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New Heights '13
New Heights '13
July 13th 2013
Voorhees, NJ

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David Starr embarrassed by Lucky 13
Newcomer David Starr was out to kick off New Heights by introducing himself to rabid CZW audience. But only minutes into his introduction out came a stumbling Lucky 13 with the Nation of Intoxication in tow. Lucky 13 nailed Starr with a Drunken Stunner to electrify the crowd and kick off New Heights!

Shane Hollister def. Rory Mondo, Ron Mathis, Dave Crist, Caleb Konley, & the Dark Sheik in the Championship Choice Scramble
All six men in this match pulled out all the stops to earn a right to challenge ANY champion at a future CZW event. But in the end, it was Hollister who capitalized on everyone's hard work and stole the victory.

Andrew Everett def. Greg Excellent
This match was clearly a clash of styles. Everett being the apex of agility and Excellent being a wrestler comfortable with the ground attack. However, that did not stop Excellent from believing he could fly! But thanks to a little assistance from the fitness power couple, Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb, Everett walked away with his first victory in CZW.

BLK Out (BLK Jeez & Ruckus) successfully defend the CZW Tag Team Championships against the Catalyst (Dustin Rayz & Eric Ryan)
The most controversial Tag Team in CZW history remain Tag Team Champions following this return bout from WrestleCon. Once again, BLK Out left the crowd in a near frenzy due to their actions.

OI4K Celebrates Jake Crist's Birthday
DJ Hyde would come out to once again berate the crowd reminding them that he is in charge. He reminded them that he doesn't care what they think or who they want in CZW. He reminded them that Sami Callihan is gone from CZW for good and never coming back and that OI4K is dead. With that out came the Crist brothers to remind Hyde that OI4K isn't close to being dead. Dave Crist said that Callihan had one last request, and that was to celebrate Jake Crist's birthday. With that Nevaeh came out with a birthday cake as the crowd sang happy birthday. In what could be assumed as Callihan's real final request, Nevaeh shoved the cake right into Hyde's face as the Crist's attacked the owner of the Combat Zone!

Shane Strickland def. Alex Colon
AR Fox clearly made the right choice when choosing the New Flavor to battle the Best of the Best XII champion. With Strickland's victory, many are already calling for Strickland to get a chance to challenge for the Wired TV Championship, a title that Colon has wanted since winning Best of the Best XII.

Joe Gacy def. Devon Moore & Matt Tremont in an Ultraviolent Rules Match
Originally it was scheduled to Devon Moore taking on Scotty Vortekz in a Tables Match. At the last minute, Vortekz cancelled his appearance at New Heights. Joe Gacy would arrive on the scene with the same complaint of not having a match. Looking to make a statement, Gacy attacked the former World Champion. Within seconds, out came Matt Tremont to get a bit of retribution on Gacy. To make the match official, Vice President Maven Bentley arrived with a CZW Official to start the match! The real story came in the closing moments of the match when referee Kris Levin was taken out of the match. With Moore looking to win the match, CZW Official Drew Blood came down to the ring. But rather than officiate the match, Blood got involved by preventing Moore from sending Gacy off the top rope. Thanks to that distraction, Gacy powerbombed Moore through the table for the victory. Following the match, the Nation of Intoxication entered the ring and chased off Drew Blood. However, not before issuing a challenge that Blood team with Scotty Vortekz to enter the most feared match... The Tangled Web... Against Lucky 13 and Danny Havoc! In a side note, Nate Stein randomly joined the commentary team for this match.

Drew Gulak def. Tommy Dreamer to become #1 Contender for the CZW World Championship
Gulak took his Campaign one step closer to it ultimate goal, the CZW World Championship. It is important to note that it took the entire Campaign to take out the Innovator of Violence.

Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) def. 4Loco (Azrieal & Bandido Jr.)
In what is being called the match of the night, the Beaver Boys defeat 4Loco. This is a match that truly could have gone either way. Many are already calling for a rematch between these two teams! With this spectacular win, the Beaver Boys most definitely place themselves back into contention for the CZW Tag Team Championships.

AR Fox def. Biff Busick
Unlike Colon, Fox was able to defeat the opponent that was put in front of him. However, that was not without a fight. Busick was on a mission to take out Fox and nearly did, but fox once again proved to be just too much.

MASADA successfully defended the CZW World Championship against Chris Dickinson
It has been well documented already that MASADA should not have been competing at New Heights. For the first time in over two years, MASADA spent most of the match on the defensive. If it was not for Dickinson's temper/determination to be dominate, MASADA may not be World Champion still. Nevertheless, the Ultraviolent Beast remains king... However, the real story came after the match when the Campaign viciously assaulted MASADA, Christina Von Eerie, and Chris Dickinson. Thanks to Gulak and his Campaign, went off the air with MASADA being carried to the back!

CZW's New Heights replay now available at

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