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860 has just learned that the wrestling world has finally welcomed the Combat Zone into its day of celebration.  Late this afternoon, CZW confirmed that Matt Tremont, Rory Mondo, and the Latin Dragon have been invited to showcase the brand of wrestling that is like nothing else at Wrestling’s National Holiday.  The three men will compete in a three way dance as part of the afternoon half of this huge doubleheader event.

Its being said that the only reason CZW was given the spot on this huge event is because the organizers feared what CZW would do if not invited.  CZW Officials believe this is the opportunity to show the world that CZW is the premiere brand of wrestling.  To prove such, CZW Officials have chosen three of CZW's top prospects.  However, these three men have proven track records within the Ultraviolent Universe.

These three men were chosen because of their unique ability to survive in the most ultraviolent of environments.  All three men have competed in some of CZW’s marquee events including, the Aerial Assault Match, the Tangled Web Match, Tournament of Death, and most recently the CAGE OF DEATH!  Both Mondo and Latin Dragon competed in the last Aerial Assault Match that took place almost one year ago…  Ironically, that match took place just a few yards away from tomorrow’s event at the National Guard Armory in Northeast Philadelphia.  Both Mondo and Tremont competed in this year’s Tournament of Death.  In fact, Tremont has competed in the last THREE Tournament of Deaths.  Unfairly maybe, Tremont stands out as one of the few men to compete in both the Tangled Web Match as well as the Cage of Death.  Clearly, these three young rising stars truly deserve their spot on this historic card.

But if that isn’t enough…  All three men are internationally traveled stars.  Rory Mondo returned at Ascension after a THREE month tour of Japan with Big Japan Wrestling.  There he honed his craft and learned from some of the world’s best ultraviolent athletes.  Meanwhile, Latin Dragon returned earlier this week from a successful tour of Mexico where he and MASADA represented the Combat Zone.  Then of course, CZW’s Breakout Star of the Year capped off 2012 with a tour of Europe with wXw in Germany.  All three men have been impressing wrestling officials from all promotions all year, so much so that all three men are practically ambassadors for CZW in those respective countries.  It is because of them that CZW has more international plans coming up in 2013.

Be there tomorrow for this FREE event as CZW showcases wrestling that is like nothing else at the National Guard Armory at 2700 Southampton Road in Philadelphia, PA.  For complete details on the entire day of wrestling please visit NationalProWrestlingDay.comTo discuss this and all the matches taking place on February 9th, "Like" CZW on Facebook and/or Follow CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW!  You can also join the conversation by joining the official National Pro Wrestling Day Facebook Event Page and/or Following National Pro Wrestling Day on Twitter @NatProWrestDay #NPWD.

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