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Best of the Best 12
'Best of the Best 12'
April 13th 2013
Voorhees, NJ

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Each year, the CZW invites the world's best in ring competitors to the Combat Zone to find out who is the BEST of the BEST. 12 of the world's finest once againentered the most prestigious tournament in all of professional wrestling to decided who was the BEST. In this year's tournament was wXw's Tommy End, The Front's Biff Busick, 4Loco's Alex Colon, Shane Strickland, Rich Swann, 'The Chiva Kid' Andrew Everett, the returning Uhaa Nation, Shane Hollister, the returning Jon Gresham, 'Wrestling's Sexiest Man' Caleb Konley, Alex Reynolds, and the favorite, the CZW Wired TV Champion AR Fox! While those 12 men decided who was this year's Best, two former winners collided in their FINAL ENCOUNTER! It was Sami Callihan and Adam Cole finally settling their career long feud in one last match! All of this and more went down on! For those who missed what is being touted as the 'One of the best shows seen in years put on by CZW' head over to NOW for the replay. To find out what went down, continue reading now...

Quick Results:
- DJ Hyde welcomed all of this year’s Best of the Best competitors in the traditional opening ceremony.

- Best of the Best Round 1 – Jon Gresham def. Biff Busick & Caleb Konley
Busick eliminated Konley with help from the Front. Gresham eliminated Busick

- Best of the Best Round 1 – Tommy End def. Alex Reynolds & Shane Hollister
Hollister eliminated Reynolds. End eliminated Hollister

- Best of the Best Round 1 – Alex Colon def. Rich Swann & Shane Strickland
Colon eliminated both Swann and Strickland

- Best of the Best Round 1 – AR Fox def. Andrew Everett & Uhaa Nation
Nation eliminated Everett. Fox eliminated Nation

- Fans Bring the Weapons Match – Ron Mathis def. Rory Mondo
Matt Tremont came to answer the challenge of Mathis, however Gacy came out to brag about his WrestleCon victory. This led to the Chainsaw and the Bulldozer brawling to the back while Rory Mondo snuck in to answer the challenge, but unfortunately was tombstoned through a guardrail leading to Mathis potentially entering into Tournament of Death XII.

- Strong Style Battle – DJ Hyde def. Michael Dante

- Best of the Best Round 2 – Alex Colon def. Jon Gresham

- Best of the Best Round 2 – AR Fox def. Tommy End

- The Final Encounter – Adam Cole def. Sami Callihan
Following the dramatic match, both Cole and Callihan broke down and hugged finally showing each other respect. But the moment would only last a few moments as DJ Hyde returned to the ring demanding Callihan share his secret with the world. But Callihan left the ring and nearly destroyed the sound system to prevent the secret from being released. But Hyde just screamed at the top of his lungs that next month at Proving Grounds he and Callihan will fight, and Hyde will “beat the secret out of him.”

- Best of the Best Final – Alex Colon def. AR Fox to become Best of the Best XII Champion!
Alex Colon defeated AR Fox in what has to be the most controversial Best of the Best victor in history. Following the victory, Colon was showered with trash from the crowd. Colon and Rivera nearly caused a riot exiting the Flyers Skate Zone.

CZW's Best of the Best 12 replay now available at

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