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Total Havoc
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'Total Havoc'
March 14th 2009
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Jon Moxley def. Jon Dahmer
  2. LJ Cruz def. Sabian w/ Ruckus, Robby Mireno, and Chrissy Rivera after Sabian went to hit LJ with a brainbuster and LJ rolled Sabian up into a cradle for the three count.

    - After the match, Ruckus came into the ring, laughing at Sabian. He then told Sabian that he was going to show him how to entertain the crowd, since he obviously doesn't know how to. Cue Ryan McBride.
  3. CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship - Ryan McBride(c) def. Ruckus after Ruckus tried to hold McBride in a front facelock near the turnbuckle for Sabian to double stomp him, and McBride spun it around and made Sabian double stomp Ruckus instead, which led to McBride getting the pinfall.

    - After the match, Robby Mireno, Ruckus, and Chrissy all question Sabian about what happened, and Sabian just cracks a smile and says "My bad". Robby Mireno gets on the mic afterwards and tells Sabian he fucked up.
  4. Devon Moore def. xOMGx with a shooting star press.

    - Jagged of 2.0 comes to the ring and tells the crowd that Shane Matthews is out with a strep throat, and he has found a replacement partner who is "the baddest man since John Zandig". Cue Cole Calloway.
  5. Tyler Vertias & Adam Cole def. Jagged & Cole Calloway, GNC of Joe Gacy & Alex Colon, and Team AnDrew of Andy Sumner and Drew Gulak after Joe Gacy refused to tag into the match, and Alex Colon got pinned.

    - After the match, Cole Calloway, Joe Gacy, and Alex Colon were in the ring. Joe Gacy went to shake hands with Alex Colon, but ended up slapping him in the face and beating him down, which led to LJ Cruz coming down to save his former friend.

    - Cole Calloway was left in the ring when The H8 Club's music hits, and Nick Gage and Nate Hatred hit the ring to destroy Calloway, in what many would call a "H8 Crime".

    - Nick Gage then introduces their tag partner for the six-man deathmatch, Mad Man Pondo. Cult Fiction of Brain Damage and Deranged w/ Billy Gram come out, and introduce Toby Klein as their partner.
  6. Six Man Tag Team Deathmatch - The H8 Club (Nick Gage & Nate Hatred) and Mad Man Pondo def. Cult Fiction (Brain Damage & Deranged) and Toby Klein w/ Billy Gram in a brutal bloody brawl after Nick Gage continuously carved away at Deranged's forehead and around his eye with a pizza cutter while holding him in a chokehold, leading to the referee calling for the bell.
  7. Aerial Assault - Egotistico Fantastico def. Drew Blood, Carter Gray, and Pinkie Sanchez. Pinkie Sanchez was taken out early after Drew Blood attacked him during his entrance and took him out with the Notorious Tombstone Piledriver on the ring stairs. Pinkie came out near the end of the match and attacked Drew, allowing Ego to capitalize and finish Drew off for the win.
  8. CZW World Tag Team Championships - The Best Around (TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell) def. 2 Girls, 1 Cup (Beef Wellington & Greg Excellent)(c) w/ Kylie Pierce after TJ pinned Greg Excellent and Bruce held onto TJ's legs on the outside to keep Greg from kicking out.

    - Cole Calloway comes back out to the ring and starts to flirt with Larry Legend. H8 Club's music hits once again, and Cole/Larry run out through the crowd. Nick Gage comes to the ring and says he's gonna "beat that homosexual up if he ever see's him again". He then tells the crowd that he's going to be doing the ring announcing for the main event.
  9. CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship - Danny Havoc(c) def. Thumbtack Jack with a Death Valley Driver onto thumbtacks.

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