and winning!  How can you not believe that 2012 was the year of the Bulldozer?  With Ascension tomorrow night, Tremont speaks out for the first time.  What will be his next item on his career bucket list?

Tag Team of the Year:  The Nation of Intoxication (48.1% of the vote)
Who would have ever thought that three men who are seemingly always under the influence could out smart Maven Bentley?  Believe it or not, that is exactly what they did.  Now these three men can hit the local bars, pubs, and taverns all night long and decide who will actually defend the Tag Team Championships thanks to the “Freebird Rule.”  All thanks to that rule, the Nation won the championships twice and led to one of the most memorable matches in CZW history…  The Ultraviolent Insanity Match!

Bombshell of the Year:  Mia Yim (40.3% of the vote)
The Combat Zone has come a long way.  2012 became the first year in CZW history to prominently feature the Bombshells of the Combat Zone in the ring.  Many of the women of CZW made their mark…  But after the now famous TLC Match between Greg Excellent and Mia Yim at Aerial Assault in March, there was no way any other Bombshell would win this award.  Mia Yim fought a man nearly three times her size and DEFEATED him!  It was at that match that Yim silenced the “She’s a Crack Whore” chants, and became one of the most favorite wrestlers in CZW history.

Star of the Year:  MASADA (34.2% of the vote)
What more can be said?  The man hasn’t been pinned in the Combat Zone in WELL OVER ONE YEAR.  On top of that, he has won THREE Tournament of Deaths in a row and has remained World Champion for 11 months.  He was turned away every challenger who has stepped up.  He has been seemingly the object of desire for the seductive Christina Von Eerie, despite powerbombing her near the end of the year.  He is a remorseless and feared hybrid wrestling machine.  There is seemingly no end in sight for his title reign, but the man who does finally take the championship away from the Beast will instantly catapult him into CZW immortality.

There you have it…  The 2012 Year End Awards.  Surely this will be seen as controversial, but that just goes to show just how many people in the Combat Zone have made their mark in the eyes of the CZW fan base.  Tomorrow we begin a new year in the Combat Zone.  With CZW being seemingly up against the rest of the wrestling world, 2013 could be truly a monumental and pivotal year in the history of the most Ultraviolent promotion.  But just like 2012, 2013 will truly be LIKE NOTHING ELSE!

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