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Cage Of Death 15
Cage Of Death 15
Dec 14th 2013
Voorhees, NJ

Cage Of Death 15 replay now available at

Tommy Dreamer Kicks Off Cage of Death XV

Drew Gulak successfully defended the CZW World Championship against Chris Hero
Following the match, MASADA made a surprise return and got into Gulak's face.

Joe Gacy def. Azrieal, Andrew Everett, Tony Nese, Chuck Taylor, and AR Fox
Gacy and Azrieal were added to the match following last minute changes which saw Bandido Jr. injured, thus removing Murderers' Row from Tag Title contention.

Greg Excellent w/Mama Excellent def. $5 Wrestling Champion Freight Train w/ Cherry Bomb
Per match stipulations, Cherry Bomb must conform to Greg Excellent's lifestyle!

BLK OUT w/Robbie Mireno successfully defended the CZW World Tag Team Championships against the Juicy Product

Kimber Lee w/The Campaign for a Better Combat Zone def. Christina Von Eerie
Following the match, Christina Von Eerie viciously attacked Kimber Lee with BBQ Skewers!

The Beaver Boys def. the Colony to become the #1 Contenders for the CZW World Tag Team Championships

Chris Dickinson def. Davey Richards
Following the match, Richards informed fans about his future career plans and thanked CZW for having one of his final matches before he moves onto the next stage of his career.

OI4K def. DJ Hyde, Sozio, & Biff Busick w/The Front

Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera successfully defended the CZW Wired Championship against Shane Strickland with a handful of the tights

Lucky 13 & Sick Nick Mondo survive to allow the Nation of Intoxication to defeat the Forgotten Ones inside the Cage of Death
In the closing moments of the match, Matt Tremont looked to send Lucky 13 off the top of the Cage to win the match when CZW Legend SICK NICK MONDO shocked the world and returned to CZW! This allowed Lucky 13 to send Tremont off the cage to win Cage of Death XV! Following the match, Lucky 13 saw Drew Gulak sitting in the special seating for the CZW Locker Room. Lucky 13 demanded a CZW World Championship shot at the next CZW event on January 11th! Gulak would accept the challenge. As the Nation and Mondo were leaving the ring, a battered and bloodied Rory Mondo demanded a match from his former idol. He said that everything he did was to impress him, only for him to turn his back on him in the biggest moment of his life. Nick Mondo said that he never wanted to return to the ring. But when he heard Rory Mondo planned to mutilate himself, he had no choice to return to stop it. Nick Mondo said that he never once forgot about Rory Mondo… In fact, he's proud to see what Rory Mondo has been able to do. With that Rory Mondo said that's all he ever wanted… Then shockingly, Rory Mondo retired from the ring.

Cage Of Death 15 replay now available at

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