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TOD: Fast Forward
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'TOD: Fast Forward'
September 15th 2007
Smyrna, DE
  1. Greg Excellent def. Ryan McBride and WHACKS in a three-way match that saw McBride angered to be competing in a match involving lighttubes that WHACKS had brought to the ring and subsequently had smashed over his head.
  2. Jon Dahmer pinned CJ O'Doyle in a match where Dahmer's head was badly cut open, with a table coming into play towards the end.
  3. UVU Tournament: Brain Damage (with Maven Bentley) def. The Hellaware Assassin in a Weapons Match. Damage brought the brutality, including throwing the Assassin threw a lighttube bench, ala TOD 4. A bloody mess.
  4. UVU Tournament: Scotty Vortekz pinned Danny Demanto in a 4 Corners of Pain Match. Sick match saw Demanto step up into the ultraviolent scene, Vortekz rebound from losing his Jr. Title, and both wrestlers earn the crowd's respect, despite the crowd initially hating both competitors for their respective bad attitudes.
  5. UVU Tournament: CZW Jr. Heavyweight Champion Danny Havoc def. "Diehard" Dustin Lee in a Barbed Wire Tables, Lightubes, and Staple Gun Match. Havoc shows some agility early on and crowd is pumped for both wrestlers, despite Diehard's turn on Drake Younger a week before. Diehard has a big circular chunk cut out of him from a lighttube, with blood everywhere, and Havoc quickly took advantage and got the pin. Diehard would be taken to the hospital.
  6. UVU Tournament: J.C. Bailey pinned Drake Younger in a Panes of Glass and Lightubes match after DJ Hyde interrupted, just as Bailey was driven through the glass, and delivered the Shadow Driver to Younger. Post-match, the MBA - Bentley, Hyde, and new associate Scotty Vortekz attacked Drake and extended membership to Bailey. Bailey told them to get lost, and the MBA attacked Bailey. Drake then welcomed J.C. back and told him to win the UVU Title.
  7. Niles Young (with Noel Harlow) defeated CZW World Tag Team Champion Drew Gulak and "The Black Jesus" Sabian (with Chrissy Rivera & Ruckus) in a three-way match. Fans throw string cheese at Noel Harlow, ala the toilet paper/streamer shower, in a funny moment. A Noel/Chrissy cat-fight doesn't begin when Noel...grabs Chrissy and lip-locks her to shut her up. Chrissy gets revenge later, face-washing Noel in the corner. Niles really trying to pin Gulak through the match and prove something to the CZW promoters to gain his team a future title shot. Niles points out Sabian's "children" behind a fence watching dad wrestle. Niles scores the win with a roll-up and handful of tights, pinning Gulak.,/
  8. CZW New Horror Champion DJ Hyde (with Maven Bentley) pinned Steve "Monsta" Mack with a Summoning Lariat after suplexing him through a table. Stiff match that tore through the crowd, saw a tree used, lots of chairs, and Mack standing toe-to-toe with The Lariat. Mack kicks out of a massive superplex through a table, but fell prey to DJ's signature maneuever.
  9. CZW World Champion Ruckus pinned Homicide with a double-leg pinfall. Homicide was berated by the CZW fans for his Orlando associations, Ruckus being the clear favorite. Ruckus avoided getting drilled with the Cop/Gringo Killa and scored the pin to continue his title run.
  10. UVU Title: Brain Damage defeated J.C. Bailey, Danny Havoc, and Scotty Vortekz in a Four-Way Elimination Match. Phenomenal, sick, and disturbingly bloody match. Damage just doesn't lose. He's unstoppable. And this match, after losing his UVU Title in controversial fashion, was a big statement from him. A 4-Way Barroom Punchout saw jaws re-alligned and teeth flying. Damage takes out J.C. with a sit-out powerbomb through a big light-tube stack. Havoc ends Vortekz's title hopes for the second time in a week. Havok is trying anything and everything to survive, but has lost too much blood and Damage's size advantage is just killing him. Havoc is playing Apollo Creed to Damage's Ivan Drago. MMA-esque barrage of fists from Damage, with Havoc pinned on the mat, but somehow Havoc does not pass out. Damage finally scores the pin, though, and becomes the 2-Time UVU Champion, winning a title he claims he never should have lost.

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