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Starting Point
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'Starting Point'
July 11th 2009
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Robby Mireno opens the show by coming to the ring and telling the fans that there is no way he is going to allow Ruckus and Sabian wrestle each other tonight because he owns BLKOUT and they do what he says. He tells the fans that Ruckus and Sabian will be wrestling tonight, but in a tag match.
  2. Greg Excellent & Pinkie Sanchez w/ Kylie Pierce def. Ruckus and Sabian w/ Robby Mireno and Chrissy Rivera. Near the end of the match, Robby got into the ring and started pushing around the referee, just to get shoved right back into Sabian, who ends up getting crotched on the top rope. Ruckus then gets hit with the Emerald Frosion from Greg Excellent and gets pinned.
  3. After the match, Sabian gripped Robby Mireno by his shirt, as if he was going to hit him. Robby then gets onto the mic, convinces Sabian to let go of him, before yelling at both Sabian and Ruckus that he still owns both of them, and then leaves.
  4. Jon Dahmer def. Ryan Slater & Drew Gulak after rolling out of a sunset flip from Drew Gulak into a pin of his own for the win.
  5. After the match, Jon Dahmer and Drew Gulak shake hands. But all of a sudden, Drew Gulak kicks Jon Dahmer in the balls, and smacks him in the face while he's down.
  6. Devon Moore def. Rich Swann with a Running Brainbuster.
  7. Both competitors shake hands after the match, but being the scumbag he is, Devon Moore superkicks Rich Swann and leaves.
  8. Tyler Veritas def. Michael Facade with a german suplex onto an opened chair.
  9. The Switchblade Conspiracy hit the ring afterwards, attacking both Facade and Veritas. Jon Moxley and Sami Callihan carry a beaten Michael Facade out of the front door of the arena, as Joe Gacy gets onto the mic and calls out Brain Damage.
  10. Brain Damage w/ Billy Gram def. "The Chainsaw" Joe Gacy with a Package Piledriver onto a chair.
  11. Jon Moxley rushes to the ring after the match and nails Brain Damage with a chair. Scotty Vortekz then rushes in afterwards, which leads us to..
  12. Jon Moxley def. Scotty Vortekz with a Crossface Chickenwing.
  13. "Quick" Carter Gray def. B-Boy after reversing the Shining Wizard into a powerbomb with a pin, while placing both of his feet onto the ropes for more leverage and getting the victory.
  14. The Best Around (TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell) def. The H8 Club (Nick Gage & Nate Hatred) w/ Dewey Donovan in a "All Traditional Rules Enforced Match" after The Best Around busted Nate Hatred's head open by smashing it into the exposed turnbuckle over and over again with the referee distracted. TJ Cannon then hit him with a missle dropkick from the top rope, leading to Bruce Maxwell rolling him up for the win.
  15. John Zandig gets on the mic after the match and tells The Best Around that next month they have to face The H8 Club in a "CZW Style" match.
  16. Drew Blood & Devon Moore come to the ring. Drew Blood takes the mic and says "Fuck my doctor and Fuck the PSAC". Drew tells everyone that neither of them will allow Drew to wrestle. He calls Egotistico Fantastico to the ring so he can forfeit his title shot for this month. Drew then makes Ego shake his hand and say that he can have a title shot when he's able to wrestle, which Ego does. Ego then asks the crowd if they still want him to wrestle tonight, which the crowd cheers to. It seems as if Devon Moore will be the replacement, but all of a sudden, DJ Hyde comes rushing into the ring, attacking Ego from behind and leading us to..
  17. DJ Hyde def. Egotistico Fantastico with a Lariat.
  18. DJ Hyde tries to get the announcer to announce that he is both the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion and CZW New Horror Champion, which leads to Maven coming to the ring. Maven says that Ego is still the Junior Heavyweight Champion, and that DJ Hyde can have the New Horror Title if he wants to, because that belt is now retired.
  19. Before Drake Younger vs. Sami Callihan has a chance to begin, Trent Acid makes his way to the ring and says that there can't be a CZW World Heavyweight Title match without him. Drake gets on the mic and says that he wants to prove that his win last month against Trent wasn't a fluke, so Trent is in the match. But, under one stipulation: the match will be elimination rules.
  20. CZW World Heavyweight Championship. ORDER OF ELIMINATION: Sami Callihan eliminates Trent Acid via Pinfall after hitting him with a lariat. Drake Younger def. Sami Callihan after a series of pinfalls, leading to Drake rolling up Sami and getting the three count.
  21. Post-match, Jon Moxley runs into the ring and attacks Drake Younger. Scotty Vortekz then comes in for the save, as both Sami Callihan and Jon Moxley brawl with Drake Younger and Scotty Vortekz. CZW Staff and Security storm into the ring to try to break up the brawl, before Brain Damage makes his way to the ring, causing all of the security to scatter away, as well as Moxley and Sami, as they run to the back.

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