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Cage Of Death 14: Shattered Dreams
'Cage Of Death 14: Shattered Dreams'
Dec 8th 2012
Voorhees, NJ
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There are many events on the CZW Calendar year that are significant for many reasons, but none match up to the annual Cage of Death! This year was no different. In fact, this was the most personal Cage of Death yet as DJ Hyde promised to shatter the dreams of The Bulldozer Matt Tremont inside the legendary structure. Did he? But that was only one of a card full of main event matches! Saturday night, Adam Cole and Sami Callihan faced off in their third epic encounter to find out who truly is the top prospect in the world today. But in Cage of Death fashion, they had a FIGHT in a No Holds Barred contest! MASADA defended the CZW World Championship against a man quite similar to him… A Hybrid Athlete… A former CZW World Champion… The Golden Boy, Drake Younger! The Ultraviolence didn’t end at the Cage of Death, as the Tag Team Championship War came to an end when ALL members of 4Loco defended the Tag Team Championships against ALL members of the Nation of Intoxication in an Ultraviolent Insanity Match to kick off the annual event. You can now relive all the action UNEDITED on iPPV at! But if you can’t wait to find out what happen, continue to read on!

The Nation of Intoxication (Danny Havoc, Devon Moore & Lucky 13) def. 4Loco (Alex Colon, Azreal, Bandido, Jr., & Chrissy Rivera) in an Ultraviolent Insanity Match to become the NEW CZW World Tag Team Champions!
It has been a war that has been waged over much of the second half of 2012. Simply put, 4Loco and the Nation of Intoxication have no love for one another. 4Loco has believed they are overlooked, while the Nation is praised for their less than appropriate extracurricular activities. Nevertheless, these teams pulled out all the stops in this one of a kind match that featured crazy elements including Tables, Ladders, Chairs, Scaffolds, Aerial Assault Platforms, and the Rope Swing. It was a match seemingly made for Devon Moore as he has had experience in matches just like this. In fact, this match ended with Devon Moore driving Chrissy Rivera through a table from the top of a scaffold while Lucky pulled the championships down from the ceiling for the win.

Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb spoke to the crowd and how they want to 'help' them reach their physical potential.
This couple has only been in the Combat Zone for a short time, and already they have the Combat Zone audience ready to hang them! First, it was with their overbearing public displays of affection. Now, these two believe they can get the CZW crowd physically fit. They started off their new pledge by embarrassing one of the fans in the crowd at Cage of Death 14.

Rich Swann def. Shane Strickland
Shane Strickland quickly became the talk of the Combat Zone in Rich Swann's absence. Upon Swann’s return late this past summer, these two had a match that ended with Strickland winning but Swann getting the final word. Since then these two have battled it out with Strickland edging out Swann each time. But no matter how many times Strickland came out on the winning end, Swann believe that Strickland lacked the heart to be a true CZW star. At Cage of Death these two men pulled out all the stops and put on a true spectacle. In the end it was Swann winning, but finally Swann showing Strickland respect and shaking his hand!

Greg Excellent & Momma Excellent def. Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee w/ Alexander James, Niles 'Young' Sozio, and two 'Goons'
It was truly a battle of opposing political beliefs. Gulak and Lee have been looking to change CZW for the better, while Excellent has believe that he has already changed CZW for the better with his jovial ways. Momma Excellent made her annual return to Cage of Death to help her baby boy put an end to the Campaign. It truly was a proud moment for the Excellent Family as despite Alexander James revealing he was completely healed and using his crutches as a weapon, Momma and her son were victorious! It should be noted that Niles 'Young' Sozio has seemingly proved that he is not the goof as he has been seen for much of his CZW career. In fact, following Alexander James’ failed attempt to use his crutch as a weapon Sozio had his goons drag James from the ringside area. Even Gulak and Lee seemed a tad afraid of Sozio's temper following the match.

