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From the Press Box: Cole/Callihan… NO HOLDS BARRED!
Wednesday, November 28, 2012 @ 07:39pm EST

Forgive but never forget…  That seems to be the story heading into the third epic encounter between Adam Cole and Sami Callihan.  The staff of CZW have gather once again to give their thoughts on one of the main event level matches at Cage of Death 14!  This is a fight that spanned the course of 2011, but as Adam Cole took a sabbatical from the Combat Zone he came back to find that Sami Callihan just simply the flavor of the week.  As we approach what is certain to be a flat out fight, the staff of has taken time to weigh in with their picks on who will be seen at the number one wrestler in the hearts of CZW Fans:

Dan Cowhey  – SAMI CALLIHAN – If you had asked me a year ago, I would have stood by my statement that Callihan can’t win the big one.  But 2012 has seemingly changed Callihan.  He is much more confident and driven…  Hell, it takes a special man to be willing to defecate in the middle of a wrestling ring.  But more importantly, this is a FIGHT.  Adam Cole truly is one of the top talents in the world today, but when it comes to a fight…  Callihan simply has the edge.

CJ Becker – ADAM COLE – Never thought I'd find myself on the side of the guy that left his former tag team partner in the dust & utilized every underhanded tactic available to cement his place in the CZW record books as the company's longest reigning World Jr. Heavyweight Champion. While my esteemed colleague Mr. Cowhey feels that 2012 has seen Callihan emerge more confident & driven, I feel that he's become more unstable than in year's past. From being a fan favorite to metaphorically defecating on the Combat Zone (fans & locker room alike) to almost actually doing it right in the middle of the ring last month, one has to wonder where Callihan's head is lately. Whether you love him or hate him, Adam Cole has always been consistent & clear about his ambitions & where they lie. One of the hottest feuds of 2011 was reignited last month & at "Cage of Death XIV", I firmly believe you're going to see "The Panama City Playboy" begin an ascent to the top of the Combat Zone with Sami Callihan being his first stepping stone.

JAKE Black – ADAM COLE – This is one of the most important rivalries CZW has seen in recent memory was reignited at Night of Infamy. Cole and Callihan had two absolute classic battles in 2011, and on December 8th plan to have a clash to prove who the superior athlete really is. Callihan had been obsessed with defecating in a CZW squared circle for months now, and Cole took offense at the monkeyshines of “The Callihan Death Machine” and a brawl ensued with both men ready for combat. Knowing the ability both bring to the table, this match should be awesome.

Nate Stein  – SAMI CALLIHAN – In the past Adam Cole has used every dirty trick in the book when he slid past the Callihan Death Machine...and the two biggest parts of that are gone - he's no longer trusted by DJ Hyde and his, um, "associate", Mia Yim is in Japan (it's been a little cold for Adam lately, from what I understand). Don't get me wrong, Cole is maybe the most talented person to come from the CZW Wrestling Academy. But Callihan...well, it's friggin' Sami Callihan. He's insane. He feeds off the crowd...and even when he's literally told them where to fornicate and how he would, well, "disgrace the ring or their physical being with bodily functions", they only give him more applause. Callihan has been an unstoppable beast and though a battle with Cole will be intense and bloody, I see a Stretch Muffler in Adam's future.

Tickets are on sale NOW at the CZW Pro Shop for Cage of Death 14 on December 8th in Voorhees, NJ.  If you cannot join the Combat Zone live then you can now order the LIVE iPPV stream NOW at or at!  To discuss this and all the matches taking place at Cage of Death 14, "Like" CZW on Facebook and/or Follow CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW or #COD14!  And remember, Callihan will join JAKE Black TONIGHT on Reflections & Refractions to speak candidly on Cole and other topics exclusively at!

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