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March 10th 2007
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Greg Excellent def. Asylum in an Ultraviolent Tryout match
  2. J.C. Ryder & Cheech & Niles Young w/Noel Harlow def. Eric Tuttle & Javi Air & Andy Sumner in an Elimination match
  3. Pandora's Box (Adam Flash & B.J. Whitmer w/Pandora) def. Justice Pain & Danny Havoc
  4. Blackout (Ruckus & Sabian w/Chrissy Rivera) def. Checkmate (Lionel Knight & Christopher Bishop)
  5. Babyface Fire (Shiima Xion & Jason Gory) def. Sterling James Keenan & Justin Idol
  6. Eddie Kingston w/Blackout def. Hydra, Jon Dahmer b Eddie Kingston and Dave Greco in a 3-WAY
  7. Jigsaw & Cloudy & Hallowicked def. Ryan McBride & Drew Gulak & Derek Frazier
  8. Scotty Vortekz def. Grim Reefer in an Ultraviolent TLC match
  9. CZW World Title Match: Justice Pain def. Sonjay Dutt w/Pandora to retain the CZW World title
  10. No Rope Barbed Wire Match: John Zandig & Toby Klein def. Mitch Ryder & D.J. Hyde

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CZW presents Down With The Sickness on September 12th @ 8PM
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