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Proving Grounds
'Proving Grounds'
May 14th 2011
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Alex Colon defeated Rich Swann
    Both men in this match were looking to restart themselves as they failed to qualify for Best of the Best X. But it was Alex Colon who continued to impress the Combat Zone by defeating Rich Swann. However, both men caught the eyes of Robbie Mireno, who made his return to CZW, with Ruckus and Chrissy Rivera by his side. Mireno talked about how he sat in the crowd for years at the Asylum Arena along with his childhood friend, Trent Acid, dreaming of one day stepping inside the squared circle and ushering in a new generation of talent. He went on to talk about how BLK OUT was the label that defined CZW and now its going to do it again… However, it needs new blood. With that Mireno, Ruckus, and Rivera offered Colon and Swann spots in a new BLK OUT… And BOTH ACCEPTED!
  2. Ty Hagen pinned Ryan Eagles
    In recent weeks, both Ty Hagen and Ryan Eagles have been looking to find there spot amongst the Combat Zone. Hagen fueled by his hatred towards Cole, and Eagles fueled by the competition, both men stepped into the Combat Zone last night looking to make a name for themselves. However, Hagen was able to take out the Australian powerhouse.
  3. Jonathan Gresham pinned Akuma
    At Best of the Best X, Jonathan Gresham did what many thought was impossible… Pin 'The Warrior' Akuma! That one event caused an entire chain of unlucky events for Kimber Lee's warrior. Akuma ended up losing to the debuting Latin Dragon on Wired TV! Akuma returned to Proving Grounds looking to get some revenge on the man who proved him mortal, Gresham. Once again however, the working man's hero bested the warrior. Also once again, Kimber Lee was left embarrassed and "forced" to punish her minion with a brutal assault following the match!
  4. Ryan McBride defeated Jake Crist
    Jake Crist returned to CZW following an awe-inspiring performance at Best of the Best X. He did however have to face a cornerstone of the Junior Heavyweight Division, Ryan McBride. This match saw it all… It was definitely high flying, high velocity! But both men abandoned their roots a bit and showed that they can grapple with the best. But when it was all said and down it was the experienced, Ryan McBride, who outsmarted Crist! However, the Combat Zone audience was chanting for Crist to "Come Back Again!"
  5. In a Dog Collar Match: "Golden Boy" Drake Younger pinned Scotty Vortekz
    If there was any question that these two former friends were going to take it easy on each other, they were put to rest last night. After months of dodge Vortekz at every chance, Younger had nowhere to run as he was chained to his former best friend! In what was one of the bloodiest battles the Combat Zone has ever seen, 'The Golden Boy' went back to his roots and bested the Tournament of Death 9 champion! Not one to pass up a moment to brag, Younger did just that and instigated Vortekz. One has to imagine that this war is far from over.
  6. Three More Names Added to Tournament of Death X!
    CZW Host, Larry Legend, announced to the live audience that Dysfunction, MASADA, and Necro Butcher had been added to the June 25th event from Delaware!
  7. Little Mondo Wants in TODX
    Little Mondo came to the ring vying for a spot in this year's Tournament of Death. CZW Owner, DJ Hyde, came to the ring saying Little Mondo could enter the tournament if he could make his way through a Death Match champion… himself. On June 11, it will be Little Mondo vs. DJ Hyde! Greg Excellent helped support Little Mondo's attempt to enter T.O.D. and DJ Hyde then said he was knows he's no John Zandig and then apologized to Excellent! DJ Hyde then said due to last month's actions by Adam Cole at Best of The Best, he will be in AR Fox's corner for his match with Adam Cole to make sure things go as they are supposed to go.
  8. Sami Callihan tapped out MASADA
    Once again the brass ring was just out of reach for Callihan last month at Best of the Best X. This month, Callihan was looking to prove himself by challenging 'The Ultraviolent Beast' MASADA. This definitely was no walk in the park for Callihan, as despite a leg injury suffered in Puerto Rico a month ago, MASADA man handled the Best of the Best Finalist throughout the entire match. However, Callihan was a shark in bloody waters and viciously assaulted the injured leg and then placing it in the Stretch Muffler, and not even 'The Beast' could survive that submission hold!
