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The staff of CZW have gather once again to give their thoughts on the biggest match of the year, Cage of Death 14!  In this year’s encounter, DJ Hyde has promised to shatter the dreams of Matt Tremont inside the legendary structure.  Speaking of the structure, the Cage of Death made its first appearance on October 16, 1999.  Since its inception, the structure has been brought out annually to end the most vicious of battles.  The structure has decided championships, personal battles, and interpromotional wars.  But in the end, whoever has been lucky enough to survive the Cage of Death has become a legend.  As we approach what is certain to be a gruesome encounter, the staff of has taken time to weigh in with their picks on who will survive this year’s very personal Cage of Death main event pitting DJ Hyde and Matt Tremont:

Dan Cowhey  – MATT TREMONT – This is the third time we have gathered to discuss this war, and I still stand by my pick…  The Bulldozer!  Tremont is someone I truly admire.  He is a man who has a dream and will stop at nothing to achieve that dream.  Tremont is just like we all were at some point in our lives.  And who does DJ Hyde think he is to stop a man from living his dream?  Because Tremont is the new star?  Because Tremont can beat him?  Why?  Some of you may call me naïve, but every time Tremont’s back has been against a wall he has found a way to win.  Sure, he lost the Tangled Web match…  But the night ended with him defiantly standing up in the ring after he should have been in an ambulance heading to the hospital.  He was fired and taken off the World Tour…  But once again, he found his way in.  If Hyde would just step back for a minute and see that his tyranny won’t help him in the end, then maybe he will win.  But quite frankly, I think Hyde doesn’t have anymore tricks up his sleeve to one-up the Bulldozer anymore

CJ Becker – MATT TREMONT – It's the most...wonderful time...of the year! Forget peace on Earth & goodwill toward Man. This is the time of year we come together to bare witness to "The Construction of Destruction"..."The Innovation in Devastation"...tis the Cage of Death season! For the better part of a year, our boss has goaded CZW's rookie sensation into proving himself & managed to duck Tremont at every opportunity. Let's face it, had it not been for the wishes of Greg Excellent & a majority of the CZW locker room and support staff walking out last month in support of Tremont, DJ would still be pussing out or sending his thugs to do his dirty work. The Boss & "The Bulldozer" are 1 & 1 in their matches against each other. Both times, there is no doubt that each man has taken the other to the limit. When it's all said & done though, Tremont is riding a wave of momentum with the fans & even most of the company supporting him. For all of DJ's bravado & boasting that he's going to shatter the dreams of Matt Tremont, the reality is that the boss is going to be served a big slice of humble pie this holiday season when he, much like the rest, are stomped by The Bulldozer.

JAKE Black – DJ HYDE – 18 months of disrespect comes to end on December 8th at Cage of Death XIV. For 18 months “The Bulldozer” has shown contempt for “The Ultraviolent Icon” DJ Hyde, and for 18 months DJ has let Tremont know he can not compete on the level of “The Lariat”. Tremont came out of the crowd and blasted into Combat Zone and has proven dreams can come true, but all dreams come to an end, and “The Creator of the Combat Zone” promises to shattered Tremont’s hopes and dreams in Voorhees.

Nate Stein – MATT TREMONT – The boss has tried everything to derail "The Bulldozer" and only a collective response from most of the locker room threatening a walk out "helped" DJ Hyde give Tremont a chance to stay in CZW. Everything Hyde tries, fails. Every back-up plan and attempt to give others a better spot in CZW by eliminating Tremont, fails. Whether it's jealousy, to see someone with such heart and potential, or that Tremont symbolizes the loss of control Hyde has in CZW, Hyde has fired all guns at Tremont and it barely slows Tremont down. The boss better come up with a better plan if he wants to come out on top.

Tickets are on sale NOW at the CZW Pro Shop for Cage of Death 14 on December 8th in Voorhees, NJ.  If you cannot join the Combat Zone live then you can now order the LIVE iPPV stream NOW at or at!  To discuss this and all the matches taking place at Cage of Death 14, "Like" CZW on Facebook and/or Follow CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW or #COD14!  And remember, these two men will meet for a face to face confrontation WEDNESDAY NIGHT at Eye For An Eye exclusively at!

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