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Results from CZW's Tour of Germany
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 @ 06:24pm EDT

The stars of CZW's European portion of the 2013 World Tour have return back to the United States.  DJ Hyde along with AR Fox, Drake Younger, and CZW World Champion Drew Gulak took part in the first ever World Triangle League.  This year's World Triangle League was comprised of wrestlers from CZW, wXw, and BJW.  For results from the World Triangle League, continue reading below.

GERMANY - Combat Zone, Westside Xtreme, & Big Japan at Turbinenhalle:  Carnage & John Klinger beat Robert Schild & Vincent Schild...Davey Richards & Freddy Stahl beat Axel Dieter, Jr. & Toby Blunt...Aaron Insane, DJ Hyde, Karsten Beck & Sasa Keel beat Crazy Mary Dobson, Freddy Stahl, HATE & Madman Pondo...In the World Triangle League tournament: Drew Gulak tapped out RicochetBig Van Walter beat Drake YoungerJon Gresham beatRobert Dreissker (10-3-13)

GERMANY - Combat Zone, Westside Xtreme, & Big Japan at Turbinenhalle: 2 Face pinned Steve Murdoc...Davey Richards beat Freddy Stahl...DJ Hyde, Ilja Dragunov, & Karsten Beck beat Axel Dieter Jr., Robert Schild & Vincent the World Triangle League tournament Yuko Miyamoto pinned Jon GreshamJohn Klinger pinned Robert DreisskerDaisuke Sekimoto beat Drake YoungerBig Van Walter beat Kim RayZack Sabre Jr. beat Drew Gulak,John Klinger beat Yuko MiyamotoRicochet beat AR Fox (10-4-13)

GERMANY - Combat Zone, Westside Xtreme, & Big Japan at Turbinenhalle: Michael Dante & wXw Champion Tommy End beat Axel Dieter Jr. & Freddy Stahl and DJ Hyde & Karsten Beck...Freddy Stahl pinned DJ Hyde in a CZW Ultraviolent Rules match...wXw Shotgun champion Ilja Dragunov retained over the World Triangle League tournament Drew Gulak tapped out AR FoxRobert Dreissker beat Yuko Miyamoto, Zack Sabre Jr. beat Ricochet,Drake Younger beat Kim RayJon Gresham beat John KlingerDaisuke Sekimoto tapped out Big Van Walter (10-5-13)

GERMANY - Combat Zone, Westside Xtreme, & Big Japan at Turbinenhalle: wXw Tag champions Big Van Walter & Robert Dreissker retained over DJ Hyde & Karsten Beck...2 Face pinned Robert Schild...Aaron Insane & Sasa Keelbeat Maxi Schneider & Michael Schenkenberg...Kim Ray beat Axel Dieter Jr...Drake Younger beat Yuko Miyamotoin a TLC match...Carnage beat John Klinger, Emil Sitoci and Ilja Dragunov for the wXw Shotgun Title...CZW World champion Drew Gulak retained over Freddy Stahl...Michael Dante & wXw Champion Tommy End beat AR Fox & the World League Tournament finals Daisuke Sekimoto beat Jonathan Gresham and Zack Sabre Jr. (10-6-13)

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