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Best Of The Best 8
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'Best Of The Best 8'
May 10th 2008
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Cheech and Cloudy def. Beef Wellington and Player Uno
  2. BOTB Tournament Quarter-Finals, Three Way Dance: LuFisto defeated Josh Prohibition and Scotty Vortekz to advance to the Semi-Finals
    • LuFisto eliminated Josh Prohibition following a Burning Hammer
    • LuFisto eliminated Scotty Vortekz via submission with a Cobra Cluth/Body Scissors
  3. BOTB Tournament Quarter-Finals, Three Way Dance: Drew Gulak def. Pinkie Sanchez and Spyral BKNY to advance to the Semi-Finals
    • Pinkie Sanchez eliminated Spyral BKNY following a Top Rope 3/4 Thesz Press
    • Drew Gulak eliminated Pinkie Sanchez following a Butterfly Powerbomb
  4. BOTB Tournament Quarter-Finals, Three Way Dance: Sabian def. Drake Younger, Bruce Maxwell & TJ Cannon to advance to the Semi-Finals
    • TJ Cannon and Bruce Maxwell eliminated Drake Younger following interference from Devon Moore and Drew Blood
    • Sabian eliminated The Best Around, pinning one of the members
  5. BOTB Tournament Quarter-Finals, Three Way Dance: Chuck Taylor def. Ricochet and Stupefied to advance to the Semi-Finals
    • Ricochet eliminated Stupefied following a Shooting Star Press
    • Chuck Taylor eliminated Ricochet following the Awful Waffle
  6. Ultraviolent Survival Match, 3 Survivors Qualify For Tournament Of Death: Andy Sumner def. Dustin Lee, WHACKS and Mickie Knuckles, pinning Lee following an Avalanche Finlay Roll through a barbed wire board. Sumner, WHACKS and Knuckles qualify for the Tournament Of Death
  7. Tables Match, If Havoc Wins The Necro Butcher Must Be In Tournament Of Death: Danny Havoc def. Nicky Benz following a Back Body Drop over the top rope and through a table on the floor. Due to his win, The Necro Butcher has been entered in the Tournament Of Death
  8. BOTB Tournament Semi-Finals: Chuck Taylor def. LuFisto following the Awful Waffle to advance to the finals of the Best Of The Best Tournament
  9. BOTB Tournament Semi-Finals: Sabian def. Drew Gulak with a roll-up to advance to the finals of the Best Of The Best Tournament
  10. Hardcore War: Brodie Lee def. Greg Excellent following a Big Boot with his foot wrapped in barbed wire
  11. World Heavyweight Title Match: Nick Gage def. DJ Hyde following a Top Rope Superplex onto a pile of about 50 chairs to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Title
  12. CZW Best Of The Best Tournament Finals: Sabian def. Chuck Taylor following the Black Jesus Stomp to become the 2008 Best Of The Best Champion
  13. CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Chuck Taylor def. Sabian following the Awful Waffle to become the NEW CZW World Junior heavyweight Champion

Tournament of Death 7 Winner - Danny Havoc

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