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Down with the Sickness 2013
Down with the Sickness
Sept 14th 2013
Voorhees, NJ

Down With The Sickness replay now available at

ACH def. Aaron Epic

Main Show:
The Beaver Boys def. Caleb Konley & Shane Hollister
Someone in the CZW Offices clearly had a sense of humor when they forced Hollister and Konley. Despite not being the best of friends, the duo was able to hold their own against one of the best tag teams in CZW right now, the Beaver Boys. However, one miscalculation was all it took for Silver and Reynolds to get the victory.

The Front def. OI4K w/ Nevaeh
One week earlier, Biff Busick knocked out Dave Crist following their match. One week later it was quite evident that Dave Crist was still feeling the effects, while his brother Jake was still not at 100% following the No Rope Barbed Wired Match at Deja Vu. Despite both men overcoming their respective injuries, it was DJ Hyde who would distract the Crists allowing the Front to get the victory. Following the match, Hyde and the Front restrained Nevaeh and forced her to watch as her husband and brother-in-law were mercilessly beaten.

Matt Tremont Stops the Event
An uncharacteristically ominous Matt Tremont quietly made his way to the ring without any fanfare. He would set a chair in the middle of the ring and began to talk about how both personally and professionally 2013 has not been good. He would go on to talk about how he was at the highest of highs when he stood high atop the Cage of Death, but now because he doesn't "kiss ass" he doesn't get the opportunities he deserves. All while Joe Gacy still remains a thorn in his side. Tremont wanted redemption and he wouldn't leave the ring until CZW Management gave him his chance at redemption. CZW Vice President Maven Bentley was given the task to ask Tremont to leave the ring. But Tremont stood his ground. Then out came Joe Gacy to mock Tremont. This would set off the Bulldozer who would begin to lay waste to the CZW Security Staff, forcing Bentley to give Tremont one final rematch with Joe Gacy at Cerebral. Despite Tremont getting what he wanted, he would go after Gacy causing a near riot!

4Loco def. The Juicy Product (JT Dunn & David Starr)
Last month, all four men impressed the CZW audience. This month, they continued that trend. But it was the veterans, 4Loco, who were just one step ahead of Dunn and Starr.

Drew Blood vs. Lucky 13 ended in a No Contest
The Benedict Arnold of the Nation of Intoxication continued to make his mark since returning to the active CZW Roster. Blood though has quickly formed an army around him that seemingly follow mindlessly as Ron Mathis and Rory Mondo would come down to aid Blood in his match with Lucky. The remainder of the Nation would arrive to come to the aid of Lucky. The referee had no choice but to stop the match.

Rory Mondo battled Danny Havoc to a No Contest
As Mathis and Blood battled Moore and Lucky 13 to the back, Maven Bentley would instantly start the scheduled Ultraviolent Rules Match between Mondo and Havoc. Mondo was looking for revenge for Danny Havoc for nearly killing him at Tournament of Death in a flaming barbed wire coffin. Mondo may have accomplished just that when Mondo would impale Havoc on an upside down chair. Even after the referee called the match, Mondo was not done just yet. He would go to the back and reemerge with a weed wacker threatening the entire Nation, security, doctors, and fans! Bentley was able to get Mondo to put down the landscaping tool, but Mondo would actually hit Havoc with the M. Bison from the top rope as he was being carted away! For the first time, Havoc was left battered at the hands of Rory Mondo.

Pepper Parks & Cherry Bomb def. Greg Excellent & Candice LeRae
The battle of lifestyle choices came to a head last night. It took a little more than working out daily for Parks and Bomb to take home the victory... It actually took Cherry Bomb hitting Excellent with a kettle bell behind the referee's back to take home the victory.

BLK successfully defended the CZW World Tag Team Championships against the Osirian Portal
In a hard fought battle, BLK OUT was actually able to cleanly defeat the Osirian Portal. However, it was clear that the Portal wants one more shot.

Drew Gulak successfully defended the CZW World Championship against Chris Dickinson
The insane Chris Dickinson walked into the lions' den last night and took Gulak to the limit. Unfortunately for the Combat Zone, the "change" continues as Gulak was able to make Dickinson submit.

Alex Colon def. Shane Strickland, Andrew Everett, and AR Fox in the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Ladder Match to become the NEW CZW Wired Champion
It is already being called "The Greatest Ladder Match in History." After what the Combat Zone saw just 24 hours ago, it is obvious that all four men shortened their careers all in hope of wrestling immortality. About halfway through the match, Alex Colon hurt so badly that he was taken to the back for medical attention. Despite one man being removed from the match, the ladder match continued on. It all came down to a one legged Strickland slowly climbing up the ladder. Just as Strickland reached up to grab the championship, Colon emerged from the back and pull Strickland from the top rung! A clearly uninjured and well rest Colon stole the victory and the championship right from the hands of Shane Strickland!

Down With The Sickness replay now available at

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