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Answering The Challenge
'Answering The Challenge'
January 11th 2014
Voorhees, NJ
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Quick Results:
- Shane Strickland def. Pepper Parks and Azrieal in a Triple Threat Match

- MASADA w/Christina Von Eerie def. Alexander James w/Dewey Donovan
Prior to the match, Dewey Donovan presented Alexander James with the "Honorary CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion" in honor of his mentor Drew Gulak. But it went all downhill after that as James was brutalized by both MASADA and Von Eerie with staples, skewers, and SICKLE!

- Joe Gacy def. Greg Excellent w/Cherry Bomb
Prior to the match, Excellent stated that he and Cherry Bomb were in the bulking portion of their fitness routine. To practice, every time Excellent chopped Gacy, Cherry Bomb would be required to eat at least one potato chip. Unfortunately for Excellent, the fun was cut short when Parks attempted to rescue his bride-to-be. The distraction was enough for Gacy to continue his winning ways in 2014.

- Devon Moore def. Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera to become the NEW CZW Wired Champion
Devon Moore shocked Colon as well as the crowd as he became a CZW Grandslam Champion after winning the Wired Championship

- OI4K def. the Juicy Product
OI4K kicked off the new year in an extreme way when they spiked tombstone piledrove JT Dunn through a table on the outside of the ring!

- Danny Havoc def. Aero Boy in an International Deathmatch Challenge

- Kimber Lee w/Mr. Tofiga address Christina Von Eerie's actions at Cage of Death XV
Kimber Lee addressed the recent actions of Von Eerie claiming that it is because of a lack of faith in God that she acts the way that she does. To teacher her a lesson, Kimber Lee used her political clout to force Von Eerie to compete against her close friend, Candice LeRae next month at CZW 15.

- Biff Busick w/the Front def. Chris Dickinson
In a match that many believe stole the show, Busick and Dickinson beat each other to a bloody mess in this strong style matchup. However, the sportsmanship went out the window with the Front interjected themselves by throwing powder in the face of Dickinson to get Busick the victory. After the match, Dickinson exclaimed "Busick, you're better than this! But the rest of you can kiss my ass!" He then followed it up with a brutal assault on Trooper Audubon.

- The Beaver Boys def. BLK OUT w/Robbie Mireno to become the NEW CZW Tag Team Champions
In a match that had the crowd on the edge of their seat the entire time, Reynolds and Silver ended the controversial 9 month reign of BLK OUT!

- Drew Gulak successfully defended the CZW World Championship against Lucky 13
In a night where all seemed to point to the biggest Nation of Intoxication celebration being over the horizon, Gulak spoiled the fun by exploiting Lucky 13's apparent knee injury to retain the CZW World Championship.

After the event, CZW Vice President Maven Bentley announced that AJ Styles would be the next challenger for Drew Gulak's CZW World Championship at CZW 15 on February 8th LIVE on from the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ.

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