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Tournament Of Death 12
'Tournament Of Death 12'
June 8th 2013
Townsend, DE

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Once a year, the top Ultraviolent Athletes converge on Townsend, Delaware to compete in the bloodiest tournament in all of professional wrestling. That day was yesterday… That tournament was the 12th annual Tournament of Death! Rory Mondo, Ron Mathis, Scotty Vortekz, Lucky 13, Danny Havoc, BJW’s Takumi Tsukamoto, DJ Hyde, and CZW World Champion and Back-to-Back(-to Back) Tournament of Death Champion MASADA entered, but only one exited the bloodiest afternoon with the Tournament of Death XII trophy. But was not all… Sami Callihan bid farewell to the Combat Zone when he chose his final opponent. Also non-tournament action saw the war between the Nation of Intoxication and the Naptown Dragons deepen when Devon Moore did battle with the Golden Boy Drake Younger. You can now watch the delayed iPPV at NOW. But if you are too impatient to find out what happen, continue reading for the results!

Drew Gulak Addresses the Ultraviolent Underground
Much to the dismay of the Ultraviolent Underground, Drew Gulak came out to give opening remarks for this year’s Tournament of Death. Once again trying to win over more constituents, he praised the Combat Zone for exercising their right to freedom of expression. However, he was also the bearer of bad news. Gulak announced that CZW became the first company that showcases deathmatch wrestling to work with State Athletic Commission doctors to tests the ultraviolent athletes. Gulak then called out Ron Mathis to hear the announcement first hand. Gulak went on to note that because of doctor’s testing MASADA’s knee injury was too severe to allow him to compete. He then told Mathis that he had a bye in the first round. However, Mathis stated that he earned his way into the tournament and he would earn his way to the finals! He then demanded an opponent. Answering the challenge was Matt Tremont! The same Matt Tremont who was also not cleared by doctors! Tremont took the microphone away from Gulak and revealed that as of that morning he was CLEARED to compete again! But before he could start the match Joe Gacy took Tremont out and attached himself to the dog collar!

Ron Mathis def. Joe Gacy in an Ultraviolent Dog Collar Match to Advance
Thanks to the surprise re-entry of Joe Gacy, he was dominant much of the match. However, it was the heart and determination of Mathis… Along with his patented Tombstone Piledriver, that took him to victory!

Danny Havoc def. Rory Mondo in a Mummified Barbed Wire Match to Advance
In one of the most innovative matches in CZW history, Danny Havoc buried Mondo inside a barbed wired filled coffin! But that wasn’t enough; Havoc would light the coffin on fire! Thankfully the referee made a quick five count and ended the match before the coffin could be completely engulfed in flames!

Scotty Vortekz def. Lucky 13 in an Ultraviolent Ladder Match to Advance
It was a match that gave many flashbacks to the fateful day that Nick Gage nearly lost his life inside the black and yellow ring. Early in the match, Lucky 13 was sent into a ladder laced with light tubes. That seemingly basic exchange left a huge gash in the back of Lucky 13 that nearly stopped the match. Whether it was heart or liquid courage, Lucky 13 simply duct taped a towel on his back to continue the match. But unfortunately the blood loss was too much, and Scotty Vortekz proved to be dominate again over the Nation of Intoxication.

BJW’s Takumi Tsukamoto def. DJ Hyde in an International Panes of Glass Match to Advance
Big Japan Wrestling sent their newest deathmatch superstar to the US in an attempt to become the first foreign Tournament of Death champion. The Hammer definitely knew how to capitalize on mistakes, as DJ Hyde in a rare moment of endearing himself to the fans… Quickly put away the Lariat.

Drake Younger def. Devon Moore in a Non-Tournament Scaffold Match
This was one of the most bizarre matches that ever took place at the Ultraviolent Underground. Younger, who conveniently competed in his last deathmatch a week prior, avoided every attempt Moore made to introduce ultraviolent elements. But that wasn’t what made the match bizarre; it was when Drew Blood made TWO controversial decisions. The first came when he took a barbed wire bat out of the hand of Devon Moore. The second came when he quickly determined both men to be knocked out following Moore driving Younger off the top of the scaffold. Immediately, Vice President Maven Bentley ruled the match continue until a conclusive finish. That finish came minutes later after an athletic exchange of pinning combinations that saw Younger victorious.

Scotty Vortekz def. Ron Mathis in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match to Advance to the Finals
Vortekz was on a mission to become a two-time Tournament of Death champion. Despite Mathis’ best attempt, Vortekz advanced to the finals.

Danny Havoc def. Takumi Tsukamoto in an Ultraviolent Light Tube Match to Advance to the Finals
Ironically, Havoc spent much of this match on the receiving end of the Hammer. However, Havoc proved that experience trumps youth in deathmatches.

Drew Gulak and the debuting Chris Dickenson battled to a No Contest
Gulak was back out to compete against the controversial Chris Dickenson. Before the match could really pick up, out came the Ultraviolent Beast MASADA! Against doctors’ orders, MASADA entered the ring and immediately got into the face of Drew Gulak. It was clear that MASADA was upset about Gulak announcing that he would not be competing. But it was at that exact moment that Dickenson saw his opportunity to make his name inside the Combat Zone. Dickenson immediately attacked the injured knee of MASADA. Dickenson then pulled back the curtain and revealed that prior to all the changes to the Tournament of Death card; he was to challenge MASADA to the CZW World Championship. But Gulak would have none of that and cleared the ring. Gulak would then hold the CZW World Championship in the air, clearly making a claim for the championship!

Tournament of Deej 2
Over the course of Sami Callihan's stay in the Combat Zone, it was clear that he did not get along with DJ Hyde. Callihan, with the help of Greg Excellent, would remake one of Callihan's favorite moments... Tournament of Deej! Callihan, dressed as DJ Hyde, competed against DJ Hyde's biggest nemisis, Excellent. The real DJ Hyde was none to happy about the comedy routine and interrupted the match. In a rare Sami Callihan moment, he praised Hyde for all his work with CZW. He praised Hyde for helping members of the roster with medical bills when they were injured. Callihan even said 'I love you' to the boss! But the warm and fuzzy moment was short lived when seconds later Callihan yelled 'But I still hate you!' and drove a watermelon into the Lariat's head!

Danny Havoc def. Scotty Vortekz in a 444 Light Tube Deathmatch to win the Tournament of Death 12
Many are touting this match to be the greatest Tournament of Death final in history! It was most definitely the most personal finals in history. With ring surrounded by light tubes, these two men went all out. The match became personal when Lucky 13 and Drake Younger got involved. When Vortekz pinpointed the injured back of Lucky 13, Missy Mayhem (girlfriend of Lucky 13 and shot girl for the Nation) entered the ring. Vortekz took a thumbtack bat and carelessly nailed Mayhem in the back! This would light a fire under Havoc who would put away Vortekz for the win. Before Havoc could celebrate, the Nation and the Dragons continued to scream profanities at each other!

DJ Hyde awards Danny Havoc the trophy and announces Tournament of Death XIII!
DJ Hyde awarded Havoc with the 12th Tournament of Death trophy. Hyde revealed that every year it become more difficult to hold the Tournament of Death. In fact, he was ready to make Tournament of Death XII the very last Tournament of Death ever! But he was then given an idea by Havoc and Takumi Tsukamoto. Next year, Tournament of Death XIII would be back at the Ultraviolent Underground with Danny Havoc and Takumi Tsukamoto as the first two entries in Tournament of Death CZW vs. BJW!

CZW's Tournament of Death 12 replay now available at

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