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Status Update: Fantastic
'Status Update: Fantastic'
March 12th 2011
Philadelphia, PA
    Pre Show:
  1. The 1PW Showcase match ended with Kid Fite picking up the hard fought victory over 'Unstoppable' Andy Wild

  2. Main Show:
  3. Drew Gulak interrupts Larry Legend's announcement of the first contest, but before Gulak can annoy the raucous Combat Zone Jon Moxley ran in and beat the hell out of the Wired TV Champion! In so many words, Moxley said that Devon Moore is deserving of the World Championship. Moxley then said that he will be the special guest referee of the Main Event to ensure that the match was called down the middle. The former Champion wanted to make sure that no "insurance policy" would hinder Moore's chances.
  4. tHURTeen def. Ruckus
    After a rough ending of 2010, both men were looking to jump start their careers with a victory last night. That's what exactly happened! Before Ruckus could get into the ring, tHURTeen went flying into the air and took out Ruckus! The high impact, fast pace match continued throughout the entire match. However, the more experienced Ruckus proved to be too much as it took a low blow from "The One Man Wolf Pack" to put Ruckus away!
  5. Akuma w/ Kimber Lee def. Ty Hagen
    Both the start of the match, Mia Yim joined CZW Commentators, Dan Cowhey and Jake Black, to call this match. If that wasn't distraction enough for Ty Hagen, he also had to compete with Kimber Lee who interjected herself into the match not once, but TWICE! It was because of the second distraction from Kimber Lee that "The Warrior" used his Tenchi Crash to destroy not only his Best of the Best hopes, but his hopes of getting his rematch with Adam Cole! It was a long night for Hagen as that Tenchi Crash sent him out of the Combat Zone on a stretcher with Mia Yim mocking him on his way out!
  6. Ryan Eagles' Open Challenge Answered By Mark Briscoe
    After Eagles' made his return on the March episode of Wired TV on destroying Kit Osbourne, he return to the Combat Zone looking for some competition. Eagles didn't have to wait long to get a response. Since Joker was forced to pull out of his scheduled match against Mark Briscoe, Briscoe was free to accept Eagles' challenge. Surprisingly, Eagles was able to stand toe-to-toe with the CZW World Tag Team Champion. However, BLK Jeez interjected himself into the match by going after Mark Briscoe. The referee had no choice but to disqualify Eagles and give the victory to Briscoe.
  7. BLK Jeez def. Jay Briscoe
    The referee, Nick Papageorgio, wasted no time starting the next match! Jay Briscoe came rushing down to aid his brother and instantly we had a fight on our hands! Thanks to Jeez distracting the referee by bringing a steel chair in the ring, Jeez was able to pull a pair of brass knuckles out of his trucks and knock out the other half of the CZW World Tag Team Champions!
  8. AR Fox def. Ryan McBride & Alex Colon to take the final spot in Best Of The Best X
    CZW changed gears after all the chaos that Jeez caused to name the final competitor in this year's Best of the Best tournament. All three men were upset with how things went down last month and demanded this one last chance from CZW Commissioner, Maven Bentley. After this match last night, everyone in the Combat Zone would agree that all three men deserve a spot in Best of the Best. But it was CZW's fastest rising star, AR Fox, who was able to walk away with the coveted number 12 spot for April 9th's event!
  9. DJ Hyde w/ Kylie Pierce vs. Greg Excellent ruled a NO CONTEST
    Once again, Greg Excellent refused to fight "The Boss," DJ Hyde. What was different this month was DJ Hyde was not willing to let Excellent just lay down. After sending Excellent through two panes of glass and beating him to a bloody pulp with barbed wire 2x4s and chairs DJ Hyde walked out of the match completely frustrated with a man he used to call a friend. The saddest part about this match was Kylie Pierce being torn between the two men she has close relationships with.
  10. Scotty Vortekz, Danny Havoc, & Homicide def. MASADA, Drake Younger, & Drew Gulak w/ Dewey Donovan
    This match was simply about respect. Drake Younger and Drew Gulak have been in their ivory tours for weeks passing judgment on others in the Combat Zone. Last night they enlisted the help of MASADA to take on the injured Scotty Vortekz, Danny Havoc, and the returning Homicide! No matter how hard the blinded Vortekz tried, Drake Younger would only get into the ring when Vortekz was down. However, the Combat Zone was treated to the first encounter of Homicide and MASADA. In the end, it was Homicide shutting the mouth of Drew Gulak with a Cop Killa!
  11. MAIN EVENT - Robert Anthony retains the CZW World Championship against Devon Moore
    At the start of the night, we were all informed that Jon Moxley would be the special guest referee for the main event match. What happened at the end we were not informed of. Robert Anthony was seemingly on top during the entire match, but no matter what he did he couldn't keep Devon Moore down for the three count. Soon that frustration turned against Anthony and it was Devon Moore who was close to victory only for Drake Younger to emerge and get involved. Moxley physically had to eject Drake Younger from ringside. With the coast all clear, Devon Moore went to the air to land a shooting star press onto the fallen champion. But just as Moxley was about to count to three he seemingly had a cramp in his arm. But Moore knew it couldn't be a cramp. Just as Moore got into Moxley's face, Moxley nailed Moore with the Cutter and then the Hook 'n' Ladder. Anthony quickly made the cover while Moxley quickly made the count to screw Devon Moore out of the CZW World Championship!

    After the match, Moxley went back on his comments from earlier in the night and told the Combat Zone that Devon Moore was undeserving of being a champion. Moxley claimed that he and Anthony were the true pioneers, icons, and legends of CZW and that they are the only two men deserving of the CZW World Championship! With that Moxley and Anthony went to continue their assault on the "Prince Of Philly," but the Briscoes came out to defend Moore. This prompted the BLK Jeez to come back out to get more of the Briscoe Brothers. Moore and the Tag Team Champions were able to quickly remove Moxley, Anthony, and Jeez from the ring. Jay Briscoe then came up with a clever ideas for April 9th. Briscoe said that all the title should be on the line next month at Best of the Best X in a 6 Man Tag Team Match! The Briscoes will team with Devon Moore to defend the CZW Tag Team Championships against Philly's Most Wanted and Robert Anthony who will defend the CZW World Championship! On April 9th, we are guaranteed a NEW CHAMPION!

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