Colt Cabana to face Greg Excellent at WrestleCon!
As the Excellent's celebrated their victory, suddenly one of the special guests of the evening appeared… The equally lovable Colt Cabana! Cabana seemed a bit perturbed that 'Excellent' was the in house comedian. He came out to challenge 'Excellent' to a match at WrestleCon on Friday April 5th! However, that Excellent turned out to be Momma! Obviously, Greg Excellent stepped in and took the challenge instead! So now these two lovable behemoths will do battle at the largest wrestling gathering of 2013!

Adam Cole def. Sami Callihan in a No Holds Barred Match
The comedy quickly went away as Cole and Callihan were up next in their third epic battle to see who truly is the top prospect in wrestling today. In a match that rivaled their previous encounters, saw Cole capitalizing on Callihan’s time wasting activity of revealing a bag of presumably his fecal matter in the center of the ring! Cole may have felt the poop, but he came out on top and now is considered the top prospect in the world today!

New Jack appeared to discuss his feelings on CZW and BLK OUT
Once again, New Jack surprised the crowd by entering the Combat Zone. Unlike last time, New Jack wasn't there for a fight… He came out praising CZW! He said for the first time in his career, he was even in awe of what he had seen thus far! But the praise quickly turned to hatred as he addressed his upcoming match against BLK OUT at Extreme Rising on December 29. He described BLK OUT as a 'pimple' on his ass that he 'just can’t get rid of!'

OI4K (Jake & Dave Crist) w/ Navaeh vs. BLK OUT (Ruckus & BLK Jeez) w/ Robbie Mireno was ruled a No Contest
In a match that was to determine new #1 Contenders for the CZW Tag Team Championships was left to a no contest! It seemed as New Jack's words struck a nerve with BLK OUT, BLK Jeez specifically… As he first nearly caused a riot at ringside with the fans, but then actually did cause a riot with OI4K and the fans when he spit in Nevaeh’s face (Who is Jake Crist's wife). A brawl erupted between both teams and the referee had no choice put to call the match off. The situation became so heated that CZW Vice President, Maven Bentley, had to apologize to the audience for the actions of BLK OUT!

AR Fox successfully defended the CZW Wired TV Championship in an open challenge against 'The Ego' Robert Anthony
Of the course of the last few months in CZW, AR Fox has quickly become a top player. Because of this status, his ego has been growing… Deservedly so. Going into Cage of Death 14, Fox demanded that the office find him a real challenge. With that came the return of the former CZW World Champion, Robert Anthony! Anthony was set of proving that Fox is nothing more than a flash in the pan. But unfortunately for Ego, Fox was victorious.

MASADA successfully defended the CZW World Heavyweight Championship over Drake Younger
For the first time in MASADA's title reign he was possibly the underdog against Drake Younger! MASADA was facing a man who has won nearly every accolade possible in CZW. But despite all the accolades, Drake Younger became yet another statistic on the ever growing list of MASADA's challengers!

Joe Gacy and Christina Von Eerie attacked MASADA
Following the match, the bizarre Christina Von Eerie emerged with her protégé Joe Gacy for the first time since her drunken stupor the led to her being powerbombed by MASADA. Gacy demanded a rematch believing that he can be the man to end the streak of MASADA… Gacy proved this by brutalizing the champion while Christina Von Eerie seemingly 'got off' on seeing MASADA in pain!

'The Bulldozer' Matt Tremont def. DJ Hyde inside the legendary Cage of Death
The night was already on pace to becoming a Five Star event… But Hyde and Tremont cemented the rating with their brutal contest inside the 'Shattered Dreams' Cage of Death. Both men risk their personal well-being by literally tearing each other apart with glass and barbed wire. But it was with a Death Valley Driver from the top of the legendary structure through FIVE panes of glass and the stage set up that ended the tyranny of DJ Hyde!

It is at this time that on behalf of the ENTIRE Combat Zone Wrestling organization wishes to thank you the loyal fans for making Cage of Death 14 and the entire year full of memories! To relive Cage of Death 14 in its UNEDITED form as well as relive all the action from 2012, visit now! also invites you to read reviews of the event at and now. To share your thoughts and opinions on this historic event 'Like' CZW on Facebook and Follow CZW on Twitter @combatzone #CZW or #COD14!

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