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Decade of Destruction - 10th Anniversary
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'X: Decade of Destruction - 10th Anniversary'
February 14th 2009
Philadelphia, PA
    - Drew came out to open the show and announced that his Team AnDrew partner Andy Sumner had apparently decided to skip the show, so he would be forced to withdraw from the Tag Team Gauntlet. In it's place, he announced he was facing Little Mondo in a singles rematch.
    - This match was originaly intended to be an "Academy Showcase" matchup, featuring Jon Dahmer taking on E.M.O., but as E.M.O. was making his way to the ring, a live video feed appeared on the Arena's video screens, showing Sami Callihan in the midst of what appeared to be a heated argument with CZW management. The "New Horror" demanded a Title Shot, but was denied, and instead presented with an opportunity... defeat CZW original Jon Dahmer, and you can have the Title Shot whenever you want it... While the date of the match wasn't necessarily meant to be immediate... Sami took it upon himself to make it so, and stormed the ring, taking out E.M.O. on his way and pouncing on the confused Dahmer. During the match, a wild brawl ensued between what appeared to be a fan, and CZW security at the front door... that fan, later identified as JON MOXLEY, stormed the ring, distracting Dahmer and allowing Callihan to steal the victory. Following the match, Callihan and Moxley addressed the CZW audience, claiming it was a matter of "destiny".
  3. ADAM COLE and TYLER VERITAS won the "Old vs. New" Tag Team Gauntlet
    - The order of entrants, and order of elimination is as follows:
    - The S.A.T. defeated L.J. Cruz and Izzy Kensington
    - 2.0 defeated the S.A.T.
    - Cole and Veritas defeated 2.0
    - Cole and Veritas defeated A.M.I.L.
    - Cole and Veritas defeated GNC (Gacy and Colon)
    - Prior to the match, a video was shown on the big screen of GNC in the locker room preparing for the match. An injured Joe Gacy (suffering from a recent severe knee injury) was heard assuring Colon that he would be alright, and that there was no need for Colon to handle the bulk of the work. The match however proved otherwise, as Gacy's injury cost the team the match, and led to heated post-match bickering. will have more on these developments soon.
    - One of the most competitive matchups of the evening saw the Black Jesus and Ego trade blows and near falls to the approval of the CZW fans. Ego continued to wow the Arena crowd with his innovative arsenal, but came up just short to the reigning Best of the Best Champion Sabian, as he was forced to tap out, giving the BLKOUT's Jesus the victory.
    - In a wild brawl that went all over the ringside area and saw the destruction of several tables, Drew Blood proved he could back up his words with a dismantling of the popular Sanchez. Blood caught up with cameras after the match and issued a statement to the Junior Heavyweight division regarding the upcoming Best of the Best tournament that will be avaialble soon on the CZW website...
  6. THE BEST AROUND and EL SEXISTO defeated 2 Girls 1 Cup and Lord Everett Devore
    - Before the show, a video was shown on the big screen showing flamboyant CZW original El Sexisto backstage, putting "the moves" on 2G1C's Kylie Pierce, who quickly rejected his advances. The Best Around came out with Sexisto, and introduced him to the dissaproval of the crowd. 2G1C quickly interrupted, and took the microphone to announce that they had brought back a CZW original of their own... prompting Shania Twain's "Man, I feel like a Woman" to play on speakers, and LORD EVERETT DEVORE, powdered wig and all, to appear from behind the curtain. The match was made a 6-Way and included plenty of shenanigans, which ended with TBA and Sexisto sneaking the victory with a flash pin on Devore. After the match, Devore addressed the CZW fans, and thanked them for their support in what he had decided to make his final match. The CZW fans, in one of many emotional moments of the evening rose to their feet in unison and thanked Devore for a memorable return.
  7. DEVON MOORE defeated RUCKUS
    - The match was intended to be a 4-Way, but turned into a singles contest when a flu-stricken B-Boy was forced to pull out of the match, and Derek Frazier was unable to make the event. The New Age Punisher's presence was still felt in the match however, as he ran in and attacked Ruckus, allowing Moore to steal the victory.
  8. RYAN MCBRIDE defeated CARTER GRAY to retain the Jr. Heavyweight Title
    - Another big time back and forth contest saw the fan favorite McBride retain his gold against newcomer "Quick" Carter Gray. In the process, McBride took out Gray's manager, "Mr." Rodney Rush with a brutal chair shot to the side of the face.
  9. THE H8 CLUB defeated BRAIN DAMAGE and DERANGED in a FBTW Match
    - One of the bloodiest, and perhaps most brutal matches in CZW's 10 Year history. The H8 Club took advantage early, using a machete to carve and gouge at the eye of Deranged, rendering him useless, and allowing them to gain a virtual 2-on-1 on the Ultraviolent Cyborg Brain Damage. The H8 Club finished Brain Damage with a huge Superplex off the top through a barbed wire laden door, propped on chairs. As the pin was being made, Deranged re-appeared, but it was too late. Upon seeing Deranged, the H8 Club turned their attention to Deranged and continued the brawl. What happened next was to the surprise of everyone in the CZW Arena...
  10. SAMI CALLIHAN defeated BRAIN DAMAGE to become the NEW CZW New Horror CHAMPION
    - Again, seizing the opportunity and dictating his own terms, Callihan stormed the ring with Referee Nick Pappagiorgio wrapped up in a blanket over his shoulder, and shoveled the unwilling official into the ring. With the threat of a chair and further aggression, Pappagiorgio sanctioned an immediate matchup, where Callihan picked up the H8 Club's scraps, added a few more unneeded blows, and pinned an already beaten Brain Damage to win the New Horror Championship.
  11. DRAKE YOUNGER defeated EDDIE KINGSTON in a NRBW Match to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Championship
    - In another one of the most intense, and hard fought matches in the Combat Zone's 10 years, Drake Younger and Eddie Kingston brought the near capacity crowd to it's feet with an unforgettable No Rope Barbed Wire match. Younger was able to survive an incredible effort by the returning Kingston, securing a well deserved victory with the Drake's Landing on a Barbed Wire Board. After the match, Eddie Kingston took the microphone, and demanded the Smart Mark Video cameras be turned off so he could address the audience. In one of the most emotional moments in the Arena's hallowed history, Kingston praised Younger, describing Drake as "everything that was right about pro wrestling", and declaring his love and admiration for the courageous fighting CZW Champion. Kingston also thanked John Zandig, and the CZW fans for the opportunity to return to the Combat Zone for the 10th Anniversary. Following his speech, Younger thanked Kingston, and invited the locker room to come to the ring to celebrate what was a very memorable evening of Ultraviolence. In addition, Younger announced that he will be defending the CZW Championship in Europe in March, and thus will be unable to make the show. However, he announced that the show will be headlined by a huge contest featuring the returning DANNY HAVOC defending his UVU Title against the debuting and much talked about THUMBTACK JACK.

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