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Night of Infamy 9: Betrayal
'Night of Infamy 9: Betrayal'
November 13th 2010
Philadelphia, PA
    In a special attraction match, Tommaso Ciampa defeated Scott Reed. Both men looked impressive in their Philadelphia CZW debut pulling out many big moves from their arsenal, but it was the Powerbomb turned Lungblower which got Tommaso the victory!
    -As Larry Legend was introducing the show, "The Golden Boy" Drake Younger interrupted him, explaining his actions from last month's event when he turned on the Suicide Kings. As Drake was telling the fans here at the Asylum Arena that he has "creative control" and signed a "fat contract" a video of CZW World Champion Jon Moxley hit the screen and he laid the challenge down... it will be Drake Younger v. Jon Moxley later tonight for the CZW World title! The Suicide Kings tried to hit the ring to attack Drake but were held back by CZW security.
    For the CZW Wired TV Title: Drew Gulak (c) v. Alexander James. Drew Gulak was able to retain his championship in rather short order by way of the Gu-Lock, but Alexander James looked good in his debut, hitting a number of power moves and strong strikes on the reigning champion.
    -Greg Excellent came out to issue an open challenge, but CZW Owner DJ Hyde told him over the microphone from the Crow's Nest that he had nothing for him tonight and sent him to the back.
  3. AKUMA defeated KIT OSBORNE
    The debuting Kit Osborne was defeated by AKUMA who was the WARRIOR that CZW Bombshell Kimberly has been referring to for months. Akuma was able to get the victory in just over a minute with a devastating series of powerbombs!
    Jonathan Gresham v. Tyler Veritas: Gresham picked up the victory in this hard-fought, technical wrestling showcase match. It was an evenly contested bout which saw a series of nearfalls in the closing stretch, with neither man able to hold the other down for a three count until Gresham was finally able to pin Veritas down to the mat with a crucifix-like cradle.
    -Brand new CZW UltraViolent Underground champion NICK GAGE is out to the ring to address the CZW fans after his successful trip to Germany. While Gage was on the microphone, Drew Gulak interrupted him and berated him for not "being a wrestler" and "disrespecting the rules and the officials" in the middle of this exchange, the lights went out and a video from Big Japan Pro Wrestling played, announcing their challenger to Gage on December 11th at Cage of Death... it will be Nick Gage versus... YUKO MIYAMOTO!!!
  5. AR FOX defeated ALEX COLON
    Alex Colon v. AR Fox: AR Fox picked up the victory in a very good, evenly contested match up with an Air Raid Crash. This match saw both wrestlers utilize many of their signature moves and it featured a sensational dive over the top to the floor by Fox onto a prone Colon. Incredible action from bell to bell featuring two of the finest junior heavyweights in the Combat Zone.
  6. Tag Team Tournament: PHILLY'S MOST WANTED defeated THE IRISH DRIVEBY
    Semifinals of the CZW World Tag Team Title Tournament: Philly's Most Wanted v. Irish DriveBy. Blk Jeez picks up the win for his team over Rich Swann after a combination Giant Swing (by Joker) dropkick. This was an action packed match from start to finish which the fans loved. Irish DriveBy came close to winning on a number of occasions, but the team of Blk Jeez & Joker proved to be too much as they will be advancing to the FINALS of the tournament on December 11th... Cage of Death 12!!
  7. Tag Team Tournament: THE OSIRIAN PORTAL defeated THE RUNAWAYS
    Semifinals of the CZW World Tag Team Title Tournament: Runaways v. Osirian Portal. The Osirian Portal pulled out the win in this wildly entertaining contest following the Sacrament. While entertaining from bell to bell with great action, this match had the most incredible ending in recent Combat Zone Wrestling history with a dance-off which has to be seen to be believed! The stage is set for the finals... OSIRIAN PORTAL v. PHILLY'S MOST WANTED for the CZW World Tag Team Titles at Cage of Death 12 on December 11th!
    -Maven T. Bentley Esq. is now in the ring to make some announcements for Cage of Death, including the winner of tonight's Drake Younger v. Jon Moxley World Title match facing HOMICIDE. This draws the ire of "The Ego" Robert Anthony who hits the ring venting his frustrations about not being the #1 Contender. At this point, Sami Callihan hits the ring and has a heated argument with Robert Anthony. Of course this situation did not stop on the verbal level as Robert Anthony attacked Sami Callihan and they brawled all around the ringside area, with Maven Bentley even receiving a couple blows, knocking him out of commission!! Sami and Anthony are brawling tooth-and-nail all over the Asylum Arena, pandemonium is running wild as they have almost made a complete lap around the building!! After a very, very intense brawl, which made it back into the ring, Robert Anthony left for the back and Maven Bentley made the match official for next month, Sami Callihan v. Robert Anthony... if Sami wins he becomes #1 Contender!!
  8. CZW World Heavyweight Title: JON MOXLEY defeated DRAKE YOUNGER
    Jon Moxley was able to retain his championship, rolling "The Golden Boy" up after 14 minutes of intense action. It was a wild match which saw Moxley get busted open after Drake continually used a fork on his forehead. Drake was able to kick out of an Ace Crusher and a piledriver through a table to the floor and was able to mount a comeback, hitting the Drake's Landing, but it was only enough for a 2 count. After setting up a chair contraption and going for the Drake's Landing again, Moxley rolled him up for the victory. It will be Homicide challenging Moxley at Cage of Death 12!
    -CULT FICTION wins this battle after a top rope Canadian Destroyer through a pane of glass from tHURTeen to Devon Moore. This was a bloody, brutal war which saw both teams unleash a variety of vicious attacks on each other with some very creative fan made weapons. Post match, "The Golden Boy" Drake Younger hits the ring to help Cult Fiction beat down Scotty Vortekz and the rest of the Suicide Kings some more! Drake sends Cult Fiction to the back and delivers his beating by himself, he ties Vortekz to the ropes and douses him in lighter fluid but DYSFUNCTION returns to the Combat Zone to make the save!!!

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