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Best Of The Best 13
'Best Of The Best 13'
April 12th 2014
Voorhees, NJ
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- The Opening Ceremonies
The night began with a ten bell salute to the Ultimate Warrior, followed by the traditional group photo with all of this year's competitors. As DJ Hyde went to address the crowd, out from the crowd arrived Kevin Steen! Steen and Hyde have been waging a verbal war over social media over the last week since encountering each other at WrestleCon. Steen fired the first shot when he attacked DJ Hyde with TWO Package Piledrivers!

- Chuck Taylor def. Buxx Belmar and Lucky 13 to advance in Best of the Best XIII

- Biff Busick def. Azrieal and Caleb Konley to advance in Best of the Best XIII
Alex Colon made his presence felt when he came out to air his grievances about not being included in this year's tournament. Just as Azrieal looked to overcome the odds, it was Busick who swept in and made the most of his first round match.

- Drake Younger def. Timothy Thatcher and Papadon
Throughout the night it was quite clear that the CZW faithful were firmly behind the Psycho Shooter. It took the Drake's Landing to allowed Younger to advance to the semi-finals.

- AR Fox def. 'Speedball' Mike Bailey and Andrew Everett to advance in Best of the Best XIII
This high flying match was one of the crowd favorites of the night. Even though Fox advanced, it was Bailey who was showered with chants of "Please Come Back."

- Shane Strickland successfully defended the CZW Wired Championship against Devon Moore in a Ladder Match
It a match that many consider to be the match of the night, Shane Strickland cemented his role as Wired Champion. It took Moore going through a barbed wire board to end Moore's championship hopes. At the conclusion of the match, Moore praised Strickland for his continued efforts in the Combat Zone.

- Biff Busick def. Chuck Taylor to advance to the finals of Best of the Best XIII
In a scary moment, Busick's recently rehabbed leg seemed to go out on him. However, Busick fought through the pain and the continued assault on the injured leg to advance to the finals.

- Drake Younger def. AR Fox to advance to the finals of Best of the Best XIII
Younger made it won step closer to the finals when he took out the fearless high flying phenomenon in the semi-finals

- The Juicy Product def. OI4K to become the NEW #1 Contenders for the CZW World Tag Team Champions
For months, the Juicy Product claimed to be out for respect. However, the match concluded with JT Dunn kicking Dave Crist in the nether regions to steal the victory. The Juicy Product aware of the reaction they would receive from the locker room decided to avoid any and all confrontations and walk out the front door of the Skate Zone following their match.

- Drake Younger def. Biff Busick to become Best of the Best XIII Champion
The night was Younger's for the seizing. Younger ended his career in a very fitting fashion by defeating Biff Busick in a hard fought match. Following the match, Younger thanked everyone in CZW for making the last 8 years some of the best years of his life. He made sure to let everyone know that no matter what happens... He will always be a "CZW Guy!"

To relive all the action of Best of the Best XIII, head over to for the unedited replay of the event.

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