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Best Of The Best 11
'Best Of The Best 11'
April 14th 2012
Voorhees, NJ

Your Best of the Best 11 participants

Pre-iPPV Match
Adam Cole def. Tony Nese w/ DJ Hyde
The man who won last year's Best of the Best Tournament, Adam Cole, was unfortunately not invited to participate in this year’s thanks to his former mentor, DJ Hyde. Instead DJ Hyde introduced the crowd to his new upgraded protégé, Tony Nese. Despite Nese’s best efforts, Adam Cole walked away from the match with the victory. Following the match, Cole made it quite clear that he is still "the best in the world" and when people look back at his career they will call him "the greatest of all time!"

Opening Ceremonies
The iPPV opened with DJ Hyde introducing all 13 participants in Best of the Best 11. Within seconds, the issue that began at Aerial Assault between Callihan and Younger quickly got heated as the two began to shove each other. Cooler heads prevailed and the 13 men posed for the official Best of the Best 11 picture.

Sami Callihan def. Trent 7, MK McKinnan, and Drake Younger
Unfortunately for Younger and McKinnan, their elimination was not something they hoped for, especially because they were counted out. However, Callihan showed that he still is the hardest hitting athlete in the Combat Zone by taking out Fight Club: PRO’s slugger, Trent 7. After the match, Younger came back to the ring irate that once again Callihan could not cleanly defeat him.

Alex Colon def. Willie Mack and Greg Excellent
In a match that Benny Hill would have enjoyed, Alex Colon walked away with the victory. Despite the dancing and comedy that ensued, all three men showed they deserved to be apart of the most prestigious tournament ever, with the crowd even chanting "Please come back" to Willie Mack.

Samuray Del Sol def. Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano
Del Sol continued to wow the Combat Zone with his aerial expertise. Unfortunately for Taylor and Gargano, they once again failed to win Best of the Best. Many believe that the former tag team partners let their personal rivalry get in the way of their ultimate goal.

AR Fox def. ACH and Lince Dorado
Despite fans wishing for ACH to "Please Come Back," AR Fox advanced into the Semifinals. Many called this match, the match of the night.

CZW Wired TV Championship
Dave Crist def. Jake Crist to become CZW Wired TV Champion
In a match that many hoped would finally end the family feud, Dave Crist stole the Wired TV Championship from his brother. At the conclusion of the match, the referee was incapacitated and Dave Crist kicked Jake Crist in the lower regions not once, but twice. Thanks to those to kicks, Dave Crist won the belt and further divided the Crist Brothers. Clearly, this war is far from over!

Semi Finals
Sami Callihan def. Alex Colon
All it took was one slip-up by Alex Colon to fall to the Callihan Death Machine. Colon attempted to make Callihan quit to his very own finisher, the Stretch Muffler. But Colon simply couldn’t lock the move on properly. In the end, Colon was the one looking up at the lights. Many believe that Colon should be proud of his outing as unlike most of the field of 13, he had to qualify to enter this year’s tournament.

AR Fox def. Samuray Del Sol
In a match that had to register on the Air Force’s radar, AR Fox showed that he truly is superhuman when it comes to aerial wrestling. But like Colon, many believe that Del Sol should be proud of his first showing in the Best of the Best Tournament.

Drew Gulak and Danny Havoc Contract Signing
Danny Havoc has finally gotten his wish. After embarrassing the Gulak Campaign one too many time, Gulak in a moment of pure frustration and embarrassment from being busted open by the Deathmatch Drunkard… Challenged Havoc to a match at Proving Ground on May 12th… Not just any match but a NO ROPE BARBED WIRE DEATHMATCH!

Ultraviolent Encounter
"Bulldozer" Matt Tremont def. Clint Margera (who replaced DJ Hyde)
DJ Hyde showed his true colors once again when he arrived for this Ultraviolent Encounter still in his new suit. Hyde refused to fight Tremont because he felt that he was "out of his league." With that, Fight Club: PRO's Clint Margera emerged from the crowd and assaulted Tremont. Despite the attack, the Bulldozer wreaked havoc on Margera.

Following the match, Tremont demanded that Hyde get in the ring immediately and fight him. Hyde, however, still believed that he was out of Tremont’s league. Hyde did finally accept a match with Tremont… Under ONE condition… Tremont must win Tournament of Death 11 on June 23rd from Townsend, Delaware. Tremont accepted the challenge. But Hyde still had one more ace in his sleeve, Tremont's first round opponent will be Big Japan Wrestling’s Abdullah Kobayashi!

Best of the Best 11 winner Sami Callihan Best Of The Best 11 Final
Sami Callihan def. AR Fox
In the main event of the night, Sami Callihan and AR Fox went to war for the most highly regarded trophy in all of professional sports. The match could have gone either way, but Sami Callihan's high impact style once again proved to be too much for any man. This match saw the entire field of 13 come down to ringside to witness Callihan finally win a Best of the Best trophy.

The real story came at the end of the night when many thought Callihan would give a heart felt speech about finally winning “the big one.” What we got instead was a verbal tongue lashing from the Junior Heavyweight Champion about how he deserved this trophy and the last two trophies. He went on to state the he cares about no one and hates everyone. Those statements once again prompted Drake Younger to get into Callihan’s face and challenge him for a rematch on May 5th when CZW returns to Indiana for Cinco De Mayo! Before we could get an answer, the two men went to blows that ultimately left Drake Younger laid out. That prompt DJ Hyde, who was out to award the trophy, to make the match a 2 out of 3 falls match, with Ultraviolent rules in place for part of the contest!

Once that was taken care of, DJ Hyde conducted the traditional People’s Choice award segment of the night. Once again, AR Fox won the honor. However, DJ Hyde did not present Fox with a trophy or a plaque like he did last year… Instead, he gave AR Fox the opportunity to challenge for ANY Championship at ANY time over the course of the year. And with that Best of the Best 11 was in the books.

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