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August 23rd 2014
Voorhees, NJ
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- The Front Issues an Open Challenge
The evening kicked off with Sozio leading CZW World Champion Biff Busick along with the rest of the Front to the ring to proclaim their dominance over the Combat Zone. The announced that Joker was not in attendance making it just another CZW mainstay to let down the CZW faithful. Busick then issued an open challenge for the main event.

- Latin Dragon def. Alex Colon
The action kicked off with Alex Colon and Latin Dragon an exciting match. For Colon, his own braggadocios attitude was his undoing. Latin Dragon took home the victory with a victory roll.

- Papadon def. Greg Excellent
Papadon began his quest to cleanse the Combat Zone with his questionable victory over the beloved Greg Excellent.

- Devon Moore def. Milk Chocolate
Prior to the match, Moore announced that during a recent tour of Big Japan Wrestling, Danny Havoc was injured and would be unable to compete. However, Moore was sure that Havoc would be able to participate in the match by having Havoc wheeled out on his reclining chair! Moore was able to take out some aggression on the singing duo with his best friend watching on.

- Shane Strickland successfully defend the CZW Wired Championship against Lucky 13
For Strickland, he was sure to not lose the CZW Wired Championship again as he used leverage from the ropes to defeat Lucky 13. Following the match, Matt Tremont assaulted Lucky 13 yelling "One last piece of the puzzle."

- Drew Gulak battled DJ Hyde to a no contest in an Impromptu Match
Gulak continued his new campaign of making the Combat Zone better place without the leadership of DJ Hyde. Hyde confronted Gulak about his recent attitude and told Gulak to simply do what he is told. Gulak attempted to silence Hyde with his Trailblazing Ankle Lock, however the Front came to the aid of Hyde. Amongst the chaos that ensued, Gulak challenged the Front to a match at Down With the Sickness. It would be the Front taking on Gulak and CZW Legends Adam Flash, Nate Webb, and Messiah!

- Alexander James def. Mambo
Prior to the match, James had his Dub Security Crew clear the arena of all ultraviolent weaponry.

- JT Dunn def. John Silver & Dave Crist in a 3 Way Dance
The tag team war continued between the Juicy Product, OI4K, and the Beaver Boys. It was JT Dunn using one of his many championship belts to take out Silver for the victory.

- Nate Stein Officially Signs Caleb Konley
Nate Stein signs Caleb Konley promising him championship gold in CZW.

- Joe Gacy def. Pepper Parks w/Cherry Bomb
Gacy continued his roll by defeating the returning Pepper Parks.

- Biff Busick successfully defended the CZW World Championship against Jake Crist
Prior to the match, AR Fox attempted to answer the challenge. However, CZW Medical Officials forced Fox to the back because he is still medically not cleared to compete. It was then Jake Crist who came out to answer the challenge and took Biff Busick to the limit. The match went all over the building. Just as it looked like Jake Crist would become CZW World Champion the Front pulled the referee from the ring. This started a chaotic chain of events that saw Dave Crist, the Juicy Product, the Beaver Boys, and DJ Hyde also get involved. In the end, Busick walked away with the CZW World Championship. Following the match, the Beaver Boys and OI4K laid out the challenge for the Juicy Product to defend the CZW Tag Team Championships in the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Ladder Match on September 13th at Down With The Sickness.

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