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The Top 10 of CZW - June, 2013
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 @ 01:09pm EDT

Each month, the staff at has been ranking the wrestlers of CZW based on their win-loss record, their place on the card, the crowd reaction they receive, any titles won or lost, and other intangible qualities that made that wrestler stick out from the pack.  Since its inception, this list has proved to be controversial; surely it will be very much the same this month.  Please remember, this list is not the official standings controlled by CZW Management.  Without further a due, this is the Top 10 of CZW for June, 2013!

CHAMPION – MASADA – The Ultraviolent Beast still reigns atop the Combat Zone, but his days may be numbered.  Despite doctors’ recommendations, MASADA plans to defend the CZW World Championship against Chris Dickinson.  Dickinson is the same man who left MASADA laying at Tournament of Death XII.  Could Dickinson do what no man has been able to do in nearly two years time?

#1 – (1) – AR Fox – Fox continues to travel the globe while away from the Combat Zone, keeping him one of the most in demand competitors in CZW.  When Fox returns at New Heights, he will be forced to compete against the Front’s Biff Busick.

#2 – (4) – Drake Younger – Like it or not, Younger is a changed man.  Those changes have brought Younger back to the top of this list.  With those changes, Younger continues to alienate his formers friends in the Nation of Intoxication.

#3 – (7) – Danny Havoc – Havoc once again reached apex of Ultraviolent Wrestling by winning Tournament of Death XII.  He even convinced DJ Hyde to invite the BJW Roster in for Tournament of Death Thirteen!  But despite the celebration, Havoc is still focused on his war with the Naptown Dragons.

#4 – (HM) – Scotty Vortekz – Talk about a memorable return.  Vortekz has been on a roll in the two short months Vortekz has been back in the Combat Zone.  Vortekz nearly became a two-time Tournament of Death winner.  Much like Havoc, his focus is on the war between the Dragons and the Nation.

#5 – (2) – Sami Callihan – Callihan’s drop is in now way a reflection of his status in the Combat Zone.  But with Callihan making his final appearance for CZW at Tournament of Death XII, it has become time for life after Callihan.  But wishes Callihan all the best as he moves onto the next stage of his career.

#6 – (3) – Alex Colon – Colon has become the man to beat in CZW.  The Best of the Best XII winner returns to the Combat Zone ready to take out Shane Strickland at New Heights.

#7 – (9) – DJ Hyde – In a very rare moment, DJ Hyde actually endeared himself to the rabid CZW audience.  However, it proved to be a bad decision as he was shortly eliminated after the blunder.  However, Hyde can be most dangerous when he is most angry.  After losing in his very own backyard and being bashed over the head with a watermelon, Hyde could be looking to punish whoever steps out of line next.

#8 – (5) – Jake Crist – Crist remains on the Top Ten list thanks to quickly becoming another one of CZW’s most requested wrestlers.  Crist recently return home from a tour of Japan as well as competed in a highly regarded Iron Man Match recently for a Midwest promotion.  We all are expecting big things from Crist.

#9 – (-) – Drew Gulak – Despite trying to endear himself to the CZW faithful at Tournament of Death, Gulak still remains one of the most despised men in the organization.  However, Gulak made it well known at the end of the day that he is coming for the CZW World Championship.  Scary thought is, with MASADA at less than 100% there is a strong possibility that the Campaign could enter the highest office in CZW.

#10 – (-) – Chris Dickinson – Talk about a Cinderella story…  On June 7th, not a soul would have known who Chris Dickinson was.  But on June 8th Dickinson became known as the man to put down the Ultraviolent Beast inside the Ultraviolent Underground!  Dickinson can take his career to new heights on July 13th when he challenges MASADA for the ultimate prize!

Honorable Mention – (-) Ron Mathis – At Tournament of Death XII, Mathis finally proved why he deserves a spot on the CZW Roster.  He didn’t truly know who is first round opponent was until the bell rang and still advanced.  This year may not have been his year to win, but there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Mathis may be here to stay. 

Dropped Off The List:

(6) – Joe Gacy – Gacy may be a thorn in the side of Matt Tremont, but unfortunately for Gacy he couldn’t advance in this year’s Tournament of Death.

(8) – Adam Cole – The Combat Zone hasn’t seen or heard from the Panama City Playboy since defeating Callihan a few months ago.  One would expect when Cole makes his return that he will find his way right back onto the list.

(10) – Shane Hollister – Hollister simply dropped off of this month’s list since he did not participate in CZW events in the month of June.  However, Hollister has the ultimate opportunity coming up when he takes part in the Championship Choice Match at New Heights.

Watch Out For:

Championship Choice Competitors – Six men have the opportunity to make their name over night on July 13th.  The last time someone was able to choose a championship to challenge for was when AR Fox challenged for the defunct CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship at last year’s New Heights event.  In the matter of seconds, AR Fox changed the landscape of CZW.  One of the six men involved have that same opportunity this year.


So that is the Top Ten List for June, 2013.  Tell us what you think about the Top 10 List by “Liking” CZW on Facebook.  You can also join the conversation on Twitter @combatzone #CZWTop10.  Be sure to come back every month to see how the Top 10 List fleshes itself out.

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