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Tournament Of Death 13
'Tournament Of Death 13'
June 14th, 2014
Townsend, DE

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Lucky 13 def. Jaki Numazawa in a Fans Bring the Dildos (so Lucky can build a Ladder) Match

MASADA def. Aero Boy in Barbed Wire Madness

Danny Havoc def. Masashi Takeda in an Ultraviolent Pits Match

Jun Kasai def. Matt Tremont in a Light Tube Bundles Match

Joe Gacy def. Alexander James

MASADA def. Lucky 13 in a Panes of Glass Match

Jun Kasai def. Danny Havoc in a Competitors' Choice Match

Juicy Product def. Drew Gulak & Sozio to retain the CZW Tag Team Championships
Prior to the match, Drew Gulak came to the ring to address the rumors of this being the last Tournament of Death. Gulak stated that CZW without TOD wouldn't be a better Combat Zone. Gulak went so far to state that it Tournament of Death Thirteen would not be the last TOD. The Juicy Product with Shelly Martinez interrupted Gulak with their annoying antics in the crowd. They came to the ring to continue their annoying ways. DJ Hyde then entered the ring to berate Gulak for attempting to make management decisions without clearing them with himself. Hyde then turned his attention to the Juicy Product. Hyde threatened to force them into an Ultraviolent Match. However, Hyde decided that they would defend the Tag Team Championships in a Traditional Match against Drew Gulak and SOZIO. During the match, it looked as if the unlikely team of Gulak and Sozio but at the last moment Sozio Yakuza Kicked Gulak and walked out. Juicy Product would then walk away with the victory.

Devon Moore def. Ron Mathis in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match

Jun Kasai def. MASADA to become Tournament of Death Thirteen Champion
Following the match, Hyde presented the Tournament of Death Thirteen trophy to Jun Kasai. Kasai thanked all the fans and declared CZW his home away from home. Hyde would then ultimately proclaimed that next June Tournament of Death would return!

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