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Update on BLK OUT
Friday, January 25, 2013 @ 06:52pm EST

It was at Cage of Death 14 that BLK OUT, specifically the actions of BLK Jeez, nearly caused a riot.  Due to those actions, the #1 Contenders Match between OI4K and BLK OUT was immediately halted.  Prior to Ascension, CZW Vice President Maven Bentley came out to address the CZW audience in regards to BLK OUT.  Bentley announced to the live crowd that he “wanted to ensure the fans would be safe at ringside.”  He went to say, “Due to the unprofessional actions of our performers collectively known as the BLK OUT, last month at Cage of Death I had no choice but to release BLK OUT from Combat Zone Wrestling.  Until such time, a hearing can be had to determine if they can wrestle safely here again.”

For those unaware, CZW was forced to find a new “home” after the legendary Arena in South Philadelphia closed its doors.  For years CZW had been able to bend the rules due to the strong relationship between CZW Management and Arena Management.  CZW had been more than blessed when the Flyer Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ stepped up to become our new home.  Unlike the Arena and despite the strong relationship forged with building management over the last twelve months, CZW cannot bend the rules.  The Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees houses more than just CZW in the course of one month, as well as a strong reputation in the community at large.  CZW does not want to jeopardize this relationship in the early stages.
Over the last several weeks, the tagline “Wrestling Fears CZW” was born.  Believe it or not, it is more than just wrestling that fears the Combat Zone.  Over the last few months, police have been called to the Combat Zone a number of times.  Most recently when Matt Tremont was told to leave the building by DJ Hyde, the neighborhood residents called the cops before Hyde had the chance to.  On top of that, there have been several complaints lodged against CZW.  Due to all those factors, Bentley along with CZW Officials has had no choice but to tighten the reigns.  In fact, all of these issues were specifically addressed in the locker room meeting prior to Cage of Death 14

Obviously this is not the first time BLK OUT has caused some controversy.  They have a very long history of causing disruptions during CZW Events.  Unfortunately for the BLK OUT, their actions over the last several months could no longer be tolerated due to the circumstances at hand.
As of press time, BLK Jeez, Ruckus, and Robbie Mireno all remain under contract.  However, they are still serving a suspension which currently bars them from competing in the Combat Zone as well as stepping into the CZW locker room during events.  CZW Officials plan on sitting down with BLK OUT in the coming days to work on an action plan which will allow them to compete again in a CZW Ring.  As obviously CZW recognizes the talent and abilities of BLK OUT, who are essentially home grown talent.
Clearly, BLK OUT has placed CZW Officials in a terrible bind.  First, they forced the referee to throw away the #1 Contenders match.  In turn forcing CZW to find a suitable replacement to challenge the Nation of Intoxication at Ascension, and beyond.  As well as placing CZW’s contract with the Flyers Skate Zone in jeopardy.  Many may not be happy with the decision that was made, but unfortunately that is part of Bentley’s job.  When is made aware of BLK OUT’s status we will be sure to report it here first.

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