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An Excellent Adventure
'An Excellent Adventure'
January 14th 2012
Philadelphia, PA
  • The day’s events started off with Roger Artigiani, the now former manager of the legendary Asylum Arena, thanking the entire Arena staff, the various wrestlers who have ever competed, and Michael Pancoast, the building’s primary media supervisor. Maven Bentley then stated that even though CZW and Artigiani were asked to take the Hardcore Hall of Fame banners down, those men would be watching over the Arena’s last wrestling events. Bentley said banners or not, he wanted Trent Acid, JC Bailey and Chri$ Ca$h know "they are all missed". Artigiani, in one last show of recognition, kept up one banner, the banner that last year inducted the ECW Arena fans into the Hardcore Hall of Fame! Longtime CZW employee, Shawn Kernaghan, then opened a bottle of champagne and sprayed it to honor Cash, Bailey, and Acid.

    Greg Excellent then took control of the helm by giving out contracts. He began by giving one of our fans in attendance a guaranteed contract! He then proceeded to introduced DJ Hyde as a "Genie in a Bottle,"complete with a turban! With Hyde now watching, Excellent then wrote himself a contract that prevented himself from ever being fired from the Combat Zone. He next stated that his next two contracts were to re-instate men who DJ Hyde has "screwed over" in the past. First he re-signed CZW Legend and Referee, Drew Blood, who would be refereeing Hyde’s warm-up match to kick off the show against the second person he resigned to the Combat Zone… WHACKS!
  • WHACKS def. DJ Hyde after a fast count from Drew Blood
    WHACKS was welcomed back to the Combat Zone with open arms thanks to Greg Excellent’s contract signing spree. Despite Excellent having some fun at Hyde’s expense, Hyde was a hard man to put down. Every time Hyde went to pin WHACKS, Blood was “distracted.” This infuriated Hyde so much that he went to physically reprimand Blood for his actions! However, Blood still mad about being fired at Cage of Death 13 attacked back and cost Hyde the match!
  • Ryan McBride def. Derek Frazier
    Frazier kicked off this match by demanding Blood be removed from the match as referee because he found his own referee… The Rockin’ Rebel! Many believed that Rebel, due to his questionable past in the Combat Zone, wasn’t going to call the match fairly… However, Rebel was able to remain impartial for much of the match. However, Frazier’s own tricks became his undoing as Frazier attempted to use his knee brace to attack McBride. But instead of hitting McBride, he hit and knocked out Rebel! McBride then hit his High Impact Death Valley Driver while Drew Blood came back in to count to 3! After the match, Rebel recovered and attacked Frazier for his actions. Rebel then finished his night by thanking the fans of the Asylum Arena for their 19 years of support.
  • AR Fox def. Uhaa Nation in a return match from Déjà Vu
    In a match that some call a symbol of all the great young talent that has debuted in the Arena over the years, AR Fox defeated Uhaa Nation after successfully hitting the Lomein Pain on Nation for the pin! However, many saw this as just a minor road block in the road for Uhaa Nation as he took Fox to the limit!
  • Azrieal & Bandido Jr. retain the CZW Tag Team Championships after their match with BLK OUT was ruled a No Contest
    Many were expecting this outcome once they saw The Runaways and Kimber Lee kick Emil J out of the commentary table and join Dan Cowhey and Jake Black at ringside. The Runaways just could not wait to get their revenge on BLK OUT and stake their claim for the Tag Team Championships! After they witnessed Chrissy Rivera interject herself in an attempt to help BLK OUT win the titles, the Runaways and Kimber Lee went on the attack of both BLK OUT and Azrieal & Bandido Jr.! However, it wasn’t long before the two teams united to dispose of The Runaways. After the mêlée, Robbie Mireno stated that anytime and anywhere the Runaways want they can have a shot at BLK OUT and Azrieal & Bandido Jr.!
  • Sami Callihan successfully defended the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship by making Rich Swann submit to the Stretch Muffler
    Since Callihan won the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship at Night of Infamy, he as made it a point to allow ANYONE to challenge for the championship. Rich Swann was the next man to step up to the plate. Once again, the Stretch Muffler proved to be the submission that would make anyone tap out.
