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Tournament of Death XI
'Tournament of Death XI'
June 23rd 2012
Townsend, DE
On Saturday June 23rd, CZW held its 11th Tournament of Death at the Ultraviolent Underground in Townsend, Delaware. Nine men entered the famed tournament, but only one survived the "Bloodiest Afternoon of Wrestling." To find out what happened, you can order the TOD XI iPPV now available at or you can continue reading for the full results.

First Round
Danny Havoc def. Devon Moore & Lucky 13 in a Drunken Scaffold Match
Three friends were willing to get drunk and beat the hell out of each other in hopes of becoming a Tournament of Death Champion. But I think the alcohol and ultraviolence prove too be just a little too much for Moore and Lucky as Danny Havoc, the man afraid of heights, conquered his fear and advanced to the second round… Nursing a hangover.

Drake Younger def. Rory Mondo in an Ultraviolent Ladders Match (A Tribute to JC Bailey & Chri$ Ca$h)
Drake Younger set out to win this year’s tournament to honor one of his best friends and former tournament winner, JC Bailey. Bailey must have been smiling down on Younger as he welcomed Rory Mondo into his first Tournament of Death. After his victory, Younger paid his respect to Rory Mondo.

MASADA def. Scot Summers in a Pains in the Glass Match
MASADA showed how much winning means to him when he nearly scalped the Summers head in his victory. However, Summers showed how tough he truly was by demanding MASADA come back out and "finish the job." However, referees escorted Summers, who was clearly showing signs of a concussion, from the ring.

Abdullah Kobayashi def. Matt Tremont in an Ultraviolent Bats Match
Over the course of the last few months, Tremont has been on a mission to win Tournament of Death XI. Not only was it his dream, but it was the only way he could finally get DJ Hyde into the ring. Just as it looked like Tremont was about to upset the BJW Deathmatch Champion, DJ Hyde came out with the largest light tube to ruin Tremont’s chances! Despite having help from Hyde, Kobayashi voiced his displeasure with DJ Hyde.

Joe Gacy def. Ryan Slater in a Non-Tournament Fans Bring the Weapons Match
If there ever was a chance Gacy and Slater would reunite, those thoughts are now out the window. Gacy used a thumbtack laced coffee table to put an end to his friendship with Slater.

Drake Younger def. Danny Havoc in a Carribean Spider-Pits Deathmatch
It what many considered the match of the night, Younger defeated the "Savior of Deathmatch Wrestling" Danny Havoc. After the match, the two showed their respect to each other. Havoc then demanded that Younger "Win the damn thing!"

MASADA def. Abdullah Kobayashi in a BJW Style Deathmatch
For the first time since September, the CZW World Champion squared off with the BJW Deathmatch Champion. This time, CZW World Champion took home the victory after punching out Kobayashi through a pane of glass! However, Kobayashi demanded that he get his rematch in the future!

MASADA def. Drake Younger in a Non-Sanctioned Ultraviolent Match to become the first ever Repeat Tournament of Death Champion
The legend of MASADA continues to grow. DJ Hyde refused to sanction the match on the recommendation of the EMTs on hand who felt MASADA arm injury was too severe. MASADA and Drake Younger felt that this match NEEDED to happen. It was with a Chair-Assisted STF that made Drake Younger pass out. Hyde reluctantly awarded MASADA the trophy but then nearly Lariated MASADA out of the ring. However, the Tournament of Death brethren led by Matt Tremont attacked Hyde to make sure he did not get the last laugh!

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