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Cage Of Death XII
'Cage Of Death XII'
December 11th 2010
Philadelphia, PA
  1. AKUMA defeated Jonathan Gresham, Ruckus, Rich Swann, Ryan McBride and Alex Colon in a Six-Man Scramble to qualify for the 2011 BEST OF THE BEST Tournament
  2. In a moment of pure chaos and confusion, Greg Excellent came to the ring, and delivered a gruesome Tiger Driver on his mother, Momma Excellent
  3. ADAM COLE defeated A.R. FOX with interference from Mia Yim to retain the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship
  4. ADAM COLE defeated TYLER VERITAS (who cashed in his 1 in 8 contract) with interference from Mia Yim to retain the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship
  5. ROBERT 'EGO' ANTHONY defeated Sami Callihan to earn a CZW World Heavyweight Title shot
  6. PHILLY'S MOST WANTED (Blk Jeez and Joker) defeated the Osirian Portal to become the new CZW World Tag Team Champions. Following the match, PMW was confronted by the returning BRISCOE BROTHERS who challenged Philly's Most Wanted to a Title Match in January!
  7. JON MOXLEY defeated HOMICIDE to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Championship. Following the match, Moxley was attacked by the returning BRODIE LEE, who nailed Mox with a big boot to the face, and left him laying in the ring
  8. YUKO MIYAMOTO defeated NICK GAGE to become the new CZW ULTRAVIOLENT UNDERGROUND Champion!
  9. The SUICIDE KINGS (Devon Moore, Dysfunction, Scotty Vortekz and Danny Havoc) defeated CULT FICTION when Devon Moore eliminated Masada to become the sole survivor in the CAGE OF DEATH Match! Following the match, Drake Younger returned to the ring and hit Devon Moore with the Drake's Landing on the cage, and then threw him off the platform through a pane of glass below. Moore was saved from a further beating when the returning B-BOY hit the ring and chased Drake out the front door!

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