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Night Of Infamy 12
Night Of Infamy 12
Nov 2nd 2013
Voorhees, NJ

Night Of Infamy 12 replay now available at

The night was headlined by Devon Moore and Drew Blood facing off in an Ultraviolent Scumbag Rules Match. That was not the only friendship that came to a bitter end, as Chuck Taylor challenged his former colleague Drew Gulak for the CZW World Championship. That and so much more went down at Night of Infamy on For those who were unable to watch the event live can now watch the replay at For those just needing to know what went down, continue reading below.

Shane Strickland def. Andrew Everett, Latin Dragon, Caleb Konley, & David Starr to become the #1 Contender for the Wired Championship
Shane Strickland was victorious in this match which defined what the Wired Championship is… The most exciting championship in all of professional wrestling.

Maven Bentley announces changes to Night of Infamy
Bentley was tasked with baring bad news to the CZW audience on hand at Night of Infamy. Bentley reiterated that AR Fox was unable to attend last night's event, meaning that his match with DJ Hyde was cancelled. BLK Jeez would then interrupt the Vice President to announce that Ruckus had "car troubles" and was unable to make it to Voorhees, meaning that BLK OUT would have the night off. Unfortunately for BLK OUT, Bentley would force BLK Jeez to team up with his manager, Robbie Mireno, to defend the CZW Tag Team Championships against 4Loco.

Greg Excellent def. Cherry Bomb w/Pepper Parks
Excellent was victorious following Cherry Bomb and Pepper Parks walking out on the match. Why did the walk out? Maybe it has something to do with Excellent and Parks making out in the center of the ring. Following the match, Excellent announced that his Mama will be returning to CZW when he faces Pepper Parks with Cherry Bomb in his corner.

Christina Von Eerie challenges Kimber Lee to a match at Cage of Death XV
Kimber Lee came out to the ring with Mr. Tofiga to address the Combat Zone on behalf of the Campaign for a Better Combat Zone. But before she could get a word in, Christina Von Eerie came out to challenge Lee to the match that all CZW Bombshell fans want to see at Cage of Death XV.

Alex Colon def. John Silver to retain the CZW Wired Championship
Despite Silver's best efforts, Colon and 4Loco proved to be too much for him.

Sozio w/The Front def. Dave Crist
Sozio "got his hands dirty" to take care of DJ Hyde's "problem." Sozio did win the match, however an argument can be made that he didn't "solve" Hyde's problem.

Jake Crist w/Nevaeh def. Biff Busick w/The Front
Jake Crist got a bit of redemption for his brother when he was able to defeat the enforcer of the Front, Biff Busick. His victory came after DJ Hyde interjected himself into the match.

Chris Dickinson def. Milk Chocolate
CZW was introduced to the newest boy band on the scene, Milk Chocolate. However, Dickinson was unimpressed with their talents and used the time to demolish the team of Randy Summers and Brandon Watts.

BLK OUT (BLK Jeez & Robbie Mireno) def. 4Loco (Azrieal & Bandido Jr.)
With the odds essentially stacked against BLK OUT, the team of BLK Jeez and Robbie Mireno came out victorious. Surprisingly, it was due to a little help from John Silver who simply came down to ringside to watch the match… Which was distraction enough to allow BLK OUT to get the victory.

Drew Gulak w/The Campaign for a Better Combat Zone def. Chuck Taylor to retain the CZW World Championship
Gulak truly took Taylor's mockery of the Campaign personally has he pulled out all the stops on his way to victory.

Drew Blood w/Rory Mondo & Ron Mathis battled Devon Moore w/Danny Havoc & Lucky 13 in an Ultraviolent Scumbag Rules Match
Drew Blood, the mastermind behind the match, made sure that he was also the man who set up the boxes involved in the match. As Devon Moore opened the final box which was to have had the keys to unlock his partners, the keys were no where to be found. Blood revealed that he had the keys hidden in his boot the whole time! It was at that point, all hell broke loose! Blood unlocked his partners who proceeded to lay waste Devon Moore. Because of Blood's underhanded tactics, CZW Officials unlocked the Nation. But it was too late, the damage to Devon Moore was already done. This brought out Matt Tremont, who was seemingly coming to the aid of the Nation… But he shocked the world when he drilled Danny Havoc with a steel chair! Tremont then went on to physically and verbally attack the Nation of Intoxication and to challenge them to the CAGE OF DEATH on December 14th!

Night Of Infamy 12 replay now available at

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