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14th Anniversary
'14th Anniversary'
February 9th 2013
Voorhees, NJ

CZW's 14th Anniversary replay is now available at

DJ Hyde’s State of the Combat Zone Address
CZW owner DJ Hyde addressed the crowd about the state of CZW - that changes are coming, CZW is as much about the fans as it is about the talents that have come through it, and nothing will stop CZW. It was a rousing speech that rallied the entire building behind the black and yellow banner!

AR Fox successfully defended the CZW Wired Championship against Rich Swann
AR Fox travelled through the worst weather seen in 2013. Fox practically walked right in the door and to the ring to defend the most exciting championship in all of wrestling. It was a match that could have gone either way. These to aerial artists surely have to have the attention of the Best of the Best invitation committee after this spectacle.

Shane Hollister (w/ Scarlett Bourdeaux) and Shane Strickland defeated BOTH Latin Dragon and Colin Delaney to BOTH qualify for Best of the Best XII
The theme throughout the last month seemed to be controversy, and this match just added to the controversy in the Combat Zone. At the conclusion of the match, both Strickland and Hollister were able to gain a pinfall over one of the other competitors. Referee Drew Blood made the decision to qualify both men for this year’s Best of the Best. Clearly neither man was 100% happy with the results, should these two meet in the tournament it will definitely be a heated exchange.

Drake Younger defeated Alex Colon
Drake Younger return to the Combat Zone to take on 4Loco’s Alex Colon. In a match that Colon shouldn’t be ashamed up, Younger defeated Colon with his trademarked Drake’s Landing. Following the bout, Younger continued to rally the crowd behind the black and yellow banner.

Sami Callihan & LuFisto defeated Adam Cole & WSU Champion Jessicka Havok
As been well documented over the last few months, CZW has entered into a working agreement with Women Superstars Uncensored. As part of this working agreement, LuFisto made her long awaited return to the Combat Zone to team with Sami Callihan. This dream team of sorts were able to lock the Stretch Muffler in and make their opponents tap out. This victory for LuFisto came hot on the heels of her victory earlier in the day against Mercedes Martinez to become the number one contender for the WSU World Championship, currently held by Jessicka Havok.

The Catalyst (Dustin Rayz & Eric Ryan) defeated the Nation of Intoxication (Danny Havoc & Lucky 13) and OI4K (Jake & Dave Crist w/Navaeh)
The controversy and chaos continued when the Nation of Intoxication defended the CZW Tag Team Championships. First, 4Loco’s Azrieal and Bandido Jr. were unable to make it out of the blizzard conditions in New York to compete, thus created a three way match. During the match, BLK OUT's Ruckus, BLK Jeez, and Robbie Mireno arrived and stole the tag titles. Brett Lauderdale nearly canceled the match, like what happen a few months ago at Cage of Death. However, CZW Vice President Maven Bentley restarted the match. It was at that point Alex Colon then attacked The Nation of Intoxication in the name of 4Loco, only to be stopped by Drake Younger! But when Younger tapped his ultraviolent side and attempted to use a steel chair against Colon, Colon ducked and Younger nailed Havoc with the chair. Amongst the confusion, the Catalyst shocked the Combat Zone and became the NEW CZW Tag Team Champions, however the title belts remain the BLK OUT’s possession!

DJ Hyde Announces WrestleCon and Best of the Best XII Information
Hyde announced the return of the Aerial Assault Match at CZW’s WrestleCon presentation. The match will feature Shane Strickland, AR Fox, Rich Swann, and the newest entry into Best of the Best XII, Chiva Kid. More names expected to be added. Hyde then went on to announce that Jun Kasai’s opponent for WrestleCon will be CZW World Champion MASADA!

Greg Excellent defeated Chrissy Rivera in a Fans Bring the Food, Ultraviolent Food Fight
The action was TRULY like nothing else, when these two unloaded the cupboards and used them as weapons! The match came to a firey ended when Excellent Tiger Drived Rivera into the CZW Birthday Cake!

Chris Brookes defeated The Gulak Campaign for a Better CZW's Alexander James
After the match, The Front, led by Niles "Young" Suzio brutally attacked The Campaign. However, the heavy hitter Mr. Tofiga returned from his career threatening injury to save Kimber Lee from getting a chairshot to the face!

MASADA and Christina Von Eerie battled to a No Contest in a Fatal Attraction Deathmatch
Only in the Combat Zone would you see a innocent crush turn into a fatal attraction. Christina von Eerie impressed the world at the 14th Anniversary when she stood toe-to-toe with the Ultraviolent Beast. But her snake like ways may have been her undoing as her former friend, Joe Gacy, ran in to attack both Eerie and MASADA. This brought out the Bulldozer Matt Tremont who has some unfinished business with the Chainsaw dating back to earlier in the fall. Once again, referee Brett Lauderdale was force to make a controversial decision and rule the bout a no contest, in what surely has to be a Deathmatch first.

CZW's 14th Anniversary replay is now available at

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