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Tuesday, November 6, 2012 @ 04:36pm EST

October 13, 2012 will be a day the Combat Zone won’t soon forget.  It was the day that the original BLK OUT came back to CZW!  Unfortunately, this is not the BLK OUT that has been winning over the hearts of CZW faithful over the course of the last two years.  This is the original BLK OUT that doesn’t care to be liked; all they care about is being the center of attention.  Like it or not, Ruckus, BLK Jeez, and Robbie Mireno have laid claim to the CZW World Tag Team Championships.  Quite frankly, they may do just that!

Those who have been following CZW since the beginning are well aware of the original BLK OUT.  But just in case some are not aware of BLK OUT, here’s a short history lesson.

BLK OUT started with four members, Ruckus, BLK Jeez (then known as Sabian), Robbie Mireno, and the recently retired Joker.  In 2004, the group began a war with the late Chri$ Ca$h which ultimately led to the War Games Cage of Death match at Cage of Death VI.

BLK OUT was already winning gold early on in its history.  Ruckus and BLK Jeez defeated the now legendary H8 Club to become CZW World Tag Team Champions in late 2004.  In February, 2005, Ruckus climbed to the top of the Ultraviolent Mountain and became CZW World Heavyweight Champion when he defeated the Hall of Fame-bound Messiah.  The championship victories did not stop there.  BLK OUT would go on to have a total of 16 championship reigns in CZW alone, not to mention BLK OUT’s recognized 32 championship reigns total.  That figure does not include all of the accolades the original members won prior to and after BLK OUT’s original run.

Included in those 32 championship reigns are all three of BLK OUT’s Best of the Best tournament victories.  For the only time in all of Best of the Best history, BLK OUT became the team to have all three of its members win in consecutive years.  Ruckus became the first one to accomplish the feat in 2006 at Best of the Best 6 when he defeated Austin Aries in the finals!  Joker would accomplish the task the next year at Best of the Best 7 when he defeated former winner B-Boy.  And finally, BLK Jeez would take the honors home in 2008 when he defeated Chuck Taylor.

With all of these championship victories, BLK OUT should be the most respected team in professional wrestling.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  What happened at Cerebral following BLK Jeez’s loss to Greg Excellent was not an isolated incident.  It seems when Mireno, Ruckus, and Jeez are all in the same room they bring out the worst in each other!  The men almost pride themselves on being inappropriate…  In a 2006 interview conducted by Slam Sports out of Canada, BLK Jeez was glorifying his antics that nearly got CZW a few sexual harassment lawsuits.  But something that stood out in that 2006 interview is what Joker concluded the interview with, “We won't let anybody break us up, Where-ever we go, we'll always go as part of BLK OUT. It's our goal to make BLK OUT the longest-running clique in the independents. We all get along so well -- even before we formed BLK OUT -- and we're going to keep that going.”
But as the cliché says, “All good things come to an end.”  It was in 2009 where the egos amongst the group started to take its toll.  Robbie Mireno specifically started to claim he owned the rights to the BLK OUT name.  Ultimately this led to the disbanding of the group after Mireno gave his managerial services to The Best Around.  Thanks to Mireno’s new tag team, he won the rights to the BLK OUT name.
Amongst the ruins of this fallout, the group seemingly went their own ways.  Ruckus slowly became the fan favorite of the group, while BLK Jeez and Joker remained controversial figures in the Combat Zone.  Meanwhile, Robbie Mireno slowly faded away in the Combat Zone, appearing less and less as time went on.  With him, the BLK OUT name, logos, and likenesses were seemingly forever gone.
That was until May 14, 2011 at Proving Grounds.  It was a day heralded as the re-launch of BLK OUT.  But what was different about this BLK OUT was it was Robbie Mireno, Ruckus, and the “First Lady of BLK OUT” Chrissy Rivera not extending an olive branch to BLK Jeez and Joker, but offering their spots to Rich Swann and Alex Colon.  This version of BLK OUT was one that the entire Combat Zone could get behind.  This version of BLK OUT was exciting and fun to watch, however they did not reach the successes that the original BLK OUT did.  Ultimately, this led Alex Colon and Chrissy Rivera to break away from the group to form 4Loco.  Meanwhile, Rich Swann’s career path led him to an extended stay in Japan.
This brings us to October 13, 2012.  Ruckus and Mireno emerged to aid BLK Jeez following Jeez’s loss to Greg Excellent.  The question is…  Why?  Why after become revered as legends did Mireno and Ruckus rejoined the most controversial figure in CZW history?
Unfortunately, I was unable to get comments from Ruckus and Mireno…  But I wasn’t surprised that Jeez wasn’t at a short of words for me.
Like I said earlier, BLK OUT became a group that all fans could get behind.  Ruckus and Mireno wanted to bring BLK OUT into the future.  But obviously BLK Jeez wasn’t behind this, but that didn’t stop him from putting his two cents in…  “Well, I wasn't involved with the re-launch last year and I'm very glad that I wasn't. I'll tell you this though, this, is NOT about the fans, f*ck ‘em. To the fans that show their continued support, thank you very much, but to the others, fuck yall! As far as the future goes, we'll see what happens.”
The tirade did not stop there…  “CZW tarnished the BLK OUT name enough with the handling of the re-launch last year. WILL NOT happen again!”  “…Ever since me and Joker lost the tag team titles, CZW's tag division has been the absolute sh*ts! Thanks to CZW Joker will not be back.” “…The only way for me to have fun in CZW anymore is for me to join back up with two dudes that I'm been through wars with, two dudes that I know will have my back no matter what, and that's Robbie and Ruckus. I look at CZW as having a lot of politicians and a lot of bitchassness. That comes to an end NOW! I WILL NOT ALLOW CZW to do my homies Robbie and Ruckus dirty any longer!”
Many will agree with Jeez with the fact that CZW hierarchy has seemingly lost all control.  There are many that are disgruntled in CZW.  However, many aren’t disgruntled about the same issues as BLK OUT.  As much respect as BLK OUT has earned over the years for their in-ring abilities, their successes have seemingly gone to their head.  They simply care about themselves.  They don’t care about Matt Tremont’s firing or the repeated attacks on Maven Bentley.  They are the angry children in the room screaming for attention.
Their goals?  “The goal is also to force CZW to do what's right 100% of the time! Stop catering to bitchassness!” says Jeez.  “Speaking for myself, the goal is to make these dudes in the locker room step their games up and show that they actually know what they're doing. No politics and no ass kissing! Grow up and prove yourselves!”
Well it is in the humble opinion of this person for Jeez to listen to his own advice.  Stop harassing fans…  Stop complaining about the company holding you down…  Take the ball and run with it.  Of course, who am I to tell them what to do?  At the end of the day, Mireno, Ruckus, and Jeez will do whatever they feel is right even if it is wrong.  BLK OUT IS BACK…  And they will make sure they are noticed by any means possible!

Written for by Dan Cowhey

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