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Proving Grounds
'Proving Grounds'
May 10th 2014
Voorhees, NJ
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Devon Moore defeated Alexander James w/Mr. Tofiga & "Full Price" Dewey Donovan
- The Honorary CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Champion publicly aired a grievance about not being included in "Best of the Best 13" last month. The self proclaimed Prince of the Combat Zone was interrupted by Moore. An impromptu match began as James sought to beat some respect into Moore. Despite interference from the Campaign's Samoan insurance policy (subsequently ejected from ringside), Moore picked up the win over James & seemed to add more gold to his already impressive CZW resume. After pleading with CZW Vice President Maven Bentley, the title did not change hands due to it not being an active championship.

Joker defeated Azrieal w/Chrissy Rivera
- The last time we saw Joker in active competition in CZW was "Tangled Web V". Despite his nearly 2 year hiatus from the Combat Zone, Joker returned with the same ferocity that CZW fans have come to love & competitors have come to fear over the course of time. Not missing a beat, Joker stood victorious after a hard hitting encounter that saw both men give each other everything they had. In a show of respect, Joker raised Azrieal's arm in the ring prior to heading to the back. This would not be the only time we saw Joker in action at "Proving Grounds".

Joey Ryan defeated Greg Excellent in "The Battle of Sexy"
- In a rematch from "CZW 15", Joey Ryan & Greg Excellent pulled every sleazy trick they could think of out of the book. From huge lollipops to a bag of miniature marshmallows to the now infamous/feared "Mandible Condom", these 2 competitors once again proved that nothing was sacred. Ryan picked up the win after a Boobplex onto the marshmallows.

Mickie Knuckles defeated Nevaeh
- Originally scheduled to be a tag match, things unexpectedly changed when Kimber Lee announced she would be unable to compete due to preparation for a press conference. Having come up short earlier in the afternoon against Barbi Hayden in her match for the NWA World Women's Championship, Nevaeh was eager to take her aggression out on someone. Little did she realize her opponent would be the 2014 WSU Queen of the Ring, Mickie Knuckles. Despite dishing out punishment to Knuckles, it was the Queen who picked up the win thanks to interference from Kimber Lee.

Lucky 13 addressed CZW by announcing the final competitors in this year's "Tournament of Death". Joining the BJW contingent in the tournament will be MASASHI TAKEDA. And the final CZW representative in the tournament will be none other than the Nation's own Lucky 13. Upon the announcement, "The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont came to ringside & decreed that this year's TOD trophy would be his. Tremont blindsided Lucky & hopped the rail into the crowd when Devon Moore came down to assist his friend.

CZW Wired Championship: Shane Strickland defeated Candice LeRae
- Let it never be said that CZW is not a land of opportunity. After wrestling 3 matches earlier in the afternoon for WSU, Candice LeRae challenged "The New Flavor" for the CZW Wired Championship in what is definitely a "Match of the Year" contender. Strickland found himself in unfamiliar territory, consistently booed by the CZW faithful in attendance. At times, it would seem LeRae would be crowned the 1st ever female CZW Wired Champion. Ultimately, Strickland retained & seemed to lose more of his supporters in the process.

Philly's Most Wanted defeated Sozio & Joe Gacy
- DJ Hyde, still bitter about his loss to Blk Jeez at "High Stakes", put out a hit on the thorn in his side in the weeks leading up to "Proving Grounds". Mr. Sozio reminded Jeez that they are 2 longtime members of the CZW roster & he knows him better than anyone else. In an added twist to the match, Sozio brought out his own hired gun in Joe Gacy & this singles competition became a handicap match. After holding the 2 on 1 advantage for what must have seemed like an eternity for Jeez, Joker ran out of the back to even the odds. The reformed Philly's Most Wanted stood victorious after the count of 3.

CZW World Tag Team Championship: The Juicy Product w/Shelly Martinez defeated The Beaver Boys
- It was at our Providence, RI debut last month that the brash duo of David Starr & JT Dunn claimed the tag team championship. A day later, the Beaver Boys exercised their right for a rematch to take back their titles. The added presence of Shelly Martinez seemed to give the champions even more of a mean streak, imploring them to level their opponents with a chair at one point. It was this "by any means necessary" attitude that helped Starr & Dunn retain their championships.

CZW World Championship: Biff Busick defeated Drew Gulak to become the NEW CZW World Champion
- Originally scheduled to be a 4 way, CZW Owner DJ Hyde made his way to the ring to announce that MASADA wasn't at the show due to personal issues. After weighing his options, the boss decided to give Chris Dickinson the night off. This didn't sit well with the fans or "The Dirty Daddy", going so far as to label DJ as "a cancer in his own company". After security escorted Dickinson to the back, the rematch from "To Infinity" got underway. The ring couldn't contain the action as both men took to the skies & brawled around the outside at times for the Combat Zone's top prize. In what was perhaps a strange sense of irony, Drew Gulak...who forced Masada to tap out to win the gold, found himself submitting to Biff Busick. A stunned CZW audience watched in silence as the Front celebrated. As Gulak slowly got to his feet by himself in the center of the ring, the CZW fans gave the former champion their respect & admiration.

Falls Count Anywhere Ultraviolent Sendoff: Danny Havoc defeated Dysfunction
- It was at "High Stakes" in March that the Deathmatch Drunkard announced that he would be facing his friend in Dysfunction's final CZW deathmatch. For 2 months, we wondered what punishment these 2 men would deliver to each other. The second the 1st drop of blood was spilled, the CZW fans in attendance seemed like sharks at a feeding frenzy...growing more raucous as these 2 men inflicted massive amounts of pain to not only each other, but themselves. Barbed wired, chairs, carpet strips, & panes of glass were among the weapons of choice in this ultraviolent spectacle. Not wanting to head into TOD with a loss, Havoc dug down deep & defeated his friend. After the match, Dysfunction thanked everyone involved with CZW for helping him to realize his dream in an emotional farewell.

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