  9. For the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title, champion Danny Havoc retained against Ryan Slater
    After Best of the Best, Ryan Slater cornered CZW V.P., Maven Bentley, in the parking lot at the Asylum Arena and demanded a title shot… Assumingly against The Briscoes. However, Bentley granted only Ryan Slater a title shot against Danny Havoc! Not experienced in the deathmatch style, Ryan Slater was legitimately worried. But of course Joe Gacy was there to make sure everything went Slater's way. After Joe Gacy interfered and attacked CZW Official, Drew Blood, the match was thrown away. The assault, however, didn't stop. But then tHURTeen decided to get some revenge against The Runaways. A confused Havoc accepted the aid of a former foe and asked Blood to make the match a tag team match. The Runaways wanting no parts of the Cage of Death Alumni, attempted to make good on there name and run away! However, CZW Champion, Devon Moore, and Scotty Vortekz forced the Runaways back into the ring to start the impromptu tag team match.
  10. CZW UVU champion, Danny Havoc, and tHURTeen then defeated The Runaways, Ryan Slater and Joe Gacy
    Surprisingly, The Runaways, were able to hold their own against 'the Deathmatch Drunkard' and 'the One Man Wolfpack.' However, the deathmatch icons proved to be too much for the Runaways!
  11. CZW World Heavyweight champion, Devon Moore, retained over "The Ego" Robert Anthony
    Finally, Devon Moore had a straight up one-on-one match to silence the haters about how he won the CZW World Championship. Devon Moore once again was able to successfully defend the CZW World Championship. But the celebration didn't last long as Philly's Most Wanted came out and with Anthony brutally assaulted the champion until the Briscoes came out to put a stop to it
  12. CZW Tag champions, The Briscoes, defeated "The Ego" Robert Anthony's team of The Nigerian Nightmares in an open challenge
    The Briscoe Brothers then announced that they were the "fightingest" Tag Team Champions in the history of CZW and they would prove it by challenging any team… EXCEPT Philly's Most Wanted because they "already beat those punk asses!" It was there that the dastardly plan began to unfold as "The Ego" introduced The Nigerian Nightmares as the men that were going to challenge for the Tag Team Championships! For the first time, the Briscoes were actually outsized and not advantaged! But the Briscoes proved why they are the best team in the world when they were able to hit the Doomsday Device on the 400 lbs. Siafu! Jay Briscoe was injured when he lifted the big savage up onto his shoulders. Joker and BLK JEEZ then came to the ring and used the Briscoes words against them and challenged them to a title match. Mark, who had to be running on pure adrenaline from just defeating the largest team to ever step foot in the Combat Zone, hastily agreed that he would defend the titles at any time. Joker had the bell rung, and BLK JEEZ used a foreign object to knock out Mark Briscoe, allowing for Philly's Most Wanted to become the NEW CZW Tag Team champions!
  13. In the main event, CZW Junior Heavyweight champion, Adam Cole, held onto his title AFTER DJ HYDE LARIATED AR FOX!
    Adam Cole entered the match without his girlfriend by his side due to a court injunction that Cole and Mia Yim had to ensure her safety. However, DJ Hyde came to ringside to ensure that Cole didn't sneak another victory away from a deserving opponent. AR Fox proved to the entire CZW Locker Room and Crowd why he deserved this third Junior Heavyweight title shot by pulling out all the stops on Cole. Fox debuted his new maneuver called the "Lo Mein Pain," which has to be seen to believe! But just as everyone thought it was Fox's night of glory, Hyde entered the ring and did the unthinkable and hit the Lariat on Fox and saving Cole's championship! It was at that moment that all the talk Excellent had been doing for months was true and Hyde was as despicable as he was saying! Hyde the delivered a verbal tirade to the Combat Zone in which he declared, "F*ck John Zandig! I'm better than he ever was! …I'm the guy who gave CZW its rebirth…and Adam Cole is the money!" But just when you thought Hyde was going to have the last word, it was Sami Callihan who appeared out of thin air to run both Cole and Hyde out of the ring. The night ended with Callihan in the center of the ring pledging his loyalty to CZW's past with the trademark Zandig pose!

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