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Twelve: Anniversary
'Twelve: Anniversary'
February 12th 2011
Philadelphia, PA
    Pre Show:
  1. The returning Australian, Ryan Eagles devastated Kit Osborne defeating his smaller opponent with a brainbuster, followed by a DVD.
  2. TJ Cannon and Bruce Maxwell, The Best Around may have walked out with a victory over TJ and Kirby Mack of Team Macktion, but at the risk of Cannon's in-ring career. During the match, Cannon went for a 450 and landed on his feet, when his knee buckled. Cannon is being told of a possible SEVERE injury to his knee.

  3. Main Show:
  4. Current CZW owner DJ Hyde made his way to the ring to thank the fans for 12 years of Ultraviolent passion and introduced three more competitors for this year's Best of The Best – Jake Crist from Indiana's IPW, Kyle O'Reilly from ROH, and PWG's Brandon Gatson. Hyde also had some words about a no-showing B-Boy, but was interrupted by "The Golden Boy" Drake Younger.

    Younger demanded to be declared winner over B-Boy by forfeit and named #1 contender to the CZW World Heavyweight Title. Before DJ Hyde could respond, Devon Moore entered the fray stating he won Cage of Death and earned a title shot. The CZW Owner ordered a Younger vs. Moore match to take place with Ultraviolent Rules!

    Younger and Moore destroyed each other in a match that saw plenty of chairs, a barbwire board, and a glass window pane! In the end, it was Devon Moore standing victorious over "The Golden Boy".
  5. After last month's victory for Sami Callihan's Best of the Best spot, this month Alex Colon had to defend his prize against "The New Horror". But in Colon's most impressive match yet, he fell short and lost his qualifying spot after tapping out to Callihan's Stretch Muffler. But Callihan, adding insult to injury, stated he would also be competing in wXw's 12 Carat Gold Tournament in Germany… And would be back to claim ANOTHER trophy.
  6. Disagreeing over Wired TV champion Drew Gulak's recent "display", Danny Havok challenged Gulak for the title. But Gulak displayed his technical prowess and caught Havok with a crucifix rollup for the pin to retain his title.
  7. Akuma has been destroying all comers in CZW. With the mysterious Kimber Lee in his corner, this time he faced Naptown Dragon, Scotty Vortekz. These two went toe-to-toe, but when former Dragon, Drake Younger, interjected himself, it was enough of a distraction for Akuma to catch Vortekz off guard to earn a victory.
  8. In a six way The Best of The Best qualifier, Rich Swann, A.R. Fox, Aaron Arbo, Jon Gresham, Ryan McBride, and Ty Hagen tore the house down, until The Runaways, Joe Gacy and Ryan Slater, jumped the rails and began destroying everyone. Unexpectedly, the viral sensations, The Osirian Portal made an appearance, first via video, entrancing the entire Arena, then made their way to the ring for what would make their G4 and ESPN appearances look like a warm-up for the dance battle that occurred. In the midst of it all, Gresham was able to pull out a victory and earned himself a spot for Best of The Best!
  9. To say Greg Excellent didn't have kind words for DJ Hyde last month would be an understatement, causing the CZW owner to set a match between himself and his employee. But when the bell rung, Excellent just lied down for Hyde. Excellent ignored Hyde's attempts to fight and rolled out of the ring creating a verbal shoot between the two. Hyde has set an Ultraviolent Rules match between himself and Excellent for next month and if Excellent tries to walk out, he is fired.
  10. In another Best of The Best qualifier, CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Adam Cole, believing himself already "Best of The Best in CZW", had to face a mystery opponent…in Pinkie Sanchez. After innovative offense between the two, it was Cole's +beautiful escort, Mia Yim, with a low blow to Sanchez that allowed Cole to capitalize and qualify for The Best of The Best.
  11. For the CZW World Heavyweight title, "The Ego" Robert Anthony challenged champion Jon Moxley. The rivalry exploded between these two that even the ring couldn't contain and saw both men pull out all the stops for the right to wear the gold, in the end, it was a reversal out of a Vertebreaker for Anthony that gave him the win to become the NEW CZW World Heavyweight champion.
  12. Last month, CZW World Tag champions Philadelphia's Most Wanted, Joker and Sabian and The Briscoe Brothers tore down the house. All four men battled around the ring and through the crowd using anything they could get their hands on, including a barbed wire table on the floor that Sabian was sent through over the top rope…giving The Briscoe Brothers the victory to be the NEW CZW World Tag Team champions.

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