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Cage Of Death 19

December 9, 2017

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CAGE OF DEATH 19 took place just 24 hours ago in Sewell, NJ.  Like years past, the eyes of the wrestling world were locked on the most violent structure in all of professional wrestling.  Last night, Shane Strickland and Joe Gacy challenged Rickey Shane Page for the CZW World Championship INSIDE the “Construction of Destruction”…  THE Cage of Death!

But that was not all as Jimmy Jacobs’ comeback tour arrived back in the Combat Zone.  His request this month?  To take on the most violent man in the Combat Zone…  Tournament of Death 16 Champion Jimmy Havoc!

The fate of the CZW Wired Championship was decided when MJF took on Joey Janela.  Meanwhile, Scarlet & Graves brought the CZW Tag Team Championships home to defend them against Palmer & Reynolds, their mentors oVe, and the #1 Contenders the REP.  Jimmy Lloyd entered his biggest deathmatch to date when he faced Matt Tremont in a Thumbtack Massacre Match.

But that was far from being it…  The Combat Zone invited the National Wrestling Alliance’s Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm to Cage of Death 19.  Storm officially accepted the invitation has issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room

All that and SO MUCH MORE went down just one day ago at Cage of Death 19.  For complete results, continue reading below.  To relive all the action, head over to CZWStudios.com RIGHT NOW to watch.

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CZW Studios Preview

Quick Results

Cage of Death 19 Kick-Off Hosted by the BLVD Bullies
Storm of Entrails def. Shane Sabre, Blackwater, Kody Rice, G-Raver, and Johnny Silver to win the Ultimate Opportunity Coin.
At the conclusion of the match, Alex Reynolds arrived and took out Johnny Silver costing him the match.  This allowed the Storm of Entrails to drive their opponents through doors and take the victory.

Cage of Death 19 Main Show
Matt Tremont def. Jimmy Lloyd in a Thumbtack Massacre DeathmatchTim Storm Arrives in the Combat Zone
Following his Thumbtack Massacre victory, Matt Tremont called out the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.  Storm impressed with Tremont’s victory was about to accept his challenge when Ethan Page arrived.  Page berated the champion.  Being the fighting champion, Storm granted Page a title opportunity. However, Page refused to take the match in Sewell, NJ.  MJF arrived next and started to mock the NWA Champion’s age.  When Storm was about to give MJF his opportunity, NWA Legend Austin Idol arrived and began to give reasons why Storm’s time as champion was finish. Idol then introduced Nick Aldis, who had a guaranteed rematch with Storm.  Aldis then proclaimed that he would walk out of Cage of Death and CZW forever as NWA Worlds Champion!

Mr. Claxton def. Alex Colon
The conclusion of the match saw Claxton use the tights to pin Colon.  Following the match, Danny Havoc returned to the Combat Zone and beat Claxton with a trashcan lid and sent him back into the ring for further punishment from Colon!

David Starr def. Ethan Page
Following the match, Starr proclaimed that he would become the Best of the Best 17 champion in 2018!

DJ Hyde Addresses the Combat Zone
Hyde continued to show that he turned over a new leaf as he made some major announcements for 2018.  First he announced that international wrestling superstar Will Osprey will compete in the Combat Zone in April when CZW heads down to Wrestlecon in New Orleans.  He then confirmed that Best of the Best would return home to the Greater Philadelphia Area later in the month.  The first entry?  Brandon Kirk!

The REP w/Maven Bentley def. oVe w/JT Davidson, Scarlet & Graves, and Barry & Reynolds
The conclusion of the match saw Johnny Silver return and distract Barry & Reynolds, ultimately leading to The REP stealing the championships!

Nick Aldis def. Tim Storm to become the NEW NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion

Jimmy Jacobs def. Jimmy Havoc

Greg Excellent & Chrissy Rivera def. Ace Romero

MJF w/Penelope Ford def. Joey Janela to become the UNDISPUTED CZW Wired Champion
Due to the court injunction, Janela’s lost results in MJF’s loss to Janela expunged as well as Janela’s Wired Championship victory.  Following the match, Ford turned on her boyfriend and kneed MJF in the groin.  She, along with Janela, would continue the assault which saw Ford dive from the top rope to the outside to taken out MJF!

Rickey Shane Page def. Shane Strickland & Joe Gacy to retain the CZW World Championship inside the Cage of Death
In what is being described as one of the most chaotic Cage of Death Matches in recent history, the match saw Gacy’s followers get involved in the match.  But before they could get fully involved in the match Kit Osbourne returned from his injury and took Dan Barry from the top of the cage to the outside eliminating ALL of the followers.  Minutes later, another masked man arrived and met Gacy at the top of the cage.  He would toss Pro Wrestling’s Maniac from the top of the cage through glass and to the floor.  He unmasked and revealed himself to be Anthony Gangone!  Thanks to Gangone, this left RSP and Shane Strickland to battle to the end where RSP would ultimately be victorious.

For complete Cage of Death 19 coverage, stay logged on to CZWrestling.com.  To relive all the action, head over to CZWStudios.com later this week for the official release.  To discuss Cage of Death 19“Like” CZW on Facebook or follow CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW #CageOfDeath19.

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