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Tangled Web 5
'Tangled Web 5'
August, 11th 2012
Voorhees, NJ
A staple in CZW's Summer of Ultraviolence, the carnage & brutality of "Tangled Web V" lived up to its predecessors in the Flyers Skate Zone. New champions were crowned. Battles were won, but wars are far from over. To watch what happened, you can order the event on iPPV at or read the full results below.


Core defeated Ryan Slater
This was Slater's first match back in the Combat Zone after losing a Fans Bring the Weapons match at "Tournament of Death XI" in June. Slater put up a fight, but seemed to still be feeling the effects from Delaware. Ultimately, C stood victorious in his second CZW match.

The Campaign for a Better Combat Zone (Mr. Tofiga & Alexander James) defeated Rory Mondo & Latin Dragon
Moments into the bout, power was partially lost in the Flyers Skate Zone. With the claims of anarchy reigning in CZW, management has taken this issue very seriously & is investigating the situation. The Campaign took advantage of the confusion & walked away with the victory.

CZW Vice President Maven Bentley hit the ring to address the crowd only to be interrupted by Joe Gacy. Riding the momentum from wins at TOD & "New Heights", Gacy demanded opportunities in CZW. Perturbed by the situation, Maven denied Gacy's requests. It wouldn't be the last we saw of Joe Gacy during the evening.

Nate Stein brought out Joker & CZW World Champion MASADA for an interview only to have both men stare each other down as questions were asked. Actions speak louder than words.

Main Show

Shane Strickland defeated Rich Swann
This match had the makings of what could be a "Best of the Best" classic. Swann returned to CZW to take on a man who's been making a name for himself as of late. The two hit each other with a flurry of high flying offense that left the CZW faithful in attendance in awe. Strickland picked up the win with a 450 splash.

In what could only be called a suppression of the right to freedom of speech, Drew Gulak attempted to deliver a State of the Combat Zone Address. Campaign members disseminated literature to the crowd & Gulak took to the mic only to be drowned out by airhorns & showered with rolls of toilet paper. Joining the Campaign is CZW Bombshell Kimber Lee. Moments after the announcement was made, Greg Excellent came to the ring to challenge Gulak to a match. Excellent looked to have the match one until Kim interjected herself in the contest, allowing Gulak to gain the upper hand & tap out Greg Excellent.

Lucky 13 & Devon Moore defeated Azrieal & Bandido Jr w/Chrissy Rivera to become the NEW CZW World Tag Team Champions
Last month, the Nation of Intoxication came close to victory but were denied thanks to a loaded purse from Chrissy Rivera. As both teams struggled to keep the advantage over the other this month, it looked as if history might have repeated itself. Not to be made a fool, Devon Moore delivered the equalizer...a superkick to Rivera as she attempted to use the loaded purse yet again. Lucky 13 scored the pin to bring the World Tag Team Championship to the NOI.

Backstage, Joe Gacy demanded opportunities from DJ Hyde as he prepared for his Tangled Web match later in the evening. Reminding the boss that he threw DJ off of a ladder 2 years ago in the same match, Gacy stood his ground in his demands. The boss told Gacy to prove to him he was worthy.

Sami Callihan invaded the ringside area to inform everyone in CZW that OI4K was going to be taking over the Combat Zone & scoffed at those who were now jumping on the bandwagon. Not one to stand by & let anarchy reign, CZW Original Ruckus attempted to shut Callihan's mouth. Both men hit each other with everything they had. Just as it looked as if Ruckus would take the win after a high flying move off of the top rope, Callihan reversed it into the Stretch Muffler & made Ruckus submit.

Danny Havoc came out to the ringside area, obviously after celebrating his comrades' victory early in the evening, & said that he missed the old CZW. With that in mind, he spoke to management & it was declared that CZW will return to the Ultraviolent Underground in Townsend, DE on Saturday, September 22nd to send the 2012 Summer of Ultraviolence out with a bang.

AR Fox defeated Alex Colon to retain the CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Championship
In their highly anticipated rematch from "Cinco De Mayo", these two high fliers collided once again with the championship on the line. After having lost the World Tag Team Championship earlier in the evening, Colon & Rivera were determined to bring gold back to 4Loco. When it seemed Colon would use a chair to get the advantage, Devon Moore emerged from the back to even the playing field. Fox took the win & retained the gold in his first defense. On the way to the back, a fan wearing an OI4K shirt had to be restrained by CZW security after attempting to goad Fox into an altercation. Right as he got through the curtain, a ladder brandishing an OI4K shirt was waiting there to greet him. Disgusted, Fox issued the challenge for Dave Crist next month at "Down With the Sickness"; both the World Jr. Heavyweight Championship & the Wired TV Championship on the line in a ladder match! Will Dave Crist accept?

MASADA retained the CZW World Heavyweight Championship against Joker with the match ruled a "No Contest"
All Hell broke loose during this match as Masada & Joker viciously attacked each other. Punches were thrown, heads butted, & blood was shed by these two warriors for the richest prize in CZW. Things got worse after referee Kris Levin counted both men out. Furious at the decision, Joker picked Levin up over his head & THREW him into the ring post! Not content with destroying a referee, Joker tore a section of guard rail loose & started to go after the fans! CZW security restrained him but not before he hooked Maven in the jaw.

CZW Owner DJ Hyde defeated "The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont in the Tangled Web Deathmatch Brutal...bloody...ultraviolence that only CZW can deliver! Hyde & Tremont used every weapon available to them along with a variety of barbed wire devices to maim each other & tear the flesh from each others' bodies. Things got so bad after Hyde put Tremont through the Tangled Web that medics had to tend to Tremont backstage and assess if he could continue. Not willing to quit, Tremont duct taped rags to his wounds & went back out to fight the boss. The damage was ultimately done & Hyde defeated the man he's called boy for months now. Proving that he is nothing more than a vulture, Joe Gacy assaulted the carcass of Tremont in an attempt to prove himself to the boss. Not willing to let it go any further, MASADA & the Nation of Intoxication stormed the ringside area & cleared house. As Hyde gloated in the moment, Greg Excellent emerged from the back to use his third & final wish. At CZW's return to Townsend, DE on September 22nd, Matt Tremont will get his rematch against DJ Hyde!

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