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A Tangled Web 4
'A Tangled Web 4'
August 13th 2011
Philadelphia, PA
  • Chrisjen Hayme def. Pinkie Sanchez, tHURTeen, Ty Hagen, the Latin Dragon, Hy-Zaya, Ryan McBride, and Derek Frazier in the Aerial Assault Match to become the #1 Contender for the Wired TV Championship
    Just a little over 24 hours prior to the start of Tangled Web 4, Chrisjen Hayme was not even scheduled to be in Philadelphia. 24 hours later, Chrisjen Hayme shocked the Combat Zone by defeating seven of the top high flying talent in the world today to become the #1 Contender for the Wired TV Championship. After Hayme's shocking victory, the Wired TV Championship picture has become very unpredictable!
  • CZW Commentator, Rob Naylor, interviewed BLK Jeez
    Rob Naylor had the un-enviable task of interviewing the volatile BLK Jeez prior to his World Championship Match against Devon Moore. In regular Jeez fashion, he went on a verbal tirade that had Naylor running for the hills and the Combat Zone thirsty for the destruction of the BLK Jeez!
  • Drolix, Kit Osbourne, and Mr. ??? battled to a no contest in the Drew Gulak for a Better Combat Zone Invitational
    The match wasn't even five minutes old before Dewey Donovan unleashed Gulak's beast, Mr. Tofiga, on the combatants in this match. Clearly, they were not amused by Alexander James bending the rules and competing in another invitational only this time under a mask. Tofiga easily dispatched of all three men. However, Danny Havoc… Who was clearly still upset about Tofiga costing him the Tournament of Death trophy this year… Came in and attacked Tofiga with a steel chair which had no effect on the Samoan body guard. Donovan only convinced Tofiga to exit when tHURTeen came to aid his new friend with a Barbed Wire Steel Chair!
  • Azrieal & Bandido Jr. def. BLK OUT, The Set, and The Runaways to become #1 Contenders for the CZW Tag Team Championships
    It was a match that was clearly anyone's to win… However, it came down to the very end when BLK OUT had the match won, only to have Gacy and Slater attempt to steal the victory away but to no avail. As BLK OUT and the Runaways argued, it was Azrieal & Bandido Jr. who capitalized and pinned The Set to become #1 Contenders for the CZW Tag Team Championships!
  • Men's Club USA Courts Niles Young!
    CZW Ring Announcer and Men's Club USA spokesman, Larry Legend, welcomed his special friend, Cole Callaway to the ring where they began their search for new members of Men's Club USA. They first opened up the invitation to everyone in the building which quickly was taken up by CZW Time Keeper, Paris, who apparently likes to dabble in drag because he put a wig on his head upon joining Men's Club. Callaway then began to talk about former CZW Talent, Niles Young, who he felt would fit perfectly into the club. Young, who happened to be visiting backstage, came out and went on a homophobic tirade about how he hasn't been booked on a CZW card in months but they were. It was when Young called the group "f*****s" that Callaway attacked and sprayed some sort of glitter substance that subdued Young enough for Callaway to kidnap him!
  • The Nigerian Nightmares def. Greg Excellent
    For months now, Excellent has been a thorn in the side of CZW Owner DJ Hyde. Since losing to Callihan at Tournament of Death X, Excellent is not forced to do anything Hyde asks of him. This time around Hyde asked him to compete against any opponent of his choosing. It just so happened the Hyde never told Excellent that it would a handicapped match against the savage animals from Nigeria, Maifu and Saifu! Despite getting in the early surprise attack, the Nightmares with their pet and ambassador proved to be more than too much of Excellent. They not only defeated the insubordinate Excellent, they made sure he left Tangled Web 4 on a stretcher!
  • Sami Callihan def. BJ Whitmer
    Desperate times call for desperate measures, as DJ Hyde hired back BJ Whitmer for one purpose and that was to make sure Sami Callihan doesn't win! Unfortunately for Hyde, despite Whitmer's best efforts it was Callihan who once again squeaked out with the victory. Hyde, however, wouldn't let Callihan walk out on scathed this time. With the help of Whitmer, Callihan was laid out by TWO lariats that would surely leave any man incapacitated!
  • "The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont def. Rory "Little" Mondo in an Ultraviolent Tables Match!
    The new era in Ultraviolence is here and it has been ushered in by "The Bulldozer!" All the heart in the world couldn't help Little Mondo defeat Tremont. However, it wasn't the easiest of victories for Tremont as Mondo sure made it hard. But in the end it was an Ultraviolent Powerbomb through a table laced in glass Christmas ornaments that did Mondo in.
  • Devon Moore successfully retained the CZW World heavyweight Championship against the BLK Jeez in a Lumberjack Strap Match
    BLK Jeez broke a cardinal rule… Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Jeez has made so many enemies over the last year he barely had enough men willing to aid him as Lumberjacks! On top of the Devon Moore had a majority of the locker room behind him as well as 5 lucky fans! Jeez still however was able to pin the champion, however Devon Moore aware of his surroundings got his foot on the bottom rope. If Jeez hadn't upset the Vice President a month ago, he probably would be champion as we speak… However, Maven Bentley had a special interest in the match and made sure all the rules were enforced and ordered for the match to be restarted. Amongst the chaos… Devon Moore rolled up BLK Jeez for the pin and the victory!
  • In the Main Event, Scotty Vortekz def. Drake Younger in a Two Ring Psycho Circus Tangled Web Match!
    About 10 months ago these two men were the best of friends… 10 months later they became the bitterest of enemies! This was the match that finally settled the score once and for all. It was a match that had the entire locker room out surrounding the ring not only to make sure their wrestling brothers were safe but to also watch a wrestling classic. Many doubted that Scotty Vortekz could beat Younger… Many actually begged for him to quit after Vortekz practically lost a finger going through a pane of glass. After falling into the 18 foot by 18 foot Barbed Wire Web… It was Scotty Vortekz who proved the critics wrong and walked out the winner and finally ending the war with his best friend!

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