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Night Of Infamy 11
'Night Of Infamy 11'
Nov 10th 2012
Voorhees, NJ
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Brain Damage Tribute Results:
* CZW Wired TV champion AR Fox defeated Adam Cole
* Ohio Is 4 Killers' Jake & Dave Crist defeated Ron Mathis & Joe Gacy
* Sami Callihan defeated Matt Tremont. Tremont was then thrown out of the building by CZW owner DJ Hyde's security
* CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA defeated Rich Swann
* Toby Klein defeated Danny Havoc

Night of Infamy Results:
The CZW Roster and Staff walk out on DJ Hyde
Much like the last few months have been, Night of Infamy started out chaotically. For the second month in a row, Matt Tremont purchased a ticket to the event and distributed signs calling the CZW Owner a “Douche Bag.” Unlike last month, Hyde immediately stormed the ring as Emil J was in the middle of the opening announcements to eject Tremont from the building. But unlike last month, security failed to comply with Hyde’s request. He summoned three members of the security team into the ring where he knocked out two of them, but when he got to the third and only female member of the security team… Matt Tremont jumped the guardrail and saved the young lady by attacking Hyde! This caused Joe Gacy and Ron Mathis, both who have been looking to impress DJ Hyde in recent months, out to aid Hyde. Within seconds the entire locker room cleared out to the defense of the Bulldozer. Having had enough of the situation involving Tremont’s firing, Greg Excellent, along with a majority of the CZW Staff and Roster, told Hyde that if Tremont is gone… Then they were two! With the men and women walking out, gone would be Night of Infamy, Cage of Death, and WrestleCon! With Hyde’s back against the wall, he agreed to allow Tremont a chance to win his job back… All he had to do was win a tag team match against Gacy and Mathis. The catch? He must team with someone who was currently like Tremont… Not signed with any major wrestling promotion!

Pepper Parks with Cherry Bomb defeated Latin Dragon and Dustin Rayz
The new power couple of CZW returned to make up for last month’s loss. Parks continued to impress with his in-ring ability with this win. However, the couple continued to make people vomit in disgust with their constant public display of affection.

Kimber Lee with the Campaign for a Better Combat Zone defeated Greg Excellent
Lee returned to the Combat Zone looking for equality in CZW. Equality is exactly what she got! Greg Excellent had no problem treating Lee like any other man, or woman for that matter, he has ever competed against. Unfortunately for Excellent the antics of the political powerhouse of a campaign proved to be too much when Alexander James used his crutch as a weapon and knocked Excellent out! That would lead to Kimber Lee picking up the victory for Gulak’s Campaign.

Danny Havoc defeated Alex Colon in an Ultraviolent Rules Match
The war between 4Loco and the Nation of Intoxication reached new heights when Colon stepped into Havoc’s arena… Ultraviolent Rules! Surprisingly to many, much like Colon’s encounters in the past he was able to keep up with Havoc’s Ultraviolent expertise! But the match came to an abrupt end when senior CZW Official called for the bell, apparrently Alex Colon quit when Havoc attempted to light a barbed wire bat on fire for use against Colon!

What happened next was one of, if not, the most controversial scenes in recently CZW history. Colon took the plastic bag which held the lighter fluid and put it around the head of Danny Havoc, making him suffocate! An injured Devon Moore with Lucky 13 came to Havoc’s aid, but this led to 4Loco coming out to put the men down.

With the Nation now incapacitated, Toby Klein (who was still in the building from the Brain Damage Tribute) came to the ring to help. But then it was BLK OUT made their way to the ring to answer the open challenge. Not to be out done, Toby Klein also declared he would like to answer the challenge. The only problem was he needed a tag team partner… It just so happened that the Human Tornado was in the area and willing to compete… Sort of.

Azrieal and Bandido Jr. successfully defended the Tag Team Championships against BLK OUT and Toby Klein & Human Tornado
Interestingly enough, Tornado was willing to be in the corner of Klein, he wasn’t however really into the match as he was texting, tweeting, and facebooking the entire match! After the interview BLK Jeez had with last week, it was clear that this annoyed the team. With the two challenging teams at odd, and much like how the won the championships a year ago, 4Loco stole the victory away from BLK OUT.

Matt Tremont & New Jack defeated Joe Gacy & Ron Mathis
Tremont being the tough guy he is started out without a tag team partner. His bravery almost spelled the end to his career as Gacy and Mathis controlled much of the match… That was until hardcore icon New Jack arrived on the scene! The original Gangsta who first met Tremont at the closing of the legendary Arena in South Philadelphia, cleared the ring of Joe Gacy. Now with an even playing field, Tremont was able to defeat Ron Mathis and secured himself a spot back on the CZW Roster. However, the moment was short lived as DJ Hyde rushed to the ring and attacked Tremont. Hyde went on and announced that on December 8th he would “shatter Tremont’s dreams” inside the Cage of Death 14!

Sami Callihan and Adam Cole reignited their feud
Over the week prior to Night of Infamy, rumors began to run rampant about the status of Callihan in CZW. Claiming he had a major announcement, Callihan came out to say that his announcement was that he would finally “take a sh*t” in the ring like he has been promising! This led to Adam Cole making his long awaited return to a major CZW event. He acknowledged the fact that he has been gone for awhile, but seeing what Callihan has become makes him sick. It makes him sick because he has realized that both he and Callihan truly were the top two stars in all of professional wrestling today. But unfortunately for Callihan, Cole claimed will always be seen as just a little bit better. Memories of their 2011 wars must have come to their minds, as the two began to brawl! It took the entire security staff to break the two men apart.

AR Fox successfully defended the CZW Wired TV Championship against Lucky 13, Shane Strickland, and Rich Swann
Fox returned from his tour of Japan as success… Mainly because the rivalry between Strickland and Swann proved to be the only offense Fox needed to remain the most exciting champion in all of wrestling!

Jake & Dave Crist of OI4K defeated the Briscoe Brothers with Uncle Jethro
Since reuniting as a tag team, OI4K have been making waves in the world of tag team wrestling. Mainly have started to say they are the best uncrowned tag team in all of wrestling. However, to be named that they had go through the best tag team in the last decade, the Briscoe Brothers! That is exactly what they did at Night of Infamy. It is now only a matter of time before they become CZW World Tag Team Champions!

MASADA successfully defended the CZW World Championship against Davey Richards
In a match that showcased a clash of styles, MASADA once again proved to be the dominate figure. Richards, who is a former champion himself, clearly only competed at Night of Infamy for the extra money. He made it quite clear he hated everything that CZW stood for… However, at the end of the night MASADA made Richards a believer that MASADA is truly the toughest man on the planet today!

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