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Tangled Web 6
Tangled Web 6
Aug 10th 2013
Voorhees, NJ

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Maven Bentley came out to kick off the event by announcing changes to the main event. Bentley confirmed that Scotty Vortekz was unable to compete due to a family emergency that had him in an Indianapolis Hospital. Before Bentley could continue, Drew Blood barged down to the ring and declare he smelled "bullish*t." Blood thanked the Naptown Dragons for getting him back into the Combat Zone but also cursed them for leaving him alone for the second month in a row. Havoc and Lucky 13 would then enter the ring but would be attacked by Rory Mondo and Ron Mathis! Quickly Devon Moore came to the aid of his partners. Bentley would then change the main event to the entire Nation of Intoxication against Blood, Mondo, and Mathis!

"The Product" David Starr def. "The Juice" JT Dunn
Starr and Dunn were brought into this event for one thing, to impress CZW Officials enough to earn themselves a permanent spot on the CZW Roster. It was quite evident at the conclusion of the event that Starr and Dunn accomplished their mission. Time will tell if CZW Officials will bring the two young upstarts back on a more permanent basis. However, Starr may be fast tracked following his knockout roaring elbow that brought him the victory.

Biff Busick w/ Sozio, Alex Colon w/ Chrissy Rivera, & Joe Gacy def. Greg Excellent, Shane Strickland, & Matt Tremont
Before the match was able to begin, Alex Colon stated that he was going on strike for the lack of respect he has been receiving since winning the Best of the Best Trophy. But it didn't take long before his opponents forced him into the match. The respective wars got so heated during the contest that Referee Kris Levin would chain stun nearly all the combatants! In the end, it was Biff Busick raw power that would suplex Greg Excellent for the victory!

Next out came Navaeh without the Crist Brothers. DJ Hyde would come out an introduce his special quest for the evening, "Portugal's Perfect Athlete" Shanna. Hyde asked Navaeh if she would like to fight Shanna, which Navaeh agreed to.

Naveah def. Shanna
Navaeh would call Hyde's bluff by defeating the international superstar in her Combat Zone debut. Following the match, an irate Lariat entered the ring and stated that he never chose Navaeh's opponent. In fact, it was Navaeh who asked for the match with Shanna. Hyde then revealed that he would be her opponent! Seconds later, he lariated Navaeh from behind! This time around, Hyde walked out with the last laugh over OI4K.

Caleb Konley def. Shane Hollister
In what has to be considered an upset of sort, the Obsession Caleb Konley would defeat Hollister with a quick rollup. Remember, Hollister has already announced that he will challenge the CZW World Champion at Deja Vu in Dayton, Ohio on September 7th. This loss could surely slow the momentum of the New World Man.

4Loco def. Beaver Boys
Once again, these two tag teams would steal the show. Once again these two teams did not battle for any championships, it was simply about pride and for the love of the sport. Unfortunately the fantastic match was tarnished when 4Loco resorted to underhanded tactics to win the rematch.

AR Fox successfully defended the CZW Wired TV Championship against Andrew Everett
In what was considered a Junior Heavyweight Dream Match, AR Fox continued his reign as Champion. Unfortunately for Fox, he couldn't celebrate for long as Alex Colon came out to spoil the moment. Shane Strickland would come out to aid his friend and run off Colon. But Colon got both Strickland and Fox so fired up that they attacked Everett!

Osirian Portal def. BLK OUT by DQ, BLK OUT remain CZW Tag Team Champions
BLK OUT used every controversial tactic in their playbook to remain the Champions. The match started out with just BLK Jeez and Mireno coming down to the ring claiming that Ruckus was at an wrestling event competing. But it was just a setup for a sneak attack. In the closing moments of the match, it was obvious BLK Jeez was going to be on the receiving end of a Portal assault. Rather than fight, Jeez kicked the referee in the groin area to get disqualified. However, the titles cannot change hands on a disqualifications.

Drew Gulak def. MASADA to become the NEW CZW World Champion
Many were concerned that MASADA was going into a no-win fight. It was the third major CZW event that MASADA would go against doctors orders by simply showing up to the arena. Despite the cards being stacked against the Ultraviolent Beast, MASADA did not go down without a fight. Being called the "University City Stretcher," Gulak knew every maneuver that would further damage the injured knee of MASADA. In the end, MASADA was forced to tap out and live to fight another day. Early reports suggest that this match could force MASADA to finally go into surgery. Stay here for more details as they become available.

The Nation of Intoxication def. Drew Blood, Rory Mondo, & Ron Mathis in the Tangled Web 6
The players may have changed, but the personal rivalries were still there. Last month, Drew Blood "stabbed" his best friend Devon Moore in the back. Rory Mondo has been ranting and raving all summer about wanting a retribution against Danny Havoc for nearly setting him on fire. Meanwhile, Mathis has made it his mission to make his mark at every major CZW event of 2013. At one point during the match, Blood got fed up and walked out on his partners. That one action led to the Nation showing their deathmatch prowess. It would be Devon Moore coming off a Scaffold with his patented Shooting Star Press that would bring the Nation to victory.

Following the match, Havoc would give props to both Mathis and Mondo. However, Mondo would not accept the olive branch and cursed Havoc out. Havoc then went on to tell Mondo that he is free next month and to think up every possible deathmatch stipulation, because they will do battle in the craziest Ultraviolent Rules match ever!

CZW's Tangled Web 6 replay available now at

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