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The Battle Between The Nation and 4Loco Wages On!
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 @ 12:55pm EDT

It was announced at Down With The Sickness, that 4Loco’s Azrieal and Bandido Jr. would get their rematch for the Tag Team Championships at October’s Cerebral event.  What is now known is that Danny Havoc and Devon Moore will be the members of the Nation of Intoxication defending the titles.  Meanwhile Lucky 13 will be battling 4Loco’s angry founder, Alex Colon.  All this goes down in less than one week’s time at Cerebral from the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ.

This war started from humble beginnings back in July at New Heights.  Alex Colon scored a major victory over Devon Moore after he refused to compete against Ruckus.  Later that night, 4Loco successfully defended the Tag Team Championship against the combination of Danny Havoc and Lucky 13.  Normally, these matches wouldn’t result in a war.  But 4Loco defeated three men who have competed in the Cage of Death, the biggest main event of the year…  With the help of a brick in Chrissy Rivera’s purse.

In August at Tangled Web 5, the Nation of Intoxication came back at 4Loco to prove that they still “have it.”  This time when Chrissy Rivera entered the ring with her loaded purse, the Nation was there to intercept it.  Much like the memorable 1980 Olympics Ice Hockey Team, Lucky 13 got won the Championships for the Nation of Intoxication.

The party went all night long and included the Vice President of the Combat Zone, Maven Bentley.  Giving Bentley a celebratory brownie, they convinced the Vice President to allow the Nation to defend the Championships under the “Freebird Rule.”  For those not familiar, the Freebird Rule is when ANY member of a group that holds the Tag Team Championships is allowed to defend the titles.  The reason why the Nation wanted this rule in place was because of their extracurricular activities.  This has just annoyed the former champions to no end.

Besides being annoyed at the Freebird Rule, 4Loco has also been frustrated with Devon Moore getting involved with Colon’s matches with other members of the CZW Locker Room.  Granted, Colon fails to realize that Moore was just preventing Rivera from using her loaded purse.  But Colon got his revenge two weeks ago when he battled Moore in the Ultraviolent Underground at Redemption.  It was there where 4Loco’s Rivera shoved Devon Moore off the top of the CZW Ring Truck.

With that one action, the matches between the two groups have now become a WAR.  And that war continues in less than two weeks at Cerebral.  The only way you can see the action is to be at the Flyers Skate Zone IN PERSON on Saturday October 13th!  For tickets, visit the CZW Pro Shop at  To talk about this and other CZW happenings, join the conversation by  "Liking" CZW on Facebook and/or Following CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW.

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