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The Top 10 of CZW – November, 2012
Friday, November 23, 2012 @ 05:11pm EST

Each month, the staff at has been ranking the wrestlers of CZW based on their win-loss record, their place on the card, the crowd reaction they receive, any titles won or lost, and other intangible qualities that made that wrestler stick out from the pack.  Since its inception, this list has proved to be controversial; surely it will be very much the same this month.  Please remember, this list is not the official standings controlled by CZW Management.  Without further a due, this is the Top 10 of CZW for November, 2012.

CHAMPION – MASADA – Another month as Champion and the story remains the same…  MASADA is dominant.  His latest challenger, Davey Richards, proved to be his biggest challenge.  Despite the clash in styles, MASADA proved he can defeat ANYONE.  But with the Golden Boy’s return in two weeks, MASADA now faces a man who is very much like him…  Is MASADA’s title reign finally in jeopardy?

#1 – (1) – AR Fox – AR Fox’s ego continues to grow with each victory.  Can anyone blame him?  He was at the bottom of the totem pole for months when he first arrived in the Combat Zone.  Now that Fox is at the top of the food chain, he demands a REAL challenge at Cage of Death 14.  Who is prepared to answer?

#2 – (2) – Sami Callihan – Sami Callihan is high on this list…  Once again…  The only man that seems to have a problem with it is Adam Cole.  At Cage of Death 14 in Voorhees, NJ on December 8th, the two men will find out who truly is the better man.  That match can single handedly change the landscape of the Combat Zone.  So next month, it could be Adam Cole who sits at number two, or better yet, number one.

#3 – (3) – Jake Crist – Jake and Dave Crist quietly have risen through the ranks over the last several months.  After beating the Briscoe Brothers, they earned themselves a number one contender’s match for the CZW World Tag Team Championship against BLK OUT.  Soon enough these brothers could be atop the Tag Team Ranks.

#4 – (4) – Dave Crist – See Jake Crist.

#5 – (5) – DJ Hyde –
Like it or not…  DJ Hyde knows how to remain a dominate force in CZW.  Just as the entire CZW Roster was about to walk out on Hyde, he was able to give them what he wanted while still remaining a powerful owner.  He is determined to embarrass everyone who stood up for Tremont while shattering Matt Tremont’s dreams inside the Cage of Death!

#6 – (8) – Greg Excellent – Most love him…  Some consider him a thorn in the side of law and order.  No matter how you feel, Greg Excellent knows how to win matches or at the very least make his point.  Drew Gulak, Kimber Lee, and the Campaign for a Better Combat Zone can’t stand him, but they will have to do something drastic to erase the Pride of Roscoe’s.

#7 – (6) – Joe Gacy – Gacy drops this month for failing to complete Hyde’s dirty work.  However, he was able to take quite the beating from New Jack but never waiver nor lost.  We here believe that Gacy is just one moment away from truly making a name for himself.

#8 – (7) – Drew Gulak – After taking last month of to celebrate his victory at Cerebral, Gulak plans to return at Cage of Death 14 to truly make a statement.  One can only imagine what Gulak has planned for the biggest event of the year.

#9 – (9) – Alex Colon – Sure Colon may have lost the battle against Danny Havoc, but he made sure he and 4Loco made a statement no one would ever forget.  Although we here at cannot condone the actions of Colon, you can deny that he took Ultraviolence to a whole new level when he suffocated Havoc.

#10 – (10) – Danny Havoc – Havoc and the Nation of Intoxication haven’t had the best of luck when it has come to 4Loco over the past few months.  First, they lost the CZW World Tag Team Championships, then Devon Moore sustained a rib injury, and finally Havoc was suffocated following his victory against Colon.  Nevertheless, the Nation is ready to get the last laugh at Cage of Death 14 on December 8th.

Honorable Mention – (-) Toby Klein – The Combat Zone welcomed “Mr. Insanity” back for one night only to honor the fallen Brain Damage.  After defeating Danny Havoc and giving a heartfelt speech that brought some tears to eyes, it is only fitting that he be the Honorable Mention this month.
Dropped Off The List:
(10) – Ruckus – Ruckus falls off this list this month after failing to capture the CZW World Tag Team Championships at Night of Infamy.

Watch Out For:
Matt Tremont – He is the man that the entire Combat Zone has been talking about.  He is the one man that can prove that with hard work and perseverance that you can accomplish your dreams.  He is the one man that can finally shatter the glass ceiling and become the new MAN of CZW.  At Cage of Death 14, the Bulldozer can have is moment!

Drake Younger – The Golden Boy has returned!  He has been known for being the longest CZW World Champion in history.  Over the last several months, he has changed his lifestyle to cement his name among the greats in professional wrestling.  At Cage of Death, he can prove that he still should be known as the greatest CZW World Champion in history should he defeat the Ultraviolent Beast!

BLK OUT – What more can be said that hasn’t about BLK OUT?  Sure Ruckus and BLK Jeez lost in their last opportunity at the Tag Team Championships…  But that was through no fault of their own.  In fact, it is widely believe that they actually had the match stole from them by 4Loco.  At Cage of Death 14, the most controversial label in wrestling can become number one contenders and exact some retribution from 4Loco at a future event.

Pepper Parks – He may be a newcomer, but Parks as well as his fiancée Cherry Bomb, have become the most talked about people in the Combat Zone.  It may be a little premature, but many are seeing championship gold in his future…  Even if he and his fiancée’s PDA may be a little much for some to bear.

Adam Cole – Is there something that needs to be said about Cole that he hasn’t already taken care of himself at Night of Infamy?  He believes he is the best in the Combat Zone…  Many will agree with him.  But the test comes at Cage of Death 14 when he faces Sami Callihan in their third major encounter.

So that is the Top Ten List for November, 2012Tell us what you think about the Top 10 List by “Liking” CZW on Facebook.  You can also join the conversation on Twitter @combatzone #CZWTop10.  You can even text us your thoughts via our Text Messaging Service!  Be sure to come back every month to see how the Top 10 List fleshes itself out.

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