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It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia
'It's Always Bloody in Philadelphia'
October 9th 2010
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Tarek the Legend defeated American Kickboxer
  2. The show opened with Egotistico Fantastico coming out to interrupt the opening segment. Ego addressed the crowd for "depising" him, he rips off the mask, and will now use his name of Robert Anthony. He called out Jon Moxley, then split quickly when Moxley appears.
  3. Alex Colon defeated Jonathan Gresham
  4. Ruckus defeated Tyler Veritas after Adam Cole, in full heel turn, brings out his TV title belt and "accidentally" hits Veritias with it in the head
  5. In Greg Excellent's "challenge" match, Nick Gage mauled Greg Excellent
  6. A video aired as a message from Big Japan Pro Wrestling gave a challenge to Nick Gage for Cage of Death for one of the following to appear at COD against him: Abdullah Kobyashi, Ryuji Ito, Jun Kasai and Miyamoto...with the message "Find out who at Cage of Death 11"
  7. Rich Swann defeated Amasis, "Blk Jeez" Sabian, and Ryan "EMO" Slater
  8. The Devon Moore- Danny Havoc match ended after tHURTeen and Billy Gram interrupts the match, putting the boots to Havoc. Drake Younger and Scotty Vortekz came out for the save, only to a killer heel turn, Drake Younger turns on Vortekz and Havoc and joins Cult Fiction.
  9. Adam Cole retained his CZW heavyweight title by defeating AR Fox by pinfall. Tyler Veritas came out to tease payback for Cole costing him the match earlier
  10. After the intermission, a historic announcement was made at the ECW Arena as Frank Iadevia along with Pierre (better known as "Jonny D) of Jersey All Pro Wrestling announced that the promotion's 13th anniversary show on December 11 would not be going head-to-head with Cage of Death as has happened in recent years, but instead would come to Philadelphia and the ECW Arena for a 3pm show at the ECW Arena as part of a afternoon-nighttime doubleheader with the 11th annual CZW Cage of Death show.
  11. Jon Moxley retained his CZW world title by defeated "The Ego" Robert Anthony (aka Egotistico Fantastico), followed by Nick Gage coming out the crowd going nuts and all concerned taking a powder
  12. Homicide defeated Sami Callihan in the main event despite some interference by Joe Gacy. Homicide came back in to make the save and beat the crap out of Gacy.

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