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Eye For An Eye
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'Eye For An Eye'
April 11th 2009
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Preshow -Tyler Veritas won a Cruiserweight scramble that included Erik C. Jones, and E.M.O among others...
  2. Jon Dahmer def. Toby Klein
  3. Devon Moore def. Greg Excellent
  4. Pinkie Sanchez def. Drew Blood
  5. CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship - Ryan McBride(c) vs Egotistico Fantastico ended in a No Contest when McBride dislocated his shoulder, and doctors refused to allow McBride to continue.
  6. Intermission
  7. LJ Cruz and Alex Colon def. Ruckus and Sabian (BLKOUT) after the original Singles Match (Sabian vs. Cruz) became a Tag Match when Alex Colon saved Cruz from a 2-on-1 beatdown.
  8. CZW World Tag Team Championships - The Best Around(c) vs. Team AnDrew (Drew Gulak & Andy Sumner) went to a No Contest when the H8 Club stormed to the ring and chased all the competitors out of the ring.

    - Nick Gage cut a promo and told the staff to bring out the glass and the barbed wire boards, leading us into..
  9. Eye For An Eye Match (I Quit Match) - Nick Gage def. Deranged after pouring lighter fluid all over Deranged, which led to Deranged telling Gage that he quits.

    - After the match, John Zandig announced that at Tournament of Death (June 6 in Delaware) it would be Nick Gage vs Deranged in a "Fire Match".
  10. Sami Callihan and Jon Moxley def. Brain Damage and Drake Younger after Drake was distracted by an unidentified individual with a bandana covering his face, wielding a chainsaw appeared in the entrance area. which led to Sami hitting Drake with some move I forgot and getting the win.

    - After the match, Sami got on the microphone and ran down CZW, and proclaimed his title to be the "New Horror Title". The lights then went out once again and when they came back, TRENT ACID was standing behind Sami and buried him with a Yakuza kick. He then nailed Drake with a Yakuza Kick as well. He proclaimed that theres one thing hes never accomplished in wrestling, said that's holding the World Title in the CZW Arena.

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