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Out With The Old, In With The New
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'Out With The Old, In With The New'
April 7th 2007
Philadelphia, PA
  1. Grim Reefer def. Danny Demanto with a Tombstone Piledriver through a chair.
  2. Post-match, Nate Hatred came to the ring and destroyed Demanto. Lately, the returning Hatred has been on a rampage, laying waste to all those in his path. He's obviously making a statement to the locker room, but what exactly are Nate Hatred's intentions as of recent?
  3. Team AnDrew (Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak) def. JC Ryder & Ryan McBride after Gulak forced McBride to submit with the Nazi Stretch.
  4. CJ O'Doyle def. Javi-Air with a hanging vertical brainbuster.
  5. Scotty Vortekz def. Jigsaw to become the new CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Champion with a double knee drop through a table.
  6. DJ Hyde def. Toby Klein to retain the New Horror Championship with a Summoning Lariat. Maven Bentley distracted Klein, giving DJ the advantage.
  7. Brain Damage def. Danny Havoc with a Package Piledriver.
  8. - Pre-match, Havoc came to the ring to accept his mystery opponent from Maven Bentley. At first, Greg Excellent, wanting no part of a hardcore match, was forced into the ring at the wishes of Commissioner Bentley. As Excellent was gaining the advantage on Havoc, Brain Damage made his way to the ring through the crowd, and ejected Excellent from the ring, inciting a near riot. The bell sounded and the real match began. Havoc got what he asked for.
  9. - Post-match Damage got on the microphone and told the fans that he was there to "bring the pain"!
  10. BLK OUT (Ruckus & Sabian) def. Derek Frazier & Niles Young to retain the CZW World Tag Team Championship after Sabian rolled up Young with a Skayde Special.
  11. - Post-match, Young & Frazier beat down BLK OUT and left with their Tag Team Titles. Sabian got on the microphone and told them to keep them because he wanted to beat their asses again on May 12th!
  12. Eddie Kingston def. Chris Hero in a Loser Leaves Town match with a spinning back-fist.
  13. - Post-match, Zandig came to the ring to wish Hero well and thank him. He then proceeded to fire Eddie Kingston for his ongoing misconduct. Hero then got on the microphone and delivered an emotional speech thanking the fans.
  14. "Simply Marvelous" Mitch Ryder def. the Necro Butcher by decision after the doctor at ringside called for excessive bleeding!
  15. Justice Pain def. the Ultraviolent Underground Champion, Drake Younger, to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Championship following a Pain Thriller onto a barbwire board! Brain Damage, with his head bandaged up, watched the match from the entranceway, distracting, and almost stalking Drake Younger throughout.

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