  • Greg Excellent def. Mia Yim in a return match from Night of Infamy
    Mia Yim once again shocked the pack Asylum Arena by standing toe-to-toe with a man 3 times her size! Despite all of Yim’s efforts, Greg Excellent’s Tiger Driver proved to be too much for the Blasian Sensation!
  • Danny Havoc came out to toast the Asylum Arena with fellow Arena Legends: Homicide, Nick Berk, Adam Flash, Messiah, Nate Webb, and The Blue Meanie. However it wasn’t long before Drew Gulak and his campaign came to ruin the celebration. Gulak decided to ridicule the "debauchery" in the ring. He then called out all those in the ring, calling them "relics". Gulak then told Havoc not to hit him or he'll be fined again, then followed up with a comment about Havoc's wife and Havoc attacked him, chaos ensued until…
  • Drew Gulak def. Matt Tremont via Dragon Sleeper
    Out came the Bulldozer to defend the honor of the Ultraviolent competitors that Gulak has continued to verbally attack. However it wasn’t before long that Gulak went after the injured foot of Tremont. The attack on the foot become Tremont’s undoing as it wasn’t before long that Gulak eventually locked in the Dragon Sleeper for the win. After the match, Danny Havoc and Rory Mondo came out. Havoc said that they were having a good time and Gulak ruined it and tapped out to him? He said that Mondo was out here because he and Tremont were both entered into the June 23rd Tournament of Death XI and then we'd see who deserves the Death Match Trials title. He then challenged Tremont to a rematch from Cage of Death 13 when CZW returns to Indianapolis for Super Saturday on February 4th!
  • In a Philadelphia Street Fight, Eddie Kingston def. Joker
    In a physical match that many say would rival any of the Street Fights that had ever occurred in the Arena. That is probably because this is a personal battle between the Boys of New York and Philly’s Most Wanted. After the match, it was clear that this war is far from over! After the match, Kingston said that this will possibly be the last CZW event in the Arena. He then said "Eddie Moore was born in New York City, but Eddie Kingston was born because of this building… A lot of times I don't like the fans and they don't care for me, but without this place, I'm nothing. When I die, don't take me to the hospital, take me to the Arena, because this is where he was born."
  • Devon Moore defeated Adam Cole to retain the CZW World Championship
    Moore was insistent that he would be the man to leave the Arena for possibly the last time as CZW World Champion. Cole tried to win the match cleanly, however once he realized that Devon Moore is truly a five star competitor… Cole gave Yim the World Championship belt to use on Moore. However, Cole was the one who almost got it! Cole stopped dead before she hit him. Moore went to kick Cole, but Cole got out of the way with Yim taking the boot in the face. Finally, after fighting over who was going to belt shot who, Moore superkicked the belt into Cole's face to walk out of the Arena still CZW World Champion.
  • In the possibly the final CZW match at the Asylum Arena, DJ Hyde def. John Zandig with a rollup
    Hyde started the match by verbally ripping into Zandig and his fans. He then stated that the venue belongs to him, "not ECW, not CZW, not Zandig, but DJ Hyde!" Zandig retorted and said if it was HIS building, it wouldn't be CZW's last show at the Arena. He then asked Hyde "Where are you going next? I don't want to hear about Japan or Arkansas, but what about the fans here?" From there the fun began. The match featured glass panes, a barbed wire chair, and two thumbtack covered bats! Finally in the end, Hyde ducked a Zandig’s discus clothesline, and rolled him up for the final CZW victory in the legendary venue! After the match, Hyde was celebrating on the top rope when Zandig blasted Hyde with the barbed wire chair, and threw Hyde through a pane of glass on the floor. He was having so much fun that he even clotheslined referee, Brett Lauderdale. Zandig then closed out the event by giving shout outs to Nick Gage, Wifebeater, Nick Mondo and names from the past. Zandig said "It isn't about the building, but about the young guys who worked their ass off every time for you people". Zandig then apologized to his daughter for not winning and said this was probably it, saying he came because it was the Arena's last night. He thanked JC Bailey and Larry Sweeney. Zandig said to Hyde "You may be the owner but you'll never be CZW!"

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