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15th Anniversary
'15th Anniversary'
Feb 8th 2014
Voorhees, NJ
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Shane Strickland def. Joe Gacy
Two men that had a spectacular 2013, kicked off the 15th anniversary in the same fashion as their careers have been going as of late... Spectacularly! Shane Strickland has already proclaimed that his mind is set on taking home the 13th Best of the Best Trophy, and he took one step closer to that goal when he defeated the Chainsaw. However, it wasn't so easy and the evolving Joe Gacy took Strickland to the limit. It wouldn't be a shock to see Joe Gacy make a similar play to that trophy.

Tommy Dreamer Addressed Changes to the Event
The Innovator of Violence made return to the Combat Zone to help celebrate, but it wasn't without a little controversy. Since becoming a full-time member of the CZW family, Dreamer has become almost a General Manager. Because it was Dreamer who came out to announce that Biff Busick would have to pull out of the 4-Way Match. But the good news was that the 4-Way Match was now a number one contender's match! Dreamer shared even more good news that he personally arranged for a special bonus main event at the end of the event! This brought out DJ Hyde who was not happy that one of his employees went rogue and began to make announcements without his approval. Hyde made sure to remind Dreamer that he worked for him and not the other way around. After dismissing Dreamer, Hyde announced that the first two competitor's at June 14th's Tournament of Death Thirteen from the Ultraviolent Underground in Townsend, Delaware would be CZW's Danny Havoc and Big Japan's Jun Kasai! But that wasn't all... Hyde then announced the next inductee to the CZW Hall of Fame was... HIMSELF! Almost immediately, the controversial BLK Jeez came out to rain of Hyde's parade. After slapping the taste of out Hyde's mouth, Jeez announced that he would replace Busick in the 4-Way Match.

Caleb Konley def. Pepper Parks
Konley made a bit of a surprise return to the Combat Zone after a short three month absence. With Nate Stein singing his praises on commentary, Konley defeated the distracted Pepper Parks. Following the match, the Honorary CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion Alexander James came out seemingly to praise the victor of the match. Konley, however, felt otherwise and was ready to fight the Intern of the Campaign.

Greg Excellent def. Joey Ryan
In what may have been one of the most sleaziest matches in CZW history, Greg Excellent defeated the returning Joey Ryan despite Pepper Parks' attempt to screw the Jake the Snake of Chocolate Cake! Following the contest, Excellent explained that he left Cherry Bomb at home to continue to "bulk up." Excellent then laid out the challenge... On March 8th LIVE on, Excellent will take on Parks for Cherry Bomb.

Devon Moore successfully defended the CZW Wired Championship against Matt Tremont
Tremont hasn't been the same since Cage of Death XV Last month at Answering the Challenge he began to stalk all the members of the Nation of Intoxication. Despite nearly defeating Moore, it was Moore's veteran thinking and instincts that caused him to quickly roll up the challenger for the victory. After the match, Tremont went berserk and assaulted Moore. Before Tremont could do any damage, the Nation of Intoxication came to the aid of Moore. Tremont would leave the ring ranting and raving that he would make their lives a living hell!

Kimber Lee def. Candice LeRae
Kimber Lee used the Campaign's stroke to her advantage when she originally scheduled Candice LeRae to compete with her friend, Christina Von Eerie. Sometime during the course of the last month, Kimber Lee either had a change of heart or wanted to simply be the highlighted bombshell at the Anniversary event. Nevertheless, thanks to Kimber Lee's last minute match change Candice LeRae found herself on the losing end of the Campaign.

The Front def. Nation of Intoxication, Juicy Product, and OI4K in a Tornado Tag Team Match
Many are already saying that this Tornado Tag Team match stole the show. This match saw every team pull out all the stops to represent the Combat Zone. What is interesting to note, rumors have begun to circulate about the Juicy Product's reputation in the locker room. Those two men took the brunt of the beating from all teams. But in the end, Sozio and Ace Delic successfully won the match and now have their eyes set on the Tag Team Championships.

The Beaver Boys successfully defended the CZW World Tag Team Championships against Murderer's Row
These two teams spent much of the summer battling it out in show stealing contests and this time it was no different. However, this time Azrieal was joined by Alex Colon because Bandido Jr. is still nursing an injury sustained just prior to Cage of Death XV. Towards the end of the match, it looked like Chrissy Rivera was going to used one of the title belts as a weapon. In what appeared to be a miscommunication, Alex Colon tried to take the belt and actually pulled Rivera into harms way and she was on the receiving end of a super kick. Moments later, Colon had the title belt in hand and looked to be ready to use it as a weapon when Azrieal kicked the belt into the face of Colon aiding the Beaver Boys with the victory! After leaving many confused, Azrieal, with Chrissy Rivera directing traffic, would go to the top rope and crash down on Colon with a double stomp leaving Murderer's Row fractured.

AR Fox def. Drake Younger, Chris Dickinson, & BLK Jeez to become the NEW #1 Contender for the CZW World Championship
All four men left it all out in the ring all in the name of become the next person in line for the CZW World Championship. Unfortunately for BLK Jeez, his actions at the beginning of the night came back to bite him when DJ Hyde lariated the outspoken member of BLK OUT. In the end, it was AR Fox and his nine lives that would take out the former longest reigning CZW Champion for the victory!

In the main event, AJ Styles def. Drew Gulak via DQ, Drew Gulak remains CZW World Champion
After spending nearly a decade away from the Combat Zone, AJ Styles made his long awaited return to the black and yellow ring. Many call it Gulak's toughest challenge to date, and clearly Gulak thought the same. It was Gulak's use of his CZW World Championship as a weapon that got him disqualified. Because the match ended in a disqualification, Gulak remained CZW World Champion. However, it was AJ Styles who would get the last laugh. MASADA would appear and send Gulak back into the ring to be on the receiving end of a Styles Clash!

Danny Havoc def. Drake Younger in a Bonus Deathmatch Main Event
Earlier in the evening, Dreamer revealed that there would be a bonus main event deathmatch to close out the 15th Anniversary. Danny Havoc came out to address that ever since he watched his first CZW event on VHS that he knew what he wanted to do as a career. Since arriving to the Combat Zone, his name has been synonymous with the letters CZW. But he also said that another man's name should be used in the same breath as his when CZW was being discussed. Havoc said that even though they've had their differences, it was all about celebrating the legacy of CZW. With that Havoc called out the Psycho Shooter Drake Younger to tear the house down to close out the 15th Anniversary event!

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